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Looks even better than the picture! (2020-08-19)
stunning repro right down to the leather flap reinforcement and the fabric for the hangar.
Grab one while they're available! I really appreciate repros of these more obscure/rare items!

Oliver - CA
US First Pattern M1910 Eagle Snap Canteen Cover (2015-11-02)
The best I've never seen, thanks.

US First Pattern Eagle Snap Canteen Cover (2013-08-20)
This is, simply put, a work of art. I also own the M1912 USMC Canteen Cover. Both are unique and rare glimpses at a time when a piece of fighting man's kit said a lot about pride. Each and every citizen and factory worker in the U.S. had pride in our country. I am talking about the poor people that finally made it out of Ellis Island, to work 18-hour days in poor ventillation, and dim light. They worked their fingers to the bone, just to put that eagle on those snaps. That eagle meant more to him or her than we will ever know.

Speer - US
m1910 canteen (2012-04-07)
very accurate reproduction, very good materials and manufacturing. big deal!

malagoli - italy
eagle snap canteen cover (2010-06-22)
Another beautiful re-creation

shook - US
Great repop (2010-05-05)
I was very pleased with the shipping time and the quality of the reproduction of the cover. I plan to use if for WW I re-enacting to replace the original that I was contemplating using (only joking). It looks like the real deal.

Williamson - US
US First Pattern M1910 Eagle Snap Canteen Cover (2009-12-19)
Excellent reproduction of the First Pattern Cover to go with my first pattern Flat top canteen. Thank you! Super workmanship!

Highly recomend (2009-11-06)
Excellent reproduction, fast shipment

Joe - NY, USA
1910 canteen cover (2009-06-10)
excellent quality. now we need the early canteen w/ the flat top

robertson - US
canteen cover (2009-04-14)
excellent repro of a super rare item. Definitely field worthy.

Frazer - US
nice cover (2009-02-25)
Great quality cover. I''m impressed with it although not sure why it lacks the US stamp on front?

Matt - Pittsburgh
Eagla Snap Canteen (2009-02-09)
Yet another superb item. These are amazing and unlike the super rare originals now available to us all. Keep the eagle snap stuff coming please Jerry. A must have for your PE impression!

Lee Martin - UK
great new canteen cover (2009-02-03)
The new ES early 1910 canteen cover is great. beautiful. Workmanship and materials are top notch. This is a fantastic reproduction and the ES are as close as you''re gonna get.

steve - Indiana, USA