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exceptional quality and fast delivery (2018-04-12)
extremely high quality, excellent fit, very fast shipping.

Johnson - US
Air born start package (2013-03-13)
It has everything in uniform an gear to get started .

Hunnewell - US
US OVERLORD AIRBONE BASIC (Package) (2012-11-07)
This is a well made uniform, The fit is exactly as I had hoped for, As I will be wearing it mostly in the winter and I can Fit a layer of clothes on under it when ordering in my size waist and chest. I like the color of the fabric, the texture is strong and the sewing is very good on all seams and reinforcements. I do recomend suspenders for the trousers, as they are very well made and heavy for all day wearing. Everything in this package came out more than my expectations, and delivery was very fast, despite the whole central hub location. The Web gear is very sturdy, and my Garand enblocks and ammo do not rattle all around in the belt. It has a very goon Fit. Also noted is the Fact I can stick my small can of 2 oz Oil,lubricating preservative, special Spec#USA 2-120 inside one of the ammo pouches just as on the original WW2 belts, and the bottle of rifle bore cleaner MIL-C-372B&AM2, so I was very pleased with that fact. I was very supprised to have my order in less than a whole week. I would recomend thier products to anyone. The customer service is also very nice, and it was a pleasure to do buisness with them. I rate the products and service 5 out of 5.

506thPIR 101st AB (2011-08-30)
Very nice quality from the uniform to the webbing. Sizing was "bang on". Fast delivery too! 100% satisfied.

Hanifan - CA
Great package at a good price (2010-03-01)
I was really pleased to receive this package deal and it arrived so fast too. Sizing was bang on and it fits well. Great Job!

Hoffman - NZ
shipping costs (2009-09-05)
The items I ordered were very nice. The uniforms were right on and the web-gear was almost as good I am happy with everything I bought But your shipping cost are a major factor in me ever placing another order. I would think that ordering 2 package deals that you were able to stuff in the same box would have dropped the shipping cost by even a little, the box arrived in poor shape and with nothing more than a hand full of packing nut thrown into the box I cant see why I paid 135.00 for shipping, I even contacted you before I ordered to ask about the shipping and your answer was that 75.00 per item was high?. Next weekend will be the first time I will get to use what I bought and when asked about what I think im still not sure what to say.

Ron LiButti
501 PIR
101 AB

libutti - US