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Really Nice (2010-06-15)
Really nice Repro of the hard to find and expensive BC-611 Handie-Talkie. The frequency label holder is upside-down which is easily fixed, but would be nice if they did it at the factory. All the examples of originals I have seen are a darker OD as well. But really great product.

Strohlein - US
BC-611 (2010-06-15)
Great reproduction and works in well with my World War II bar at home. Blends in well with all the collectables and a good mate next to my EE-8-B original radio.

Excellent WWII Style Radio (2010-06-15)
Received mine quickly and everything seems fine. The only thing I have not tested is the actual transmitting and receiving. Another member of my unit has bought one and we will see how they interact at our next event. Thanks for a much needed re-enacting tool.

Pizzano - US
SCR-536/BC-611 Operable (2010-06-14)
Received mine after a three week wait due to high demand. Had the chance to compare with an original and are 1:1 with the original size wise. FRS radio worked like a charm, although was a bit hard to access due to the top cover bracket. Antenna was a bit shorter than the originals, and the paint a bit lighter shade, but sitting on the table, looks identical to a BC-611. A good reproduction of a sorely needed item for the reenactor community.

Coulter - US
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-06-11)
Having trouble reading the display screen on the "working" version. Instruction booklet printed in too small a font size. Looks like moisture has condensed inside the display screen and makes it hard to read.
The other comments I have, I address to the antenna: 1) Did the WWII versions actually have a shiny chromed antenna? and 2) the plug through which the antenna passes, goes through a plastic fitting that looks to be some sort of clear plastic, sort of like the plastic some lab equipment is made, such as Nalgene.
If I could read the directions and at least hear static from the unit, somewhere, I'd rate it a 5, but at this point a 4 is all I feel I can go. Better instructions, in large fonts with large diagrams would have helped a lot.

Corley - US
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-06-11)
The Handi-Talkie arrived after being back-ordered since the beginning of May. Was able to get the batteries installed easily. The transmitter unit is another story. Direcftions are hard to read...too small...will have to copy them on a zerox machione and enlarge them. Also, there seems to be some moisture that has condensed inside the display (noticed it as soon as I had package open and was checking out the transmitter.) Looks like there might be a clear protective sheet over the face of the transmitter but don't want to make any effort at this point. Could turn the radio on but had a hard time reading the info. that iots display produced. Don't want to try to remove the radio transmitter from the

Corley - US
radio (2010-06-11)
wish I had waited a bit longer as the new radios have got the antenna as the originals. Would like to have been informed of the change. Feel ripped off!!

Alan - Wales
Excellent (2010-06-11)
Once again, WPG is offering a unique item at a good price. AAA+++

Kropp - US
BC 611 (2010-06-11)
Had seen the ad, but the actual radio was spot on to the original! Only thing that throws it off is the weight, thank god!

Great product!

Monroe - US
BC-611 review (2010-06-10)
they look great, haven't tried them out as yet--will this Sat.... the instructions could be in a little bigger type. item long needed in the reenactment community for events...,

Mazzarella - US
bodkin (2010-06-09)
great look and weight in these walkie-talkies,

O - NL
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-06-08)
Very fast delivery. Excellent for display. Super product. Would gladly recommend this.

Johnson - US
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-06-08)
Fast delivery, excellent detail, very happy with my purchase of option 2

Mr (2010-06-03)
Option 2 is great for a display item and detaile is spot on. Same as my Comment on 30/05/2010.

Toohey - AU
BC 611 (2010-06-03)
I was happy with the appearance; however when I opened the battery compartment the knob went flying across the room. The bolt or whatever it is called was stripped and the knob would not stay on. When I looked at the bolt it looked hollow and seemed to be broken at the end.

casablanca - US
us bc-611 (scr-536) handie-talkie radio (2010-05-30)
Option 2 is great for a display item and detaile is spot on.

paul - nsw australia
BC 611 (2010-05-28)
Fast shipping. I can hold these repros up to my originals and am very happy

lehman - US
WALES (2010-05-26)
Excellent quality and feels sturdy and works brilliantly. There is a 3km range on the walkie talkies. Quick delivery...

BC-611 (2010-05-23)
Received two empty shell radios to the UK ultra fast. Fantasic item well worth the money. would highly recommend this product.

Morgan - GB
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-05-23)
excellent item!!! quick delivery, many thanks

Weiss - PL
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-05-20)
I must say for the price these are a great deal. The detail and paint are good, they are very light weight and may need a little more care in handling then a real one. But, for display and my needs they should do well. Thanks for bringing us a needed item for our hobby.

Faltesek - US
Handi Talkie (2010-05-11)
Forget a review right now,and Holy Crud and Kudos for Jerry Lee for even attempting this! I can''t wait to get a pair! I have to say WPG is willing to do the unique and needed items that most companies won''t attempt!

Chris - San Antonio
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