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Excellent item. Fast delivery. Thanks (2020-04-06)
Very happy with this item. Exceeds my expectations.

Tatham - CA
Bririah army drop leg tankers holster (2019-06-21)
I was very impressed with the quality and price of the holster. Went the reproduction route due to high price and scarcity of original items. I wasnt disappointed my original wartime dated enfield revolver looks great in this holster. Delivery was very swift too! Many thanks.

buxton - UK
UK Royal Armoured Corps Tanker Holster (2019-06-08)
High quality, bullet loops tight and the correct size, and I am glad it comes complete with the often missing cleaning rod! Great brass fittings, with good tab and loop fit. I can't wait to show my friends!

Finney - US
Fast delivery (2019-05-16)
Of course I waited till last minute to get a holster for an event but this company never disappoints. The holster is absolutely amazing and adds a lot to the uniform.

Poffenberger - US