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Great looking B-3 vest (2018-09-11)
Quality and looks are great for this remake of the classic aviators life vest. Wish there was more USN circa 1942 aviators gear available. I'm sure you would do a fantastic job with it.

RG Thorson - US
Super (2018-08-30)
received in good order. They look great!

Pharand - CA
Absolutely perfect (2018-07-06)
Absolutely amazed at the quality and the speed of delivery, especially for the price of both. I just got a chance last weekend to compare it to an original at the USS Intrepid museum and was shocked at how perfect the repro was, better than some I've seen for 2x the price.

Merrifield - US
Me West (2018-06-17)
Very pleased with the whole transaction. Item is well made and accurately do e. Always happy with the quality WPG delivers.

Cooper - US
fast delivery (2018-02-27)
very accurate looking, right down to the simulated CO2 cartridges to inflate the two chambers on the vest. nicely done!

Gianakos - US
Super (2017-11-08)
Great vest but the the back strap is sewn backwards. Anyway, very authentic.

Incredible Reproduction! (2017-10-28)
The details and manufacturing on this item - the US B-3 Mae West - is outstanding, and especially considering the price. Well done WPG!!

Warburton - CA
good quality, fast shipment! (2017-08-29)
good quality, fast shipment!

Aerens - BE
excellent (2017-08-14)
This B4 Mae West is an excellent reproduction. The quality of the material used is sturdy and the fittings are realistic. DHL did not meet their original delivery date by some 4 days, but for an international delivery it still came quickly.

Stewart - US
Mae w (2017-08-08)
Great quality reproduction. Fast delivery. Very pleased.

Krupa - US
Fast Shipping! (2016-09-28)
Very Authentic reproduction and they were willing to ship to a deployed unit no less!

Ron - US
Amazing (2016-08-25)
Love the quality and look of this reproduction.

Nunn - US
Fantastic delivery time. (2016-08-23)
This life preserver really looks the part. Finishes off my USAAC outfit nicely.

Roberts - GB
Amzing (2016-06-24)
Great reproduction or the B-3. It's almost perfect.

Musser - US
delivery was ok to uk (2016-06-23)
in UK DHL lost package was delivered late.
WPG are brilliant , UK DHL post is garbage.
product is ok .

Brown - UK
Fast (2016-04-20)
very happy with the items.

astbury - UK
Small foul up on delivery (2016-04-20)
Great item, very pleased with quality.

astbury - UK
Fast Delivery, Great quality! (2016-04-11)
US B-3 Mae West - great reproduction.
I hope you'll consider doing flight helmets!

Dauenheim - US
Best repro on the market (2016-03-29)
I liked this B-3 so much that I bought a second one for display and kept my first one for wearing with my pilot kit. Excellent work and great product for the price.

Whigham - US
B3 Mae West (2015-09-28)
thanks for the B-3 mae west it is fitting in our private museum it will be on display soon.

Susko - US
Mae West vest (2015-07-20)
Nice work on the vest. Looks very close to the original, color is a little darker but very close. Can't wait to use it at next event.

Pace - US
Mae West (2015-05-11)
WOW! Fantastic job folks! Really! I am so impressed with this thing. A very good reproduction to say the least!

Fantastic (2015-03-02)
The Mae West came fast. Excellent quality. A nice addition to my collection.

Dyer - US
US B-3 Mae West (2015-02-11)
Una r├ęplica muy bien hecha, de buena calidad y precio adecuado.

casariego - ES
B-3 (2015-01-14)
Superb reproduction! I have an original, from my great uncle which was in rough condition, and this is an exact match down to the fittings. Looks like it was just issued. Great job! Museum quality! Great price and great shipping!

Horncastle - CA
B-3 Mae West (2015-01-07)
Copia veramente ben fatta e con materiali molto robusti. Dalle foto degli originali viste mi sembra molto fedele. Ideale complemento per i re-enactors di aviatori e paracadutisti americani.

Copy really well made and very sturdy materials. From the photos of the original views seem very loyal. Ideal supplement to the re-enactors of American aviators and paratroopers.

Max Paladino - Siracusa - IT
US B-3 MAE WEST (2014-09-30)
Great Mae West. Well received at an Airshow focusing on WWII pilots and their aircraft. About as close to original as you can get without being the real thing.

Mae West (2014-03-31)
Convincing in every way, solid product

Andersen - GB
Very Good (2014-03-18)
excellent job. the snap hook and sliding buckles are on the cheap side, but could be replaced by M1 Carbine Sling keepers and a surplus snap hook.

Sabia - US
Mae West (2011-06-14)
Very impressed wih the speed of shipping from UAE- less than a week. Very nice product too!
I will be a returning costomer.

Don - California
US B-3 Mae West (2011-03-23)
completes my airborne impression

Stanley - US
My opinion (2011-03-12)
I found the product to be satisfactory. The product had a defect when it came to me. However, I was able to take it to a shoe repair store and have the problem fixed. (I would like WPG to reimburse me for $3.) The product has a smelly rubber scent, which I hope goes away soon.

Cerda - US
MAE WEST (2011-03-07)
The best reproduction I've ever seen, and arrived very fast.


Perfect! (2010-10-26)
What a great reproduction! It's just like the one my Granddad wore flying Hellcats in the Pacific. I've even stenciled it the same. It's just the ticket for my living history representation of VF-8. The only thing to watch is the spring clip for the waist belt can bend a little. Caution will prevent any damage, though.

Shortell - US
US B-3 Mae West (2010-09-08)
Excellent reproduction that matches up well next to the original.

Kegel - US
US B-3 Mae West (2010-07-12)
A very good Item...!

Hufenus - CH
Ted (2010-06-27)
A spot on reproduction. Thanks for providing excellent alternatives to using actual antique militaria for reenactments. Could honestly pass for the real thing.

Johnson - US
US B-3 Mae West (2010-02-27)
Nice vest, fits all sizes. Very well made, looks just like an original. Keep up the good work.

Quartier - BE
impressive (2010-02-13)
Perfect, the best repro i've ever seen

tresserras - ES
Great item! (2010-02-10)
Like the Oxygen Mask I was impressed with the attention to detail and authenticity of the item.. It's on the dummy, in the museum and looks the part!
if you haven't bought one!

abbey - GB
Mae West (2010-01-26)
Super perfect, now I need only a C47 to complete my outfit!

Braeuer - DE
Awesome!!! (2009-12-26)
This one looks fantastic worn with my paratrooper impression or along the A-2 jacket

Nick - Germany
B3 Life preserver (2009-10-19)
Very pleased - arrived superfast,,,, excellent yet again....

Mae west (2009-10-13)
Tryed to get a well preserved original from Ebay a long while..
Completed the pilot setup with this!
After some wear no one will see the difference..

johansson - SE
US B-3 Mae West (2009-07-09)
Excellent reproduction, very pleased with this. Looks great on display, adds the "finished" touch to the display.

Hutton - US
Great (2009-06-29)
Amazing reproduction, very happy I ordered from WPG and not the other guys. Thank you!

Serfass - US
B3 Mae West (2009-04-14)
Very good repro. Excellent quality.

Fordham - US
Super (2009-02-11)
Just as advertised.

Eney - US
life jacket (2009-01-06)
very good quality great reproduction

colasse - BELGIUM
life jacket (2009-01-06)
great quality very pleased.

colasse - BELGIUM
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