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escape compass (2022-05-30)
very happy with my purchase. good price , as described, and quick delivery. thanks !

thomas - US
Super ,fast delivery (2021-02-04)
happy to receved the small compasses
fast , i will make next orders , \great compagnie

Schoemaker - NL
Quick delivery, good reproduction (2017-12-30)
Looks like the pictures of originals I've seen, and points to magnetic north. Can't ask for more than that.

Price - US
Compass (2016-02-18)
Spectacular reproduction,absolutly worth every penny.VERY pleased.

storer - US
Escape compass (2015-04-01)
I've read about these compasses since I was a kid. It's cool to have a chance to hold one in my hand. It works well as a compass, as well as just looking cool. A nice addition to my militaria collection.

Eastes - US
UK Escape Compass (2012-08-09)
great quality and very quick delivery

Kutinsky - CA
Escape Compass (2012-05-16)
A wonderful add to the flight gear, a little off when finding north, glad I picked one up as a whim.

Grant - US
Replica Compass (2011-09-08)
It works great, very nice item. Also very quick delivery. Thanks!

Woudstra - NL
good quality (2011-06-24)
don't find north but very good reproduction

frederic - FR
UK Escape Compass Repro (2011-04-17)
Seems accurate in functioning and of beautiful appearance and quality.

Dervan - US
Perfect (2011-02-06)
Perfect, really like the original I ajjready have !

Bouché - FR
UK Escape Compass (2011-01-19)
Fast delivery, good quality item.

Zand, NL - NL
UK / RAF Escape Compass (2010-12-11)
Very quick delivery; ordered Saturday, at my home on the following Saturday. Looks identical to an original, functions perfectly, glowing indicator dots work well, a good addition to a WW II RAF impression or display.

Kevin - California, USA
kerr sling for KRAG rifle (2010-11-16)
EXCELLENT,i have one originale,this repro are perfect

didier - FR
UK Escape Compass (2010-08-29)
Very very fast delivery and excellent service and packagrd very well.
Did exactly what I asked. the only drawback it's not really precise but as a replica it's Great!

cardinali - IT
UK Escape Compass (2009-12-03)
Arrived VERY promptly and well packaged. They will help to reinforce the WWII experince for the grandchildren

Warren - CA
Compass (2009-10-09)
Fast delivery!
Works, and of all small compasses this one is a keeper.

P.Johansson - Sweden Pitea
Excellent escape compass (2009-10-08)
Very well-made. I'm keeping it in my everyday clothes pockets, not just my reenacting kit!

Pelikan - US
Brilliant!!! (2009-10-07)
This reproduction is spot-on! I have a few originals, and to tell you the truth when they all get mixed up on the table the only way I know which one is the reproduction is by looking for the one that actually points north!

McNamara aka "McNasty" - US
Nice (2009-09-16)
Very nice compass.

DJ-Glock - RU
Compass (2009-09-15)
Item arrived to-day,very quick delivery.Can''t wait to get lost to try it out

graham - grahamfordham
UK escape compass (2009-07-30)
i'm amazed at how exactly WPG's replica compass reembles the original which I've seen in pictures. Better yet, the needle actually points NORTH--it may well accompany me the next time I'm up in the Cascades. Great product!

Williams - US
UK Escape compass (2009-01-22)
Goods arrived safely and in good time. Excellent tracking back up by WPG - impressive

Marshall - UK
* (2008-12-31)
Very pleased, very fast delivery

Moodie-Foster - CANADA
Excellent (2008-11-22)
Very very fast delivery and excellent service. Did exactly what I asked. Excellent.

product review (2008-10-14)
extremely good reproduction. correct in every detail all the way down to the luminous dials. very impressed. great addition to any original escape kit always missing the compass.

Rodgers - US
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