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Blew Me Away!!! (2024-05-05)
I was stunned at how nice this jacket is! Fabric and fit are great! This coat should be selling for AT LEAST twice this much!!!

Can't wait to get my next piece....

Leslie - US
Great product (2024-03-25)
Quality material and construction. I ordered my regular size and the fit is spot on. Fast delivery. Very happy

Strom - US
Waxed Jacket (2024-01-27)
Im turning it into a waxed jacket. It fits perfectly.

Ward - US
Nice!!! (2023-11-05)
Heavy duty jacket. I got the size 52 and it fits correctly. Attractive color and nice look and feel. If you are tired of blue jean material, this is the coat for you. It's the perfect all-around utility jacket for any use, war or peace! Will get trousers next.

koutouvidis - US
Lovely bit of kit... (2023-10-08)
Appears sturdy and well constructed. Able to utilize in varied ways.

Well made, almost perfect (2021-07-12)
I have had to return uniforms in the past due to fit issues. Not here, made correct to size. Heavy denim material that should last for quite a long time. Color matches most examples that I have seen. Does not have a split cuff as some did but close enough for me and I am a picky bugger.

Yes a very well done reproduction, recommended.

gonzalez - US
US Army Brown Denim M1917 Fatigue Jacket (2021-03-16)
What a fantastic jacket. It is well made and looks great! Thank you again WPG

reed - US
Fed ex didn't mess up this time (2021-03-12)
Great uniform, built well. As close to original as can be.

Martin - US
Denim jacket (2020-08-18)
Depending on the event and the car, sometimes period work clothes are called for and this was ideal. It is comfortable and looks "right". I bought it with the matching trousers not to assemble a "uniform", but because I bought the trousers I thought I should have a jacket. It just works. The jacket is one of my favorite pieces from WPG.

Haynes - US
Good Product (2020-04-15)
Nice that WPG is turning these out. I am looking forward to using for living history.

Peter Tuttle - US
Fast delivery , excellent quality, (2020-04-15)
Agree with the other reviews, my only comment not how sure the thickness of the material was

Walker - US
Timelessly Stylish (2020-04-10)
Purchased my usual size and the fit was spot on.

Upon receipt of this jacket I realized it is remarkable how undated it is, you could wear this in public in 1920, 1960, or 2020 and nobody would really give you a second thought. It appears for all intents and purposes to be a denim blazer, suitable for every day wear.

Wiley - US
Great (2020-04-02)
Heavy denim Fabric. Size 40 has a 118cm Chest .

Markus - Switzeland
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