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Outstanding ! (2018-11-06)
As Advertised

Polk - US
Super (2018-05-13)
Great poncho. Awesome shape and as advertised. Thank you n Semper Fi!

Tarkenton - US
Super (2018-01-21)
quite satisfied. thank You!

Snyder - US
excelent (2017-11-23)
very happy with the product and service

turrin - CA
USMC Camouflage Poncho (Original) (2017-06-05)
rapide, ├ętat nickel, que demande le peuple?

barba - FR
Fast Delivery! (2017-01-12)
This USMC poncho came from Dubai to MI within 4 days!! This poncho is definitely the real deal! It makes an excellent addition to my USMC impression and you can't beat the price!

Ryan - US
Top quality vendor (2016-07-10)
Excellent service. Rapid shipping. Quality product.

Barkley - US
Unimaginable fast delivery! (2016-02-22)
Looks like it was made last year. This is my second one. Now where to get the tent posts to make a pup tent iut if the two.

Decker - US
Awesome (2016-02-13)
I just got this poncho, looks like brand new, love the smell and feel and look of it. Just ordered another one.

David - Toledo, Ohio, USA
USMC Poncho (2015-12-31)
The delivery was faster than state side vendors. The poncho was mid-war USMC marked and dated. The condition was like new such an amazing surprise. All of these factors I got a deal and a half.

Monroe - US
USMC WWII Poncho (2015-03-16)
I am very happy with my poncho. Shipping was fast and is in as good of a condition as you would think a 70 year old poncho can be. Half what at least one vendor is selling for a reproduction poncho. Thanks!

Ellis - US
ww2 usmc poncho (original) (2015-02-22)
Hi, I am very pleased with the ww2 usmc poncho (original.) The price was very good the condition is 1st class( nice and supple good colour,both sides, thanks. M B.

Nice (2014-12-05)
perfect mint condition I recommend getting one before supplies runout

collins - US
Poncho (2014-10-26)
Received in good order. Like New and just like my Dads'

Schmeets - US
Marine Camo Poncho (2014-03-16)
This poncho was like mint condition!! After cleaning off the storage talc the colors were like factory new! A beautiful and fully functional item after 60 plus years in storage!Thanks Gerry for another super quality item from WPG!!!

DiMaio - US
Parris Island Living History Detachment (2014-01-23)
This is the second USMC Camouflage Poncho I have ordered for our unit. It was received with several small holes that had been patched.
I worked in the military supply system I attributed it to a supply person somewhere placing a repaired poncho in with new ones before sending the lot to salvage for resale.
After contacting WPG they took care of the problem in the most professional manner possible and immediately sent me a replacement. The replacement received is, as usual, is of the highest quality offered. Customer service is superb.

R. E. Cording - US
Greatb (2013-12-23)
Great price and service!!

Mark - US
Excellent (2013-08-30)
I ordered a USMC WWII poncho from these guys and it shipped from Dubai to my house in a week. Excellent shipping for a excellent price for an excellent product!

Benjamin - Tennessee
usmc camouflage poncho. (2013-07-03)
Ordered one a few years ago. Just received two more. For 70 year old ponchos
they look factory fresh.

Collier - US
Pretty Good (2013-05-13)
The only complaint I have about the poncho was a rather large "L" shaped rip near the edge. It is about 3 inches in length. Other than that it was great. Fabric was supple and not cracked. Looks great on my pack.

Original USMC poncho (2013-04-07)
Outstanding item. Lots of powder, but that is normal, so the poncho won't stick together. Delivery was lightening fast.

Simply fantastic! (2013-01-02)
I've been wanting to add one of these to my collection for a number of years, but wasn't paying what others wanted. This original poncho is 1st rate all the way. The QM stamp is clear and perfect. Aside from the storage powder/smell, which washed off well in the shower, its simply as good as it was when new, had it been issued in 1944 or '45. Absolutely great!

Crisman - US
Herr, USA (2012-12-31)
Ordered two additional USMC WWII ponchos and received them in just over a week. Items were of excellent quality considering nearly 70 years of age. unissued and very good colors, including intact manufacturers name/ date stamp. Very pleased with items ordered and transaction.

Herr - US
Herr, USA (2012-12-31)
I ordered 2 USMC ponchos-original WWII issue- and received them in just over a week. The ponchos were in excellent condition for almost 70 years of age and had nice manufacturing stamp with issue date intact. Very pleased with transaction and item quality.

Herr - US
Marine Poncho (2012-07-21)
Like new - could not find any markings on it but the cammo pattern is dead on!

Brandt - US
USMC poncho (2012-06-16)
Both of my items were shipped fast and are in excellent shape.

Boyer - US
5 (2012-05-23)
A product of quality and very fast delivery service.....thank you!

Gowen - US
USMC Camouflage Poncho (Original) (2011-12-08)
Delivered in recored time as WPG always do. Pouncho is just fantastic and in great condition.

Pete - NZ
USMC Poncho (2011-12-05)
Fantastic Item looks like it came right out of the QM store 1943. Arrived in recored time of 5 days.

Peter - NZ
usmc poncho (2011-08-21)
great item just as discribed mine looks unissued perfect condition!

compton - US
USMC poncho (2011-07-25)
Arrived in record timing. Beautiful condition. Nasty smelling powder, but it washed off easily with hose. Recommend hosing both sides a few times and letting air out for a couple days.

Loewe - US
USMC WWII Poncho (2011-07-20)
This is my second poncho, as with both, excellent quality!No flaws, QM marks clear. June 1944 dated. Speedy shipping once again from around the other side of the globe! As with both ponchos, like new issue from Pavuvu QM supply! Thanks again!

Fessenbecker - US
USMC Genuine WWII Poncho (2011-07-10)
Excellent USMC Camo Poncho, WWII! Crisp 1944 Markings. No fade on either side!Pliable minty condition! Worth every penny! Speedy shipping from the other side of the date line! Like it just came from Pavuvu supply! I''m gettin another!

Fez - Honey Brook, PA
Great condition! (2011-07-08)
Mine was dated 1944 and in perfect shape. The rubber was very suple and the only thinkg I did to get it ready for use was to hose it off and air it out for a few days. There was an area where a previous owner''s name was marked out, but since the USMC reused everything this just adds to the authenticity of my impression.

Matthew - Denver, CO
Feedback on purchase of WWII USMC Poncho (2011-07-07)
Smooooooth Easy Deal!Poncho is in excellent condition, like new, although, it was not an unissued poncho as stated. It had the Marine's name on it. It is still worth the money I paid as it's in as close to new as can be for the age. I'm totally satisfied in my purchase! Again, worth every penny! The price charged beats all others for this quality item!! The shipping was excellent as well! As I noticed how far it was shipped from. I had it with in days of my purchase! Also excellent contact from you at WPG. Thanks for everything! I'll be a returning customer!
Carl Fessenbecker
Honey Brook, Pa.

Fessenbecker - US
USMC poncho (2011-06-18)
Love the poncho. came with a thick layer of powder on it. At first I though it was talc but now there are no bugs in my back yard.... I'm going to buy another one while they are still around.

OldfatE5 - US
USMC poncho (2011-06-15)
The USMC poncho was perfect. It is well worth the money and is better than the repops I have seen.

Williamson - US
VERY COOL! (2011-06-14)
Poncho is very cool. Arrived in record time! Kind of smelly when we first opened it up, but aired out great on the railing of our deck in the sun! I purchased this item for my 13 year old son who participates in reenactments and needs authentic items for his uniforms and packs. WPG is great to work with! Very reliable

kachadurian - US
USMC Poncho (2011-04-08)
Fast Delivery, Great poncho, like brand New.
And the M41 jacket is excellent, Iam glad I ordered a size up from what I actually am, fits perfect.
Well done WPG.

Holder - GB
usmc camo poncho (2011-03-25)
received mine covered in white powder and a bit faded on the green side and had a weird smell. all in all a good piece for being 66 years old

matthew - usa
Poncho (2011-03-06)
Item was in perfect condition; had some kind of smelly powder on it but it washed off just fine.

Janusz - US
USMC Poncho (2011-03-06)
Like new condition, the QM stamp is very clear and the material is super pliable.
DHL was a bit slow.
I hope to buy another before the supply dries up.

Shelton - US
USMC Camouflage Poncho (Original) (2011-01-11)
Arrived in record time, it looks almost new, it's soft and pliable. Now all i need is to figure out how to fold it and put it on my 41 pack..

Shelton - US
Nice 1944 NOS (2010-12-15)
Received promptly from abroad. Nice and pliable, not stiff, nor fragile. Good color; US maker, WW2 date, and USMC marked.....An excellent item, ready to use or display....Thanx

Jimmy - East Tennessee, USA
Great original item. (2010-08-10)
Marked: The Walker Go. April 26, 1944 USMC.

Rob - US
camo poncho (2010-07-26)
outstanding !

Bartos - US
USMC Original Poncho (2010-06-15)
HURAH! OUTSTANDING!!!! Dated 1944! Great condition. LOOKS LIKE IT WAS NEVER ISSUED> SEMPER FI! CARRY ON!! A++++++++++++++++

Bilardello - US
USMC Poncho (2010-06-15)
Great item, still keeps the water out! must-have, for any WWII USMC reenactor.

Erickson - US
USMC poncho (2010-06-06)
New and in mint condtion, cannot get any better than that. Thanks!

Bell - US
USMC Poncho Review (2010-06-03)
Fantastic, original, maker marked and dated April 1944.

Siegert - US
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