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British rain cape (2020-10-12)
Not hard and cracked up like the originals. Soft, pliable and very functional. Great items

Booth - CA
Extremely Fast Delivery (2020-08-10)
Looks the part, although in my case slightly swamps me as it's man size, not a bad thing as most ATS were stuffed in to mens equipment.
Very happy with purchase, just have to wait for next years wet summer events to try it out.

McCabe - UK
delivered with oil stains (2020-04-24)
The delivery came in good time. The item is good quality. Only issue was there was some sort of oil/grease stain on the front and when it was folded in the package it staing the otherside as well. Done my best to clean it out but it still shows

faresin - CA
thanks to this items (2020-04-22)
my pack has filled.

lee - KR
Well made (2020-02-11)
Super fast delivery, well packaged and well made

Keith - US
Great (2019-07-09)
Good quality and good workmanship

Martial St. Jean - US
Amazed (2019-06-27)
I am amazed that the time I got this raincoat, it was actually raining at my place~ Got a good first hand experienced using the raincoat~ indeed it is doing its job fine

Satisfied Quality (2019-06-27)
I am amazed that the time I got this raincoat, it was actually raining at my place~ Got a good first hand experienced using the raincoat~ indeed it is doing its job fine


Well packed (2019-03-20)
Good product.

Glenn - AU
Very satisfied. (2019-02-17)
Item arrived promptly, looks and feels very authentic. Pleased with service and quality.

Evans - UK
Delivery quite quick from UAE (2019-02-12)
Very impressed with reproduction.

Best of the Best! (2018-07-22)

Brock - US
Always very satisfied with WPG (2018-04-17)
Really well made, heavy material, another bit of kit I highly recommend! Excellent customer service, delivery speed and above all else price! Thanks again, Al.

Oram - CA
Fast! (2018-04-13)
Came right on time. Thanks!

Choat - US
Last hold years (2017-07-16)
My last WPG rain cape was in hard Service for years. Very satisfied

Rueegg - CH
The Runner (2016-12-14)
Thoroughly happy with product and purchase. Buttoned differently turns it into the cloak/cape pattern seen in Battlefield 1. Absolutely great piece for enthusiasts and very practical for modern-day use. Great service and fast shipping. All-out appreciation for those working at WPG!!!

Jonesy - South Carolina
Fast delivery (2016-11-02)
The product seems good, as quality and reproduction; I wait for the verification in the rain

Martinelli - IT
WWII British Rain Cape (2016-05-22)
Great quality piece of kit. As always,super-fast dispatch. One of multiple purchases from WPG. Never a bad product or experience. Rare these days. Thank you!

Colin Smith - Texas
Great. (2016-04-25)
Nice item, seems to be made from a cotton canvas with a rubberised layer on the inside making it water proof.

Simmons - AU
Good rain cover (2016-03-14)
Just like the comments described, really good quality. The delivery was fast. Very glad I bought this.

Cordero - US
Quick Delivery. (2016-02-29)
Love the this item and looks just like the originals. Very pleased.

Furlotte - CA
Gas Cape (2016-02-10)
Excellent delivery time and great reproduction, very pleased

Graham Brown - NSW, Australia
Mr (2015-09-21)
Very quick turnaround on the order,and comms good throughout the process. Happy with the product and it certainly looks the part folded under the small pack flap. Will use WPG again without reservation. No problems with customs receiving into the UK. Thanks.

Tim - UK
british rain cape (2015-04-07)
the order arrived but it was not a rain cape but a brown belt??? please advise on what to do with it? thanks.

porter - UK
R.A.S (2015-03-31)
Article conforme à la description et de bonne qualité

Massimo - FR
Lovely Repro Rifle Cape (2015-02-16)
I had an original, but about 10-15 years ago the rubber gave out. This one looks the same, I'll try it out in the rain soon!

Blum - US
Rain cape (2014-09-26)
Awesome piece of kit!!! Great rain cape.

Smith - US
Bill (2014-03-02)
Good value. Good service. Need to be able to insert "State" in delivery address for non-US customers.

Pearson - AU
British Khaki Rain Cape (2013-08-14)
Feels fine, good fit.

Dawson - GB
Top Notch! (2013-08-14)
Arrived just in time for a typical British Summer's evening! With the rain coming in side wards and sadly the dogfight cancelled at last minute at least I was kept dry on the Searchlight. Would highly recommend this; colour authentic, fit great and the envy of my fellow ATS troop.

Waters - GB
Brit/ Commonwealth type Rain Cape (2013-05-17)
- Well made
- I bought this, (in place of the O/S Groundsheet)- to be folded under the flap of the ubititous (sp) 'Small' Pack.
- Safer (& smart to fold, & use (?) - than the rarely pliable original); Also an affordable alternate.

Reus - US
Rain Cape (2012-05-21)
Outstanding Item! Well worth the price!

Tom - Wisconsin
D.Palmer (2012-01-04)
Great item well made handy when it rains looks great on small pack thanks again !

palmer - GB
cape (2011-04-19)
Great quality, right colour, material etc. Just need an opportunity to use it (sun in Scotland, who would have thought??)

Crichton - Scotland
Raincape (2011-02-13)
It looks really good. I like the way the collar fits snugly. It promises to keep the rain out when I wear in rainy weather. Super fast shipping.

Stevenson - CA
Excellent !! (2011-02-06)
Compares to originals, and originals are now sturd and cracking !!! Go for one !!!

Major Lafrime - FR
Excellent! (2010-12-31)
Great piece of kit, like the maker stamp ;). Very well made, great addition to my re-enacting kit!

Connor - BC, Canada
British Army Raincape (2010-12-26)
Very pleased with this item. Excellent quality materials and manufacture. Can't wait to try it out next time it rains! Shipping up the usual superfast WPG standard.

Griffiths - AU
Cape (2010-09-25)
Looks great. Took it to an event and was half hoping it would rain just so I could try it in anger.

Bennett - GB
British Khaki Rain Cape (2010-09-04)
Very pleased with the product.

Wang - US
British Khaki Rain Cape (2010-07-22)
Wish I'd had it before - seems every event is rain, rain, rain. Can't wait to see it over the CWAC summer uniform. Now if you could only provide the rubber shoe covers ...
Appreciate the uber-quick service and shipping.

Boucher - CA
Classy rain gear! (2010-06-19)
This rain cape looks amazing. I cant wait for any excuse to get caught in the rain so I can use it.

McNamara - US
William (2010-05-02)
A great gas cape, correct colour and good quality rubberized fabric.

Kelly - AU
A+. (2010-04-28)
I got the package yesterday and very pleased with Quality.

Radcliffe  - US
British Khaki Rain Cape (2010-03-22)
Nice repro

Weixelberger - AT
Khaki rain cape (2009-12-30)
The husband says it is a nice repro. He was happy to receive it for Christmas.

Kinney - US
Happy to get my rain cape. Good repro.

cottarel - FR
Super (2009-08-22)
I like this cape for walking an cycling

Rueegg - CH
British Khaki Rain Cape (2009-07-16)
spot on thank you

British Rain Cape (2009-07-15)
The item passed though the postal service and customs very quickly.
Great item spot on detail and quality

wayne - Dorset
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