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Fast delivery (2018-11-19)
Great item second one ordered very good quality.

Niedbalski - US
Fast delivery (2018-11-08)
Very good quality sturdy and well made for the price.

Niedbalski - US
Awesome replica (2017-07-11)
Very hard to see much difference from the originals. Fast shipping was an added bonus.

Berthelot - US
not impressed (2016-07-10)
The wire bale needed a good deal of work just to get it onto an original pistol belt plus the quality of the canteen cover was lacking.

Ignagni - US
USMC Canteen cover (2016-06-14)
The cover is too large for the canteen. It is sloppy in construction and stitching. The rivets are uneven. The hooks are so poorly made it cannot even fasten to a pistol belt. Other WPG products are good, but I am very disappointed with this one.

McIntosh - CA
USMC canteen cover (2015-06-05)
Lighter, less robust construction and slightly less well-made hardware (snaps a bit rough) than on the M1910 canteen cover. But it is well made and fits the canteen. WPG service was excellent as usual, much appreciated!

Phillip - UK
USMC Canteen (2014-02-06)
Fast delivery excellent canteen and cover

Fitz-Gerald - NZ
USMC 2nd Pattern Canteen Cover Feedback (2013-11-14)
lovely cover with canteen, thanks

Lee - HK
usmc 2nd pattern canteen cover (2013-08-27)
very pleased fit belt correctly good fit with canteen.

Herrin - US
Awesome (2013-07-14)
The material is thinner than I expected but I'm no expert. Fits the canteen, however the hooks required a little fiddling to fit the pistol belt. All in all I was very pleased

Perez - US
sweet (2013-01-25)
Im no expert in military kit, real or repro.But i know an can tell a well made product when i see one and this is it.

jack - nz