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Well made, almost perfect (2021-07-12)
I have had to return uniforms in the past due to fit issues. Not here, made correct to size. Heavy denim material that should last for quite a long time. Color matches most examples that I have seen. Does not have a split cuff as some did but close enough for me and I am a picky bugger.

Yes a very well done reproduction, recommended.

gonzalez - US
US Army Brown Denim M1917 Fatigue Jacket (2021-03-16)
What a fantastic jacket. It is well made and looks great! Thank you again WPG

reed - US
Fed ex didn't mess up this time (2021-03-12)
Great uniform, built well. As close to original as can be.

Martin - US
Denim jacket (2020-08-18)
Depending on the event and the car, sometimes period work clothes are called for and this was ideal. It is comfortable and looks "right". I bought it with the matching trousers not to assemble a "uniform", but because I bought the trousers I thought I should have a jacket. It just works. The jacket is one of my favorite pieces from WPG.

Haynes - US
Good Product (2020-04-15)
Nice that WPG is turning these out. I am looking forward to using for living history.

Peter Tuttle - US
Fast delivery , excellent quality, (2020-04-15)
Agree with the other reviews, my only comment not how sure the thickness of the material was

Walker - US
Timelessly Stylish (2020-04-10)
Purchased my usual size and the fit was spot on.

Upon receipt of this jacket I realized it is remarkable how undated it is, you could wear this in public in 1920, 1960, or 2020 and nobody would really give you a second thought. It appears for all intents and purposes to be a denim blazer, suitable for every day wear.

Wiley - US
Great (2020-04-02)
Heavy denim Fabric. Size 40 has a 118cm Chest .

Markus - Switzeland
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