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Well made (2021-08-19)
A sturdy, well made boot with flat laces (wish the aglets were metal but can fix that) and correct construction. Got a size larger than daily wear and they are true to size. Just the piece I needed to finish my 1902-1918 impressions. Would recommend.

US Customer - US
quality item (2021-02-22)

Cryan - US
Perfect (2020-08-06)
They’re some strong and comfortable shoes. Compared to the m1917s they have the fit is tight and looks more correct. It’s outstanding for my small size

Jace - Virginia USA
Just Excellent (2020-06-21)
Another home run from WPG - these boots are terrific! Some breaking-in needed for both boots & my feet (very old school), but daily wear & lots of Obenlauf's Leather Oil has made them perfect.

Steve - US
1905 Garrison shoe (2019-08-28)
I have just taken delivery of the new M1905 shoe, and this shoe is head and shoulders ahead of the previous model! It has the double sole, and correct stacked heals. As for the uppers, a finer quality of leather than the old pattern. QM markings and the canvas lining put the final touches on a fantastic issue garrison shoe.

As with your other accoutrements , well done Gerry. You have out done yourself on this one.

-Irish Mick, AZ

US of A. Arizobna - central highlands of Arizona
great quality as usual (2017-11-17)
Received the shoes less than a week after ordering. There has been a lot of discussion online about WPG shoe sizing. I normally wear a 12 but in this case ordered an 11 and they fit perfectly. Love the shoes. High quality reproduction.

Lawrence - US
Breaking them in on the Homestead (2017-11-15)
Mine are breaking in nicely and wear well with the Pattern 1897 Dark Brown leggings. Rough Rider styled for an awesome fit.

Fast delivery (2017-09-20)
An outstanding reproduction

Awesome! (2017-08-11)
Great Shoe! Looks good, fits good!!! A+

Brady - US
1904 Marching Shoe (2016-06-23)
I've been converted to shoes made on the Munson last by the classic American woodcraft writers of the early 20th century: Horace Kephart strongly endorses this shoe. So I got these on his a century-old advice. The shoes are well made from good-quality leather with strong stitching and sturdy laces. They are very comfortable out of the box and will probably take very little breaking in. The wide front area accommodates a wider foot very well. As regards fit, they seem to run large, leaving room for insoles and strong socks. I was a bit disappointed that mine had some scuffing and small black discolourations on the uppers. They will get marks from use eventually, but you don't expect this from a 150-Dollars pair of boots out of the box. There is also some newspaper stuck to the insides of the boots, I would have preferred to find a big cheque or a treasure map....

Phillip - UK
US M1904 Marching Shoe (2016-06-06)
My shoes just showed up, and they look great. They appear to be well made, are correct in size, and generous in width. A little saddle soap, and some neatsfoot oil to give them a lived in look, and they'll be hard to distinguish from an original pair. Thanks Jerry!

Mark - Connecticut, USA
M1904 marching shoe (2016-04-17)
Well done Jerry! The fit was perfect, and they say that the shoes makes the man. I have been wearing the every day since their arrival. Comfort is the word. It won't take long until they take on that old campaigner look
Thanks again Jerry. what would we do without ye.

Mick - Northern Arizona
M1904 Marching Shoes (2015-12-27)
Outstanding craftsmanship and fit! I've owned plenty of handmade shoes and these are top notch, true to size, and comfortable. If you you are looking for a true Army issue boot, then this is it! Yes, you will have to oil and polish it, but they're worth it.

Matthew - Topeka, KS
well made (2012-04-23)
I''ve now owned mine for $ years, and have put some serious miles on them and hard abuse. They have held up nicely, and no seperation at the stitching at all. They will hold up for years to come, and I now have a second sole on them, due to wearing out the first one.Like I said, they are holding up nicely.

Kevin - Texas
1904 shoe (2012-04-07)
very accurate reproduction, very good materials and manufacturing. big deal!

malagoli - italy
Nice! (2012-02-22)
I got my 1904 Marching Shoe in today! They look great and fit great! Only problem I have with the boot is that they don''t have the quarter master stamp on the sole like I''ve seen on other 1904 Marching shoes from WPG and for some reason each shoe was boldly stamped on the inside "January 15, 1934" which is about 17 years after the US Govt. discontinued the boot. Other than that I am very happy!

Mike - South Carolina
1904 Marching Shoe (2011-06-26)
Fast shipping, Great Shoe!!!!!!!!!!! I wear a size 9 and that's what I ordered. It fits great with pleanty of room because they all come EEE width.

Strickland - US
Buy this shoe! (2011-02-08)
If you are hunting down Pancho Villa on the border, get this boot! I am a size 10 and I ordered a 10. The to has PLENTY of room and the ankle and heel are a pretty good fit. It is always better to have more toe room than very little. All in all a very good value. They are even marked like an original might be inside and on the bottom!

John - Chicago
Marching Shoes (2010-10-22)
They seem to be very well made, I went for a 5 mile walk the first day of having them and they felt great. I wear an 8.5 / 9 US and ordered the 9, large enough for good insoles and big socks.
Didn't realize the leather was natural, but some mink oil and polish is starting to darken them up.

All around seem to be a great shoe!

bargar - US
M1904 Shoe (2010-05-28)
I read the other reviews and went ahead and ordered a size 10, my normal, and what I received fit perfectly. They're a little longer at the toe, but only by a small amount, and there's enough room for thick socks or insoles. Very well made!

Ragan - US
1904 marching shoe (2010-03-07)
These look great and I can''t wait to get a few coats of polish onto them. Great quality, and Jerry was very helpful with arranging tracking info etc when the package went astray. It''s the kind of service which means I''ll always buy WPG!

Dan - NZ
1904 marching shoe (2009-06-18)
Really great. Want to wear them now, but I ordered a size larger than normal, based on experiences with other vendors. Now I have t wait for a swap. Looking forward to wearing them, thanks

Braiwick - US
TopKick (2009-05-22)
Great looking boot with a nice fit. Spurs fit well and they break in real nice. This is a good boot, period.

Well done

Phil - Front Royal, VA
1904 Marching Shoe (2009-04-10)
I wear a 11.5D and ordered an 11 and they fit great. Excellent quality shoe, excellent fabrication, and authenticity. Mfg. marks are clear and authentic. These are a must have for your impression!!! Keep up the good work Jerry!

Armbruster - US
PERFECT! (2009-02-22)
They do tend to run a little big. I range anywhere from 8.5w to 10N in most combat boots. I went ahead and ordered the size 9s. The size stamped inside says 9EE. They fit perfect and have plenty of room for insoles.even a bit of room for shrinkage if they get wet. They look identical to the original pair i have access to. If your thinking of ordering, get one of Jerry''s masterpieces now!

Reed - Ft. Leavenworth KS
Excellent (2008-07-10)
These are really nice shoes. Our pilots can actually wear these when they fly our WWI aircraft (SE5a) and look the part. We have purchased half a dozen pairs of these for wear at events and a few have even made it into some of our displays. No, we aren''t cheesy or farby, the shoes are just that good. Priced original WWI footwear lately? These are top-notch reproductions and a very nice stand-alone shoe. Thanks Jerry!!

Vintage Aero Flying Museum - Colorado
satisfied customer! (2008-02-14)
Your 04 boots were beyond expectations! They are quality through out! Kudos WPG!Job well done!

Carl - USA
nice (2008-01-30)
Pretty nice. I can clearly see how the originals could not hold up to rugged use. Nice soft thin leather.

jon - Mass
1904 Shoes (2008-01-29)
Haven''t put any miles on these yet, but they look, feel and smell like a quality product. The Major put out extra effort to make sure I got the size I needed. Thanks.

SteveD - Florida
Wonderful! (2008-01-19)
Great boots! Excellent leather. My pair was a little big (I wear a 9 1/2E so I ordered a 10) but the quality is fantastic!!

Brian - Reno Nevada
Outstanding! (2008-01-07)
I''m trully satisfied with these boots. I was worried about sizing-I normally wear a 10 1/2 EEE but the size 11 fit like a glove! Thanks WPG!!!

Dan - NC/USA
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