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British Rank Pips (2022-03-14)
Exactly as hoped for, could easily pass for originals. Great price and fast delivery too.

Dunn - US
Excellent (2020-04-05)
yes I have received them, thank you so much. They’re great!

Caldwell - CA
Good and not expensive (2019-02-02)
As it says, these bronze rank stars are difficult to find in matching sets, and modern ones are frighteningly expensive. So I'm very pleased with these, which look just the job.

Dickinson - FR
Excellent (2019-01-14)
I was very impressed by the quality of the products I purchased and the quality of the What Price Glory website and its ordering,tracking, shipping, quality, and prices. Thank you!

Hoffman - US
Fast Delivery (2017-09-29)
I was very impressed with how quickly my order came and it was exactly what I ordered.

Gordon - CA
Very good quality (2017-01-02)
These are not knock-offs, they are very solid durable items that will not bend or break if you brush up against something. Quality that I have come to expect from WPG.

Ward - US
Fast processing and delivery (2016-03-21)
Very satisfied with the quality of the product

UK British Officer Brass Rank Stars (2016-03-05)
very beautiful

boido - IT
brass pips (2015-07-13)
very happy

British officers "pips" (2014-12-04)
As advertised and swiftly delivered.

Scritchley - AU
Bronzed pips (2013-09-14)
Truly excellent.

Luscombe - CA
Bronze stars (2013-08-29)
Absolutely perfect! These are going on my Khaki Drill Service Dress Officer''s jacket and will look smashing. Ahhh time for another Gin and Tonic!

Brian - Canada
Mr (2013-04-17)
A lovely additional touch to any officer's dress

Ruffell - GB
Excellent repro (2013-01-08)
As good as the last set I ordered Thank you!

Damiani - US
UK Officer's pips (2012-12-03)
So good I thought they were new unissued stock!!!

Borg - AU
british officers stars (2012-09-12)
same as before great quailty fast shipping

wilson - AU
Brit Officer Pips (2012-04-18)
Very nice, I wish I bought 3 pair! Prompt shipment from half a world away!

Phelan - US
Good Job (2012-03-25)
Perfect, and thanks once again.

Werner - BR
UK Officer stars (2012-03-14)
These could pass for the real deal for period items. Nicely made reproduction.

Wadkins - US
Excellent, (2011-08-08)
These things really compliment my tunic!!! Thanks WPG also have the subdued ones!

Damiani - US
brass stars (2011-08-03)
very good quality and shipped so fast thank you

wilson - AU
Perfect! (2011-06-02)
A perfect reproduction. Job well done!

Giovanna - US
UK British Officer Brass Rank Stars (2011-05-01)
Very satisfied with my recent order. It was filled very quickly and all my expectations were met.

Roberts - CA
UK British Officer Brass Rank Stars (2010-12-17)
Good quality and is good that there were also pin
in order to fasten rank stars.

Dyokin - CY
Excellent (2010-12-10)
These could originals they are so good.

Watkins - GB
UK British Officer Brass Rank Stars (2010-09-08)
Outstanding reproduction, shipped fast

Mike A - US
Dr. (2010-07-14)
100 % satisfied.

Tehan - US
Rank Stars (brass pips) (2010-06-30)
Items as described and sent quickly. Would recommend.

Webb - GB
Mr. (2010-04-21)
Nice detail, and a good fastener

MacMullen - US
Order review - Officer's Pips (2010-03-25)
Very satisfied with my recent order. It was filled very quickly and all my expectations were more than met. I have never been disappointed with any of my orders from WPG.


simmons - US
director (2010-02-16)
Very nice. Thanks

Wise - US
Thank You! (2009-10-06)
I am so glad to find these at last. As a library clerk and British History fan, PIPs make a wonderful talisman for those of British heritage. Thanks again.

Sally - California, USA
- (2009-07-25)
Perfect reproductions !!!

Wassenaar - NL
Recent Order (2009-06-30)
Rank stars are terrific; many compliments on the 'whole package.'

Otto - US
Pips (2009-04-01)
Always good too have it.

Petros - Germany
Bronze rank pips (2009-03-31)
These are in absolutely perfect condition. I'm very pleased with overall condition.

Partenheimer - US
British officers' rank stars (2009-03-31)
A perfect reproduction! What more can I say?

Holford - IRELAND
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