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UK P03 1903 Pattern Water Bottle Carrier (2021-01-19)
Am happy with it ... looks good

Borger - NL
Terrific (2020-08-06)
Just as nice as the first one I ordered some years ago. I always enjoy darkening the leather. The carrier holds a water bottle full of rum just as well as it does a water bottle full of water. Sadly, neither water nor rum is included in WPG's offering. You'll enjoy it anyway.

Grosvenor - US
First Class Item (2020-03-02)
A beautiful recreation of the 03 Pattern waterbottle carrier and very detailed construction. In particular I like the use of natural undyed leather used in the construction so that you can colour it according to requirements. Superb ! Very happy with this item !

madden - UK
Finally (2019-11-13)
I found a decent repro water bottle holder!

Very fast delivery. (2019-04-29)
Great addition to my kit. It’ll make getting a drink of water a lot easier than the web bottle holder.

Henriksbo - CA
Super (2017-04-01)
As always I am very happy with your service and quality of your products!

Stehn  - AU
Excellent! As always! Hurrah UAE! (2017-01-22)
Very good quality... Fast service... Congratulations to Wajid & the UAE crew!

Morrison - PL
Sturdy carrier for thirsty people in wool. (2017-01-02)
A very nice item remarkably similar to the one in the museum. It's not just for show folks! Wool can be a bit warm and it holds my favorite beverage container nicely and within reach. This will be going camping with me as well.

Ward  - US
Great item (2016-07-20)
Solid construction and authentic... All you need. Jerry excels at turning out tye less sexy but totally necessary items and this is one of many such things nicely executed

parker - UK
Perfect (2016-05-23)
Fit the repro WPG water bootle perfectly. Nice work.

Ewen - CA
Best (2016-04-11)
I received the water bottle and carrier and I love it.

Ingram - US
1903 Pattern Water Bottle Carrier (2014-12-17)
Sturdy item. Does the job. Un-dyed, allowing you to dye it to match your equipment. There is a slight glazing on the leather so I recommend removing this before dying the leather. Mine was a slightly tight fit for the Mk Vi Blue water bottle, however it fits, which is the main thing. Overall, a good item.

Jamie - Northern Ireland
Canteen Holder (2014-05-12)
Excellent, dyed with British Tan, polished with dark brown shoe polish and looks excellent. Sturdy and well built. First Class.

Brian - Canada
Sjt. (2014-05-02)
Happy with item, fit bottle well.

Holder - US