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Original in great condition (2016-04-20)
Fast Shipping, not long enough for jump boots, but great product and price!

Josh - US
Low quarter rough-out laces (2014-10-01)
These are perfect for the subject boot, an original pair of which I have. I washed the laces in detergent and bleach to fade them a bit. You can''t find suitable modern laces that will work.
Practice Tip: These are the laces used as chin straps on the early WWI campaign hats. Pershing is clearly wearing a lace in several Mexican pix; the lace is tight behind the head, and the knot, with tips cut off, is clearly visible above the knot of the hat cords. Also visible in several WWI pix of officers and e.m. alike. Watch "They gave him a gun" with Spencer Tracy; all recruits at camp have them on.
I ordered three pair this time.

John - California
boot laces (2014-09-20)
They fit my vintage rough-outs perfectly. I took the lead tips from the originals and transplanted them to the new laces.
They look perfect. Getting more.
Pointer. Use these for the early WWI campaign caps. Pershing is seen in a few pix with one as a stampede string and the knot, with the tips cut off, is in front, right over the slide of his hat cord.

John - california
Boot Laces (2014-03-25)
They look real nice and should work well.

Burduck - US
US boot laces (2014-02-23)
Not much to say - just a pair of very good laces!

Philip - GB
Original boot laces (2014-01-17)
Nice laces. I don''t know what they''re supposed to fit but they don''t work in my Double Buckle boots. They''re about 1 set of eyelets too short. I have them in my pack for just in case.

Dave - East Wenatchee, WA USA
Great (2013-04-07)
Nice laces.

Rouhselang - US
Waxed Boot Laces (2013-03-27)
Good quality and good value waxed boot laces.

Senzig - US
shoe laces (2013-03-08)
good laces they will look good as spares in my kit

Scott - US
SO far so good (2012-11-08)
they look alot better than thet laces that came with my boon dockers. are shorter that the repro but seem to be a great fit once you lace up the boot.

Abernathy - US
laces (2012-07-02)
a perfect addition for my footlocker display

vanderroost - BE
Original Laces (2012-05-11)
Great shape. I stocked up. This style of lace is getting harder to find.

US Boot Laces (Original) (2012-05-03)
These things will last forever! I bought a pair almost three years ago and they are still running. These are for my ditty bag. Thanks

Speer - US
laces (2012-04-30)
these lace into ATF repro rough outs perfectly. packed as pairs. no apparent sign of their age. hurry and stock up.

erik s - US
Shoelaces (2012-01-16)
Great as described

Gluth - US
Original to what? (2011-12-30)
Nice laces, but not very useful if you don''t say what they''re for. They are certainly too short for US service shoes.

Joe - AZ
Brown Shoe Laces (2011-12-06)
I haven't had to use them yet, but they seem to be better than the ones that came with both pair of my boots,(from a different supplier). I will put them in my haversack for spares. I like 'em.

Chapman - US
US Boot laces (Original) (2011-11-14)
They seem to be a bit short, but look very well and reliable ! Great price for a quality item !

Mueller-Herdemertens - DE
Versand nach Deutschland (2011-09-21)
Eine kleine gutgemeinte Warnung an alle deutschen Kunden ;o)

Es ist fatal die billigere Versandmethode "USPS/EMS" auszuwählen.
Tut man es doch, dann schaltet sich die GDSK als Mittler für den Zoll ein.
Diese Blutsauger verlangen für ihren "Service" dann zusätzlich ca. 25 €. Diese Methode ist teuer und dauert eine Ewigeit. Ich habe die Sachen nicht angenommen, zurückgehen lassen und mir die Ware über DHL neu versenden lassen.
Lieferung über DHL,Fedex oder UPS sind also wirklich nur zu empfehlen.

Die Ware ist ausnahmsweise klasse.


Reißen - DE
Laces (2011-04-30)
Quality is satisfactory.

Cerda - US
Boot laces (2011-04-26)
Fast service to germany ,- Perfect deal
Thank you

Schlomacher - DE
Satisfactory (2011-04-18)
I found them satisfactory

Cerda - US
good laces (2011-04-08)
Laces look like the one I,m going to replace

Hunnewell - US
Original Item in Perfect Conditions (2011-02-25)
The original, correct nylon laces are in absolutely perfect state of conservation. In other words, they look like they should on service boots & they don''t break as You pull them. Simply Excellent, outstanding times of delivery.

Ricciardi - Italy
great laces (2011-02-03)
the laces are original great price very happy with item

bolin - US
Great deal (2010-11-15)
All was perfect, goods, delivery price. I will do my next shooping in WPG

Pawel - PL
boot laces (2010-11-09)
Laces are in excellent condition, should prove long lasting, however, they weren't long enough to use in my double buckle boots as they were intended for.

weber - US
shoelaces (2010-08-18)
great- I like leather, but these seem easier to use! thanks

Mc Mahon - US
Amazing (2010-06-10)
u cant get these anywhere else for this quality and price couldnt be happier

Dylewski - US
US Boot laces (Original) (2010-04-23)
The real deal--should have ordered more while I was at it.

Dodd - US
US Boot laces (Original) (2010-04-17)
Great item!!!!!

Gavrilyuk - UA
US Boot laces (Original) (2010-01-29)
Great item--as described and quick delivery. They even smell original. Thanks Jerry!

Excellent reproduction (2010-01-07)
Excellent reproduction, great laces

Chris - NZ
boot laces (2009-12-15)
Finally, the right length and color!

Speer - US
US Boot laces (2009-10-31)
Item like described! Very good condition!

Disse - DE
Order number 15677 (2009-08-16)
Excellent Item. Accurately described, carefully packed, and fast shipping.

Arrowood - US
original laces (2009-07-04)
Good laces best service

wade - GB
fine (2009-06-20)
great item, it could be slightly longer

Schatull - DE
US Boot Laces (2009-06-10)
The boot laces were in new condition and look great on my boots.

McClure - US
Wow (2009-04-01)
Wonderful stuff and service..

Staines - US
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