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Great (2021-09-10)
Fine replica, nice leather, good manufactured, revolver fit perfect in it. But, I think this piece was long time at stock, because I ordered natural leather, and came white of salt after tanning of leather before sewing. Need to brush salt down and oiling.

Drablek - CZ
Fast delivery (2020-09-18)
Second holster of this type I ordered from WPG. It was as perfect as the one I ordered a few years back. Very please and shipping speed was excellent.

Tucker - CA
Good (2019-01-25)
Received in very good time. A high quality product. I have a genuine holster to compare and it really is an excellent reproduction. My only issue would be the retention strap stud. It is the wrong profile and short in length, making it very hard to clip or unclip. I have managed to source a suitable replacement as per the original type (about 12mm high with a ball head, not a half sphere)
I am going to pay my saddler to refit and sew the stud.

R0B - UK
Faithful reproduction (2018-10-14)
Excellent copy- very pleased

foster - US
Good copy (2018-08-11)
I showed this to a big WW1 collector friend and he said that it would be welcome in his house, so that’s good enough for me!

Ric - UK
UK Leather Webley Holster (2018-01-01)
Very nice holster. Fit my Webley Mark VI great.

Tucker - CA
Mr. (2015-11-06)
Beautiful bit of kit. Would like a version made for wearing on the left (WWII Military Police for example) but this one is excellent all the same.

Baker - UK
UK Holster No. 3 (2015-04-15)
Very nice item. Well made.

Fenner - US
John Fenner (2015-04-10)
Very Nice Quality!

Fenner - US
whistle pouch (2014-10-02)
Nicely done (same heavy, flexible leather as your holsters and belts); it even fits my antique Metropolitan whistle.

Ryder - US
UK Webley holster (2014-10-02)
Very nicely done (like your other holsters); stoutly built, nice leather (thick but flexible); another great value.

Ryder - US
Holster. (2014-09-26)
Well made holster.

Smith - US
works for me (2014-09-21)
Nice snug fit on the 03 belt. Nude leather colour allows customers to darken to their taste

Parker - GB
P08 Webley Holster (2014-07-17)
Excellent reproduction. Well constructed from quality leather. Sturdy belt hooks.

Hawkwood - VT
P03 Webley Holster (2014-05-12)
Holster arrived today. Accurate repro. Very well made from quality leather.

Hawkwood - VT
Nice holster (2014-03-18)
Nice holster, the leather is thick and supple. Stitching is nicely done. It is a bit on the large side for my Webley Mk VI, but I haven't stained it yet, and it may shrink to a perfect fit when I get around to doing that. All in all, it is a decent holster at an unbeatable price!

Ulvang - NO
Holster (2013-10-10)
Great holster. Could be darker though.

Everingham - CA
Webley Open Top Holster (2013-09-28)

Grant - US
Webley P03 holster (2013-03-13)
Very happy. This is the closest reproduction of the open top WW1 British OR holster I could find. Great deal especially for the price. As others have, soaked and soaped it and let it dry for a day with my Mk V1 Webley in plastic bags to shape it to the gun. The stitching is very precise and seams are perfect, even the cleaning rod tunnel is finely crafted. Leather toe sewn in with 3 holes for drainage. Good quality heavy leather that really holds the large Webley securely. There were some minor surface defects especially on the back but when you darken it, it kind of adds to a vintage look. Cleaning rod is a nice touch. I used saddle butter cream mixed with brown shoe polish. Dye seems too difficult to control. Mine is still tan and will have to work on browning it up a bit more to match the Sam Brown belt it will go on. I want to actually use it in the field too. Fast shipping to California from Dubai!. Can be used on the right or left side. Fine quality material, workmanship and price.

Hardy - US
Mr (2012-10-29)
Excellent reproduction of aLeather Webley Holster

Borg - AU
Fantastic! (2012-05-08)
Excellent quality reproduction of the open top holster! It did take a lot of scrubbing with a wet scouring pad and soap to remove all of the stupid waxy coating and get a stain coating that didn't look uneven. Fit my P08 gear perfectly!

Skriletz - US
UK Leather Webley Holster (2012-03-27)
High quality reproduction of the other ranks/NCO version of the holster for the Webley series revolvers. High quality, well processed leather, well cut pieces, quality stitching, and well mated seams. Simple oiling made this item safe for years of outdoor service.

Horse Soldier - US
Excellent kit (2012-02-07)
This appears to be a faithful reproduction. There is a cleaning rod included which was a nice surprise and while a little green from damp this polishes off easily. The leather is of a very high quality and is very sturdy. The brasses are likewise of high quality and very sound. The price is very reasonable and delivery from Dubai to Great Britain was approximately 2 days!

Bell-Hartley - GB
P-14 holster (2011-12-30)
Great quality for the price and super fast shipping over the Christmas holiday. I am as always a happy repeat customer.

Brian - VA, USA
P-14 revolver Holster (2011-11-02)
Very happy with the item received. VERY fast delivery. I needed to dye it to match what I already have - but that was not a problem.

simmons - US
''14 Patt pistola holster (2011-08-28)
No problems at all- I soaked the holster in water, washed out the waxy crap, put my Webley in a waterproof bag and dried the holster with the pistol in it after moulding the leather, slapped on some oil and good to go. Looks brilliant and hold the pistol in nicely due to the forming. This would happen with age anyway but I wanted to speed the process and make sure the pistol was secure inside.

5 out of 5.

Steve - Melbourne, Australia
Leather Webley Holster 1903 (2011-07-29)
Well made holster, fits perfectly. Would have liked a darker brown. Same comment on other items about salt coming to surface?

Bogart - CA
Webley Holster to Oslo (2011-07-01)
Wow - The fastest postage ever from the US. Item is just great. Have compared to original example and this replica holds up well. Very good price and I will deal with WPG again.

Nigel Downham - NORWAY
Webley P08 Holster (2011-04-21)
Excellent quality leather. Good craftsmanship. Great details (covered studs, great stitching, faux makers mark, etc. Price good. Shipping very fast. A little oil and its good to go.

Donaghy - US
Webley holster (2011-03-16)
Great holster at a great price. Would like it to be a darker brown. Fast shipment. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Cozad - US
leather holster style 2 (2010-12-14)
Excellent holster. Well made and exact in every detail to my original. Used wrong leather dressing and ended up oxblood colour so need other type of leather dressing. cheers Kim

fawkes - AU
Leather Holster and ammo pouch (2010-11-19)
Excellent leather holster fite my Sam Brown belt perfectly also mt 357 with 6" berrel fits like it was made for it. I was concerned about the color but a little oil and the leather turned a beautiful Brown identical to the Sam Brown belt.

Stoneman - US
Webley Mk VI Holster (2010-09-16)
Excellent leather holster, super fast delivery. Very happy with service and product received.

Marlow - US
mr (2010-06-26)
my holster is Very nicely service was great no problems.

bills - GB
I love it! (2010-05-15)
Very good leather-work. This is not the painted, rock hard ox-hide BS you find from other vendors. I expect this to last for years.

McNamara - US
Webley holster (2010-05-07)
Overall a very fine holser.
My Webley Mk VI fits fits very nicely in the holster. I got style B - with the brass hooks. These hooks fit my P-08 web belt very tight -
with no looseness.

Harmon - US