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Awesome! (2016-04-24)
Great item and super fast shipping. Flawless.

Aldrich - US
sten gun bandolier (2014-09-20)
Excellent quality, magazines fit perfectly, quick delivery.

Melia - US
Sten Bandoleer (2014-08-06)
I was worried that this would be made of flimsy webbing. I owned an original and this one is spot on? Proper weight webbing and looks 100% correct. Mags fit perfect. This is the one to get.

Spence - US
sten mag pouch (2014-02-10)
great quality, price fast delievery

Crawford - US
feedback (2013-09-24)
verry good repro my sten mags fit perfectly thank you

kuipers - NL
Bandolier (2013-03-15)

Allen  - GB
Best repro bandolier, (2013-03-15)
It was the Best repro bandolier, that was ever seen.

Tac,San - JP
Perfect! (2012-09-10)
Top quality webbing and super fast shipping!

Pahapill - CA
UK Sten Gun Bandoliers (2012-08-22)
Fast shipping and really good quality - seems like it cannot be distinguished from original.

Michal - RU
Mr (2011-11-06)
Arrived very quick. STEN mags fit well ito all pouches. All closures worked well. Looks geed fits me well.

Spurgeon - US
+++++ (2011-06-25)
Good quality!

Bengtsson - SE
sten mag holder (2011-04-12)
Very nice compared to original. Fast shipping.

Tozzini - US
Excellent reproduction. (2011-04-08)
Looks nice and sturdy.
I`m curious how long it will keep in the field. Best be blancoëd becouse the webbing structure is a bit rought. (like Indan pattern P37 equipment.)

Baars - NL
Lovely piece of kit. (2010-02-10)
Great item. With blanco it''s a cracker (there are numerous cases of them being blancoed as many were actual issue items noted in AB64''s, as well as being GS items).

Pip - UL
Bandolier (2010-01-29)
You''re not supposed to Blanco the sten bandolier, it should be kept in it''s normal colour.

Matt - Manchester, UK
Sten Gun Bandoliers (2009-11-19)
Well made. Only issue is that the shoulder strap seems very short. I use to have an original and the strap as I recall was longer. Other than that very pleased.

Lin - US
Sten Gun Bandolier (2009-11-11)
Excellent service and arrived quickly through Skynet. Can't say the same with Parcelfarce who managed to lose the delivery.
Great sturdy piece of kit.

Finn - GB
Sten Bandoleer (2009-06-25)
This is certainly a better quality badoleer than was found earlier. The shoulder strap is wider and longer, which fits most of us much better. Once properly blancoed, it fit in well with the rest of the P 37 rig.

Ron - Alabama