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Great reproduction (2021-01-10)
A very nice reproduction and exactly what I was after. Speedy delivery is worthy of comment.

Wilson - AU
Very good quality (2020-05-12)
Very fast delivery and once I figured out how to fit the strap the bayonet fit fine. Very good quality.

Hardin - US
good work , fast delivery (2019-06-30)
very happy for good work really , nice items sincerly your
bye friends

P37 bayonet frog (2014-05-10)
. Good repro. Matches my original webbing very well.

Sanford  - US
Just like a real one (2014-03-26)
Does the job, looks the part and would pass a ''button perfect'' crowd.

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
Perfect (2014-03-24)
I own originals but wanted a repro without the hole for the No.4 scabbard for reenacting. This one is perfect; buy with confidence!

John - Portland, OR USA
Frog (2013-11-02)
Nice Frog. Very fast service. Very Happy

Ryan - CA
UK Bayonet Frog (2012-09-18)
A good find and well made.

MacMullen - US
UK P-37 Khaki Web Bayonet frog (2012-09-17)
I have not received this item as yet

MacMullen - US
Repro? (2012-09-10)
Could have fooled me! Looks and feels original!

Pahapill - CA
nicely done piece of kit (2012-06-21)
i like the webbing material its not that cheap pakistani stuff you get from sof...very well done!

Daniel - DE
frog (2012-04-30)
is the webbing original old stock? looks to be an excellent match to original in this respect. the loop for the bayonet was sewn on a little low- on the particular one i received i had to restitch it to get it to take the bayonet handle. but an otherwise great value- esp when the lightening fast shipping is taken into account.ordered on monday at midnight, arrived thursday morning.

erik s - US
p37 bayonet frog (2012-03-27)
good reproduction pity it got held up at customs for 7 days

wilson - AU
UK P-37 Khaki Web Bayonet Frog (Reproduction) (2012-02-28)
Very nice bayonet frog. It fit the bayonet perfectly.

Irving - US
Mr. (2011-07-14)
Excellent quality reproduction and very fast delivery. Keep up the good work.

Fenech - MT
? (2011-05-25)
Good quality product.

Pillington - AU
Mr (2011-05-24)
Quite an excellent reproduction .Unbelievable how fast the delivery to my front door was.

Horvat - AU
bayonet frogee (2011-04-15)
Really effective piece of equipment! I only wish WPG sold black blanco to go with the rest of my gear.

Shaw - US
Khaki web bayonet frog (2011-04-14)
Very nice quality, quick service

Gavel - CA
UK P-37 Khaki Web Bayonet Frog (Reproduction (2011-03-25)
good reproducction

casariego - ES
Great Repro (2011-03-18)
I hate using original gear to reenact and I prefer to keep one set of webbing unblancoed in original khaki drill color for reenacting in the desert A post war Belgian frog is too green. This fits the bill perfectly and at an excellent price.

Ray - California
bayonet frog (2011-03-14)
Nice item, a bit loose though and color could be better.

Arroyo - PH
UK P-37 Khaki Web Bayonet Frog (Reproduction) (2011-02-24)
Good reproduction but weave of webbing is tighter than original and doesn't take blanco as well but besides that thumbs up!

Kane - US
Perfect! (2010-12-11)
Really cant say anything else. shipping is fast. item suits just perfectly on a oringinal P1907

Keller - IE