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great khaki shirt (2021-07-22)
ordered one size up and shirt fit great, looks and feels like original. plan on ordering another

dudrow - US
Fast Delivery, Great quality Shirt (2021-04-28)
Picked this up for a Pacific War Impression. Shipping was fast and the quality is the same high quality I've come to expect from WPG uniform items. The shirt is made of a thick cotton khaki material and is a little stiff out of the package but will wear in nicely.

Coulter - US
Good quality (2020-12-17)
Great quality khaki material, but a little stiff. Should soften up after a wash, make sure to upsize one size.

Nappi - US
Superior product. (2020-08-22)
Fit and craftsmanship were excellant.

Mike De - USA
Review (2020-07-20)
Delivery was excellant - very fast n these days of Covid 19 coming from Overseas
Shirt was as expected

Dunbar - US
Great Service (2020-05-10)
Super quality shirt. Good fit apart from the collar being a bit tight. Guess I've got a fat neck for my size! Will be back for the poplin version when they're back in stock.

kenny lovick - UK
Perfect. (2020-03-22)
Nice products.

Excellent quality workmanship, terrific cloth (2020-02-01)
I am very satisfied

dunlap - US
Super (2020-01-15)
Order was received, very happy with everything. Thank you

Roloson - US
Excellent delivery time to Sydney Australia (2020-01-04)
This shirt is a 100% perfect replica of the 1941 US Officers Summer Shirt! Yes it is manufactured from 8oz Cotton the same as the originals! ( so were Australian Army shirts to make them last longer) so they “soften” after a number of washers!
Well done WPG..

David Taylor - AUSTRALIA
WW 2 Officers shirt (2019-11-03)
This was a gift for a friend. It was excellent in all aspects of color, assembly, historical accuracy. A very nice product at a very fair price.

Turner - US
The best of all (2019-09-09)
Quick delivery.
Goog quality.
Various sizes.
Thank you again for the good quality.

Cotton Khaki Officers Shirt (2019-06-05)
The best! Comfortable, hard wearing, stylish. It's back to Bataan!

Prosser - US
Quick Response (2019-04-18)
Great Service, I orded a shirt that I thought would match the pantes that I had and it did not match, so I sent it back. Placed an order for a new shirt, in with the shirt I was returning and received new shirt extremely quickly. Matches perfectly with pantes. Fit is perfect, even after wash. Look forward to my next purches from these guys. Thanks again for great customer service.

Weimer - US
US khaki shirt (2018-09-04)
Good color and realistic fabric. Very satisfied!

Oversized. Poor fit. (2018-07-30)
Be very wary of buying this shirt. After reading good reviews I bought it. However when received it is far to large. It states on the website ( These reproductions are cut slightly oversize to compensate for slight shrinkage.  DO NOT order a larger size than normal. ).
I ordered normal shirt size and the collar fits fine. The shirt fitted to the body as a XL but as it states they shrink. So I washed it ( several times) and it’s still far to large. It overlaps me by around by 6 inches. Not sure if it was a bad manufacturing day being made and I was unlucky.

Alan - Nottingham. United Kingdom
Fast delivery (2018-02-04)
Great shirt(my second one). Excellent material and fit!

Spurlock - US
WWII US Officer Shirt: LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it!!! (2017-12-29)
WOW!!! These shirts are FABULOUS!!! I've actually ordered three of them over the past couple of years. TERRIFIC quality and UNBEATABLE customer service!!! AAA+++!!!

Walker - US
Perfect!! (2017-11-08)
Great quality & true to size

Little - US
Amazed (2017-06-06)
high quality merchandise, fast service, Thank You, WPG!

Gazda - US
Super (2017-05-02)
Got it, love it, love WPG

Prosser - US
Shrinkage (2017-03-05)
Having purchased one, and being very happy, I purchased a couple more, and got a half inch larger in the neck. However, the shrinkage is more significant if you wash and dry at home than if you have them commercially laundered (as I did with my first one). Also, these are very thick cotton, so your average household iron just won't do the job (nor can you wear them out of the dryer). Plan on having these commercially laundered, and give yourself a full extra inch on both the neck and sleeves. Still, a great-looking shirt, and I'm wearing one now as I write this---with collar open and sleeves rolled up to my forearms.

Farrell - US
I'll be getting a couple more (2017-02-01)
A perfect repro of the US cotton khaki officer's shirt circa 1941. This is a heavy cotton twill. It looks great. Shrinkage was minimal, but I would suggest getting a half inch larger than normal neck size if you plan to wear with the tan tie. I did not find the body too big, as some have. Much admired during its debut at the Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor. Shipping from UAE to Hawaii was about a week---pretty good!

Tom Farrell - US
U.S. Cotton Khaki Officers Shirt (2016-09-27)
Great Shirt, I love it. Feel like I'm back at Bataan!

Prosser - US
PROMPT SHIPPING (2016-09-03)


Khaki Cotton Summer Shirt (Officer) (2015-11-07)
Absolutely superb, you won't be disappointed!

Hampton - UK
cotton summer shirt (2015-03-20)
side by side; the weight, color and style are exact to the originals ! Thank You!

Del - Al ,U.S.A
khaki shirt officer (2015-02-04)
great quality as usual, only comment I'd like to make is that I ordered a 17.5x34 and it is actually smaller than a 16x33 shirt I have got from WPG. besides that top notch quality.

Heynders - AU
Excellent value for money!!! (2014-07-16)
Very well-made of high-quality khaki drill material. I heeded the warning about pre-washing before having any alterations done but experienced very little shrinkage. Usual very fast delivery from UAE. Highly recommended.

Hutchins - GB
Mr (2014-06-12)
The shirt seems to be good quality but seems to run small. I have never been in a size 18 but after the first try with size 17 I order the 18. The size 18 now fits but the 35 sleeve length also seems short. My sleeve is 35 and if known would have order a 36 sleeve. I will also be careful as its 100% cotton as orig. were. Hope this helps for later orders.

US Khaki Cotton Summer Shirt (Officer) (2013-10-13)
Shirt is good. Delivery was very slow.

Roberts - CA
Khaki Summer Shirt (2013-03-08)
Terrific shirt. Was surprised it arrived so quickly. Thanks so much!

Howey - US
Great shirt (2012-08-30)
Beautifully made, great value, super fast shipping. Much appreciated.

US Khaki Cotton Summer Shirt (officers) (2012-08-26)
Beautiful shirt, plenty of room in the body, neck, and sleeve length was a little on the small, and short side when I ordered my correct size.

Pitts - US
nice shirt (2012-06-16)
really great cut, and material.

Pegis - US
Good quality... (2012-04-24)
...but much thicker cotton than I expected for a "summer" shirt. Was this really worn under a service coat in hot weather? More like to wear over a tee on a cool day.

Ordonez - MX
further (2012-03-08)
Oh yes, I would like to recommend that future runs of the cotton khaki shirts be made up in the late war 5 oz material for hot weather comfort''s sake. These are made in the early war 8 oz cotton and are durable alright, but are hot to wear and when starched are stiffer than should be. I default to the poplin shirt due to this. The War Department Went from 8 oz to 6 oz and finally to 5 oz for this reason, discovering that the pre-war reasoning wihich demanded a highly durable garment did not apply to a war time use. And most of the time you were not allowed to roll up your sleeves, either! Boy, would I like a set of these shirts in 5 oz cotton khaki. That and as I said in an earlier post, a narrower body sizing would save a lot of work on everyone. I''m just glad I can sew and can give instructions to an alterations man. Great quality shirts though, I have several for fear we won''t be able to get these things for the rest of your lives.

Randel - Texas
high quality (2012-03-08)
Very well made. My comments are technical but may not be able to be implemented. The cotton shirts are cut big for Americans of today, but for those of us who have a period build, I would like to see these items cut on the pattern sizing of the OD wool shirt since it is tailored up neater. HOwever, since these shirts are needed you may need to do as I have done and have them resized a bit. I have the sleeves taken out, so the side seams of the shirt can have about 4 inches removed, then the sleeves have to be narrowed to fit the smaller arms eye, the epaulette is then moved up because the shoulder has been narrowed as well. To allow this to work you must get a shirt with longer sleeves as this operation will shorten the sleeves by having moved the arms eye in closer to the body. I do this to all my shirts except the wool one. Also, if you do a Navy impression you can take this shirt and remove the epaulettes and make it a Navy officer''s shirt. Don''t try to use the enlisted shirt for that because it has no placket down the front and will look very naked. I learned this the hard way. Add a black tie, take the brown shoes and dye them black and go get a new, current service Navy officer''s hat (which has not changed since the war) and you are now a WW2 Navy officer. Take a bow, Mr. Roberts. Be careful where you drink your coffee.

Randel - Texas
M (2012-01-13)
Sized like my dress shirts in neck and sleeves. Color is more brown than khaki. I laundered in warm water and then dry cleaned, light starch. Nice shirt.

Stumpf - US
Khaki Shirt Officer (2011-07-01)
Fantastic, great, it will wear a lifetime.

Allen - US
Paul (2011-06-14)
Best Shirt I have ever seen!

Magirl - US
over sized shirt (2011-05-05)
This chest sizes are massively problematic on this otherwise good quality shirt.
I''m 6ft tall of average build, and I ordered a 16 and a half collar , thinking the chest size( which wasn''t listed) would be around 42-44.
The chest actually mesures 52 , as does the waist! These shirts were fairly fitted in ww2, so these proportions don''t make sense. I know they are made for the modern sedentry American, rather than their more active grand fathers,
but would anyone with a 52 chest and waist have a 16 and a half collar? The material and workmanship is good in comparison to my original 40s shirt.
Even though it''s unwearably out of proportion , I''m going to keep it , next to my original ww2 size 16 and half collar shirt( with a 42 chest) , as a reminder of what the modern world has done to health of man.

DA - scotland
A super comfortable shirt that is true to the fit, Mine was spot on for detail and color!! Thanks WPG for providing us all with the best repro clothing on the market!!

Gary - Pennsylvania/USA
Khaki US shirt (2011-01-19)
Thank you. Your delivery was really fast. Thank you for this.

Moravec - SK
Top quality shirt,well made & great price.Super Postal speed & great communication with transactions.Thanks a Million WPG!!

Abbo - Australia - AU
Officer's Summer Khaki Shirt (2010-11-27)
Heavier material than most khaki shirts you see on the rack; should prove to be durable as a result. The fabric reminds me of a paratrooper jump jacket and should last a good number of years. The color favors towards a tan-brown - which is correct. It's a must-have if you're planning on doing a Pacific Theater or CBI impression.

Whigham - US
Officers Shirt (2010-10-29)
Workmanship is terrific! Thanks for providing such quality..Bill

Pace - US
Shirt (2010-09-30)
It looks great and thanks for speedy shipping to Europe

Becker - DE
US Khaki Cotton Summer Shirt (Officer) (2010-08-15)
shipped on time,i'm not disappointed

US Khaki Cotton Summer Shirt (Officer) (2010-06-23)
Extremely fast delivery from the UAE. The shirt is absolutely great and will be a welcome addition to the other officer's shirt and trousers that I had previously ordered from you.

Wilson - US
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