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British Mk I Para Helmet (2010-06-11)
Very nice quality helmet. Putting the liner in was a bit difficult at first, untill I got the hang of it. The helmet is a bit thin indeed, but perfect for reenactment purposes. Thanks again for a nice, and affordable item!

De Clercq - BE
British MKI Para Helmet (2010-05-27)
Perfect....just as advertised...

Stanley - US
Excellent British Mk I Para Helmet!!! (2010-05-16)
Thanks!!!!Excellent British Mk I Para Helmet!!
Very fast delivery!!!

Fer - NL
Great MK I Para Helmet! (2010-05-13)
Thanks for the super great British MK I Para Helmet!!! Very fast delivery!!!!

Fer - The Netherlands
Very accurate replica! (2010-04-27)
The helmet is of very good quality. The shell has the correct shape (a little thin). The liner and chin strap is of top quality. Overall this is an excellent repro helmet. WPG service is as always the best. Many thanks from Sweden.

Bengtsson - SE
British Mk I Para Helmet (2010-03-22)
Outstanding reproduction para helmet, with fast delivery. Not all company will reproduction on WW2 items. Hope to see more reproduction items, such as (US fibre liner), which i really wanted to have one. Thank you once again.

Peter - SG
para helmet (2010-02-17)
happy with the quality and like the fact it came in a bag for storage, just need to add the netting on now!

moore - GB
Ged (2010-02-08)
This helmet is perfect in all detail exact copy of the original MK2 i know as we used to wear the same helmet in the 70 and 80s whilst serving in the paras
delivery is what i have come to expect from Jerry (wpg)faster than items bought in the uk

Miley - GB
British Mk I Para Helmet (2010-01-27)
Une excellente repro de ce casque si rare et recherché. Envoi très rapide et soigné. Vraiment rien à dire si ce n'est merci.

A really good item. Nothing elese to say except thanks a lot.

Garsault - FR
leo (2010-01-01)
the service was outstanding very speedy delivery however haveing owned an original mk 1 i think that the metal of the helmet is to thin and it feels rather tiny. That sead it is still a repro.
many thanks.

crumpton-taylor - GB
Para helmet (2009-12-27)
Thank you for getting these hard to find items. As with many others this was missing from my WW11 collection.

Proud - CA
Para helmet (2009-12-26)
Very nice copy of a Brit Para helmet, well made and will stand up to use.

Barrett - US
casco paraca britanico (2009-11-03)
Buen casco, recomendable. Gracias

Asenjo - ES
Fast shipping (2009-10-22)
Excellent helmet.I appreciate your prompt reply.

Yokokura - JP
Very nice helmet (2009-10-21)
Your British Mk I Para Helmet is outstanding. I am very pleased with the helmet. Your fast shipping is also second to none.

Thank you


Davis - US
MKI Parahelmet (2009-10-05)
Thanks. Is OK. Good!!

soler - ES
British mk 1 para helmet (2009-09-30)
absolutley blown away with this helmet... The quality is second to none..
The service was fantastic as was the speedy delivery...
I will use and recommend WPG in the future..
Thanks, from a very happy customer...

Glynn - GB
Superbe (2009-08-08)
Superbe reproduction, un grand merci.
De plus livraison hyper rapide.
je recommande .

Philippe - France
Superbe (2009-08-08)
Merci ! superbe produit, très belle reproduction, et livraison hyperapide: je recommande.

Thanks, wonderful repro

Philippe - France
Mr (2009-08-04)
Ultra fast delivery; packaged well helmet looks the great; really pleased with this purchase.

Axe - GB
Perfect (2009-07-25)
I am very pleased with this helmet. It looks perfect with the (allegedly, and I hope truly) real Canadian Second World War era helmet net I picked up on ebay garnished with WPG scrim. The customer tip in the reviews of the WPG repro net about wetting the net and spreading it over the helmet worked exactly as described. I would only add, it's easier to spread the net over the helmet with the rim resting on the table, then turn over as you are tightening the string.

Re: the chin strap, it is new, real leather, and there's no getting around the initial stiffness. First time through the rings is hard, but feeding it back and forth makes it smoother; looping it back through one ring is even tougher, but once done, and fed back and forth some, the going gets a bit smoother. But this goes with the territory when using natural fibres. I leave mine loosened but still connected through the rings, and then tighten them after slipping on the helmet. I was at the Canadian War Museum this afternoon, and their 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion dummy had a Mk I Airborne helmet with rings of precisely that size and shape.

I bought a size 7 3/8 which seemed a *bit* tight in places on my 59.5cm head, but I used a hat jack in it for a few hours to compress the padding, and the fit was then noticably more comfortable. But it is meant to be snug on the head for jumping into prop blast; wear on the ground will help break in the liner further over time. The helmet is at least a pound lighter than the current Canadian ballistic fibre helmet from Gallet.

Since the liner is not expandable, all that can be done in winter to accommodate keeping the ears warm is to adjust the length of the chin straps and prop the helmet on top of a cap comforter or balaclava.

Overall, this is everything it was described as being, and an excellent purchase.

MacPherson - CA
British Para Mk1 Helmet (2009-07-13)
Only 4 days to Australia and a fantastic helmet. Thankyou.

Robinson - AU
George, USA (2009-07-06)
Excellent helmet. Helmet was packaged better then glassware. Fast shipping.Highly recommend WPG for any one interested in a British impression.

Stefanski - US
British Mk I Para Helmet (2009-06-28)
Excellent helmet!! The very best repro ever seen.
Super fast delivering!

Roenning - NO (2009-06-23)
i recieved the helmet within 3 days of ordering! WOW!! the helmet is a very good repro with a very comfortable liner. as somebody else already said the chinstrap passes tight through the 'D' rings but this isn't such a hair ripping issue.
first helmet i recieved was slightly dmaged but Jerry and his staff replaced it for me with no questions asked and in just a few days.. the best service ever should be an example to others!!!

Brincat - Malta
British Mk I Para Helmet (2009-06-23)
Excellent item, well done and well packed. Besides that, a quick shipping. Recommended!!!

Triffoni - BR
Para Helmet (2009-06-09)
Outstanding service!!!!

Ellis - US
reproduction of british helmet MK 1 (2009-05-26)
This a very nice reproduction all details are there ! In fact it's so impossible to get an original one, except if you are ready to spend 1500 $, I meen in fRANCE ! So,thanks a lot for this reproduction JERRY ! Kind Regards . J.F GAUTIER Marseille FRANCE .

jean - FR
British Para Helmet (2009-05-23)
I am VERY pleased with the helmet. I was not sure if the straps at the back of the helmet croseed or not. I refered to the pictures on your site and found the answer easy enough. Many thanks for a great product.

Hardy - US
British Para Mk1 Para Helmet (2009-05-23)
This helmet is an excellent reproduction of a 2nd Pattern British Airborne Helmet, (The 1st pattern came with a fibre rim on the outside), and as such compliments my original 1st Pattern Helmet superbly! Great liner reproduction too-Highly recommended.

Rich - GB
Mk I para helmet (2009-05-21)
Is an excellent reproduction with correct rubber liner! This is the best repro for the money, bar none.

Partenheimer - US
British Mk I para helmet (2009-05-21)
Just recieved the helmet and am very impressed with the super fast shipping. I have a real para helmet to compare it against and it is a fantastic reproduction. My only comment is that the strap end of the chin strap will not go through the buckle loops without either trimming the strap end or changing the round loops for "D" ones. I am likely going to try and squeeze a flat into the round loop to make a "D". Failing that I will replace them with a pair of store bought "D"'s.

Helps - CA
Great Piece of KIT!! (2009-05-20)
Just Got my new WPG British Mk I Para Helmet and it''s a great piece of kit... Really nice JOB! The Shell looks spot on and well made, the Liner, Interior and Chin strap look really good and fit very comfortably. Easily one of the best Para Helmet REPRO''s I''ve seen...

As always quick shipping, fair prices and top service from Jerry

Seth - California
wonderful helmet! (2009-05-20)
Just got my helmet today and am very impressed and happy. the shell is well made, the shape looks good, but the interior looks to be the real star! well crafted, very comfortable. If one desired an easy weathering could be added to take the new issue look off without any problem. assembling the chin straps was simple and leather is nice and supple for delicate chins. I look forward to adding net and scrim to finish off the piece.

Its fantastic to have a supplier that is willing to go the distance to service a hobby with this MUCH needed para item!

thanx Jerry!

Tom - Ca, USA
Para helmet (2009-05-19)
My honest take on this helmet is that it's not nearly as well made or accurately copied from an original WWII British Paratrooper as the Pegasus replicas. None the less, this is a nice helmet for the money (nearly $100.00 less than a Pegasus)but if your a super details person, you may not be totally happy with this replica. I still give it a 4 out of 5 rating, it fills a big need in our Brit Para reenacting.

Barrett - US
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