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Great Quality, fast shipping (2020-03-09)
I was surprised how quick I got the jacket. Everything is correct as far as design. They are tight fitting like Johnson, US said. I weigh 200 lbs and am 6' 2". I ordered the 44 (XL) and if they had one that was larger I would have purchase that one instead. The body size is good, but if I could have gotten an extra half inch in the sleeve I would have taken it. Overall I really like it.

Stout - US
Awesome (2019-04-18)
The jacket is amazing and fits perfectly very nice jacket and very well constructedI highly recommend it

Fox - US
Excellent Reproduction For The Money! (2017-06-22)
Love this jacket. It has all of the features that the original Army Air Forces A-2 jackets had on them. Front flap pockets (no side hand warmer pockets as those were not in the original contract and weren't included on the original jackets), correct cotton lining, one piece leather back, snap down collar, hook and loop catch at the throat/collar. Fits me like a glove. I would suggest maybe ordering one size larger than your normal size though, since these tend to run a little small. Otherwise, a great reproduction for under $200.00. Also, super quick shipping from the United Arab Emirates.

Johnson - US
The best A-2 for the money available anywhere (2016-02-10)
Delivery of my A-2 was very fast, in about a week. I'm extremely pleased witht his jacket. It's very well made, with all the features and detailing of a WWII-era A-2. Normally, I do not like cotton lining in a jacket, as I find them hard to slip on and off. But the brushed cotton lining (a feature of original A-2's) is so smooth the jacket slips on and off as easily as my polyester- lined G-1 jacket. The goatskin used is just the right weight, with nice grain. The cuffs and waist band are a very finely-woven wool. In short, you will find no finer A-2 for $150 anywhere.

Tarter - US
Great Jacket For The Price (2015-12-31)
After ordering one of these A-2 jackets, I found it to be a great value for the price. Dark chocolate goatskin. Very soft and pliable right out of the package. These are very close fitting jackets, as they were typically worn very fitting by the pilots and crews in WW II. You might want to even order one size larger than your regular size, for more room. No side hand warmer pockets as those were not authorized on the original jackets. Only the front snap down flap pockets. The Army brass felt that the soldiers keeping their hands in their pockets presented a very non military and sloppy appearance, so only the flap pockets were authorized. The lining is the proper rust colored cotton with leather hanging loop to hang the jacket on a hook. I doubt seriously if you will find a more correct or better A-2 jacket for the very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Johnson - US
Fantastic A-2 Jacket (2015-06-08)
Amazing A-2 Jacket with fair price, shipping really fast, I am very glad! Job well done!

Eduardo - US
A-2 Flight Jacket (2015-04-22)
Such fast delivery & the jacket is excellent. Another job well done.

Dixon - AU
A2 Jacket (2015-03-21)
Thank you for your patience and excellent service ... Jacket fit great ... very soft leather ...

Charles W. Campbell

Campbell - US
Outstanding jacket, especially for the price (2015-03-10)
The quality of the goatskin leather is terrific, as is the workmanship and construction. To get a jacket of this quality anywhere else, you will easily spend at least twice as much. A great value for the money!

Tarter - US
A2 Jacket (2014-11-10)
I'm very impressed with the quality of this jacket. The staff at WPG were incredibly fast at answering questions I had about this jacket and it was on my doorstep within a few days of ordering. I don't own an original A2 but I am familiar with them and I think this jacket is by far the most accurate that can be had for $150. For being a reproduction, this is an excellent jacket and is well worth the price. I'm happy enough with the quality that I just ordered another one for display!

Dan - US
Captain (2014-06-24)
Excellent value and fast shipping!

Bob - US
US A2 Leather Flight Jacket (2014-05-16)
Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase of this very reasonably priced A2 jacket. The seal brown goatskin is extremely soft, drapes well, and appears to be of very good quality with a nice texture. The cuffs and waistband, even though not 100% wool, are sturdy and have held their shape very well. I like the trim military fit. My only minor complaint is the body length is slightly too long and the sleeve length is slightly too short; but this probably has more to do with my particular build than a fault of the jacket. Also, beautiful, sturdy cotton liner.
The shipping time was exceptionally quick and customer service was outstanding! Highly recommended.

Eric - US
A2 flight jacket (2014-04-25)
A very well made jacket , with an authentic 1940s A2 fit . I'm 5 foot 11, with 39 chest . I usually take a size 40 in jacket . I bought Medium size , which has a nice trim , authentic fit on me ... Neat on the shoulders , and the bottom of the jacket sits just on the waist at the trouser belt . I know this kind of trim fit isn't for everyone , so if you want a loser fit , size up .Made in very dark seal brown in a nice weight of soft goatskin . I've compared it to Aero and Eastman goatskin A2s , and aside from the small details like the zip , cuffs , contract labels and stamps , you would never guess that the WPG A2 was less than one fifth of the price . Highly recommended .

hart - GB
Bloody Marvelous! (2014-04-18)
Well I never right reviews but had to on this occasion, great product, great price and great service. If you looking for an A2 jacket you will Not be disappointed.

Martyn - Blighty
Stunning (2014-04-03)
To be honest, I just can''t believe that this A-2 is $150. The materials and workmanship are excellent. Fit is a lovely trim wartime one (just make sure you do follow WPG''s advice to order one size larger) and it really looks the part. Leather is a very nice soft goatskin in a dark seal which drapes beautifully and the lining is a sturdy cotton. I''m absolutely thrilled with this A-2 from WPG.

Timothy - Australia
A-2 Jacket (2014-03-17)
Jacket is a good reproduction of the A-2. My only 2 complaints are no label and though the stitching on epaulettes are correct w/box and X, they are a bit off. On the plus side the leather is excellent. Snaps, hooks, zipper, wool cuff and waist, the color and cotton liner are all correct or very close. Will not get a better A-2 for the price

Johnson - US