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Canadian WW 2 soldier impression (2017-07-01)
For Canadian WW 2 impression the tags are OK but not right on the spot. But so many varations in colors that I can live with that. However, the cord could be improved because it arrived already broken. All in all, since I'll wear it underneath my shirt, it's of minor concern. I just need to get it stamped with personal info.

Lachance - CA
Fastest Delivery (2017-05-15)
Never got something from so far away so fast before. I believe this a the best tags out there.

Faltesek - US
very fast delivery (2017-04-24)
good quality thanks

Gildas - FR
Good work and fast delivery! (2017-02-24)
Good work and fast delivery! Thank you!

Gaponov - RU
SUPERB (2017-02-14)
Shape, size and material is a spot on match with a set of original WW1 British tags I have. Hex tag could be a little darker but I'm sure it will weather in. Leather lace supplied is not needed. Cotton cord would be better. Stamping with a set of period dies works really well, comparable with originals.

Warwick 14-18 - GB
Great product (2017-02-05)
Size is spot on , the green is more whitish , but a green tint , perfect

Stephey - US
Awsome (2016-12-26)
These tags are excellent. The color is the whitish Rhodesian instead of British green and thats just what I wanted.

buck - US