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Super Quality Reproduction (2021-11-21)
Very well made to pretty much the same standards as the originals. I wouldn't have any worries buying this item again.

Larson - US
Rusty M1910 Scabbard (2020-03-25)
Rusty part was replaced with a new one. Thank You.

Lawson - US
Good item (2020-03-20)
While the ordering, payment and shipping process was easy and fast, the product did have some rust formed under the cover around the scabbard throat. I guess from looking at originals, pretty authentic, including the rust. Lol

Tucker - US
Besr Repro ! (2019-05-30)
Sehr gute Repro einer M 1910 Scheide , Bayonet passt genau, Canvanas Ɯberzug sitzt wie angegossen.
Ein wenig Patina und die Sache ist perfekt, immer wieder gerne !!

Dirk - Germany
m1910 scabbard (2014-10-31)
Arrived on time+outstanding quality,as usual

malone - US
Outstanding (2014-09-07)
Ordered it three days ago and got it today. Very pleased with the scabbard.

Gary - Texas
a (2014-05-13)

moody - US
n/a (2013-06-12)
best repro 1910 I've seen

moody - US
1910 scabbard (2013-03-08)
The scabbard is well made and looks great on my 1910 haversack

Scott - US
S Brandt (2012-11-05)
Very nice addition to impression

Brandt - US
US M1910 bayonet scabbard (2011-12-12)
very nice made !

van Mil - NL
US M1910 Bayonet Scabbard (2011-09-18)
Excellent item, perfect fit. Am extremely pleased with very fast shipping and delivery.
Great service all around, will buy again. Thanks

Henskens - BE
Excellent item (2011-08-29)
It has good shape, design, convienience and solodity.
Excellent item, thanks.

nice scabbard, terrific shipping (2011-07-25)
The scabbard fits perfectly, and is a well made product, however, it would be even better had the canvas cover been just a little tighter around the sleeve. the order shipping details were always available and handy to track the delivery time and date. Great service all around. Thanks.

Morrison - US
. (2011-07-07)
Very good product, very fast shipping.

Harshman - US
excellent repro (2011-06-24)
with a bayonet inside it looks like a real one

frederic - FR
m1910 scabbard (2011-04-30)
Very happy with this purchase. Shipping was incredibly fast. Will buy again

Bob gay - US
M1910 Scabbard (2011-01-13)
Thank you very much . M1910 scabbard repro is really nice and well done, very close to the original. And last but not least, shipping is manage by Speedy Gonzales !! Woah.
Keep goin' on like that Jerry.

Scabbard (2010-08-29)
Very happy with this purchase. Shipping was incredibly fast. Will buy again

McDowell - US
owner (2010-08-06)
Great product and great service. Thanks.

McGill - US
1910 Scabbard (2010-06-10)
Very nice in appearence.

Cervone - US
Mr (2010-03-30)
A great reproduction well worth the cost.

Toohey - AU
US M1910 Bayonet Scabbard (2009-10-21)
very nice reproduction

good work

Birgaentzle - France
M1910 Scabbard (2009-08-13)
So close to the original that it's freaky! Great guy to do business with and damned fast shipping.

Nelson - US
M1910 Scabbard (2009-06-25)
Excellent repro M1910 scabbard. Can't tell the difference from the original. Very nice work.

Kretchik - US
M1910 Bayonet Scabbard (2009-04-14)
Excellent repro. Fantastic workmanship.

Fordham - US
Perfect Reproduction (2008-02-29)
I purchased your sling because a year or so ago I purchased your M1910 Scabbard for my Springfield Bayonet. You do great work. When I compared it to an original no one could tell the difference. Thanks again

Ed Rhoads - OR, United States
Wonderful product ! (2008-02-19)
I want to express my thanks for your wonderful product. It is by far the best reproduction of an M1910 scabbard that I could have ever hoped for. Excellent quality and construction. My SA 1918 bayonet will now wear a jacket it can be proud of.

Larry A. Priest - Cobb, CA, USA.