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Speedy delivery (2017-09-19)
Nice sweater. Warm as hell. Cool website with great products.

Brian Munro - US
Good quality, super fast delivery (2017-09-18)
This jumper looks the part and is great quality for the price. Delivery time ex UAE is amazing, tracked all the way. Advice from WPG re sizing = great customer service.

Rose - AU
Great Sweater (2017-09-17)
Rapid delivery, reasonably priced, good quality. Thanks.

Ward - UK
Perfect (2017-09-07)
Great quality, quick delivery, absolutely reasonable price. Best bang of the buck out there.

Jones - US
Quick shipping (2017-03-06)
A suprisingly warm sweater considering that it is mid weight. As one review noted, the waist is a little short. The sleeves are snug. I usually wear a medium but went by the size chart and ordered a small. The fit is good. The collar and sleeves are stitched on with heavy thread, not yarn, which means that there is no flex in those areas. Not a problem in the sleeves but there is no stretch in the neck. A person with a large head may not be able to pull the sweater on due to lack of stretch.

Tucker - US
Thanks! (2017-01-23)
Very nice! Top quality....Thanks!k

Brown - US
Very happy (2017-01-11)
Excellent product and service. Couldnt recommend WPG highly enough

Bown  - UK
Fast Delivery (2017-01-10)
Absolutely love this sweater. I sailed American submarines and we had our own distinctive style completely different from these. I have had one of these before that I wore while in the United States Merchant Marine and as Captain of smaller vessels. I find this one better than the one I had picked up in London some 42 years ago.

Collins - US
Very nice sweater !!! (2016-11-24)
Nice copy of the original RAF sweaters, good quality !

Van Geldere Marc - BE
I wish I'd known these were available years ago! (2016-11-02)
Always loved these sweaters and wished I could find one in modern sizes (I'm a big lad). Imagine my surprise when I ran into this on the WPG website! I added it to my cart instantly! Shipping from UAE was extremely fast and reasonable! It fits and it's perfect!

Stef - US
Fast Delivery (2016-09-30)
I am very pleased with my sweater--fits nicely and I expect it to be warm

Wells - US
Top quality (2016-07-16)
Superb item, just like the original.

Vemmelsvik - NO
Excellent & Fast Delivery, too (2016-07-10)
The submariner sweaters look exactly as expected. The delivery time was amazingly fast. I will definitely order these again if they become available in Navy Blue.

Magnuson - US
Very fast delivery (2016-05-23)
The delivery was very fast.

Visini - US
not received yet ! (2016-04-28)
Not received so far

Marchesi-Herce - ES
Great quality (2016-03-18)
Great quality, and fits well. Im already wearing it out on the motorcycle along with the RAF flight boots I purchased a bit ago

VERY SATISFIED (2016-03-18)
Shipping to Finland was quick.
The Sweater is just what I was lookin' for.
I'm useing it even right now.
Absolutely pleased.

D Lindberg - FI
Super (2016-03-02)
Nice sweater and it got home kick , thank`s

levesque - CA
Excellent! (2016-02-28)
Just as described. Amazingly quick delivery.

Peterson - US
Very comfortable sweater (2016-02-16)
The quality of this sweater really impressed me. When I put it on I was amazed how comfortable it is.

Duplechain - US
RAF Turtleneck (2016-02-13)
Overall a good sweater for the value, you'd be hard pressed to find something similar for the price. I find it difficult to wear hearty turtlenecks like this with modern day heating in buildings, but it's great if you're going to be outside on a cold day. I hope that the length is increased even just slightly, as I understand the short length for a repro, but I find myself pulling it down constantly even wearing a pair of 30s repro jeans with an 11.5-12 inch rise. The sizing was accurate if you order according to your chest measurement (not tailored jacket size).

Brandon - Canada
Very good! (2016-02-09)
Great quality,fast delivery!

Dobson - US
Super Fast Delivery to Canada (2016-01-25)
Awesome sweater, great delivery much faster than I expected....many thanks

Dermott - CA
Fast delivery (2016-01-21)
Very fast delivery from the Middle East. Sweater is very warm.

Woodard - US
Mr (2015-12-30)
Great sweater, fantastic fit. Reasonably priced.

McDaniel - US
Great Swater-Fast Service-what WPG does best! (2015-12-22)
Awesome sweater...this is the classic look! I have a BW Calani (Peacoat)- with the sweater I am ready to sail anywhere!!

Hauck - US
Great return policy (2015-12-22)
Okay I had to pay for my own return of the sweater to get the next size up but WPG sent me the next size at their expense. Talk about being quick, my postage took like 2 weeks, (Aust Post) their courier less than 3 days. Good stuff.

Graham - AU
Finally (2015-12-21)
Finally I can look exactly like Peter Lawford in "The Longest Day". I have a pair of corduroy and will go for the Lord Lovat look!! Millin ! "Black Bear"!

Piglia - NZ
fast! (2015-12-21)
Happy with the sweater; looks nice and fits. Exceptionally fast delivery.

Rintelen - CH
Great all around (2015-12-13)
Very fast shipping to Canada. No surprise fees at the door.
The sweater is very good quality. I'm a slim guy, hard to fit. 5'11'' 150lbs. I wear a 38 reg jacket. I ordered a small.
As others have stated, the sweater fits a bit short. I soaked mine in water and stretched the sleeves and torso to length. Fits perfectly now.

Im very happy all around!

pollock - CA
Submarine Pullover (2015-12-12)
Excellent service. quality and fit great. I went one size up to get the arm length right

Gill - CH
A must for your wardrobe (2015-11-10)
Even if donning a military uniform isn't your thing, this jumper is a must. I have given these jumpers to family and friends and are always a hit. This jumper is for my girlfriend who will probably only wear it at home to keep warm in winter. Pure wool and well made, this jumper/sweater/pullover is a hit and a great investment.

Graham - AU
Good value (2015-11-10)
Great quality and fit .thank you. Arthur Hill

Hill - US
RAF Sweater (2015-11-10)
Great sweater, but the size was a little small. I will order up a size for the next one.

Sure keeps your neck warm in an open cockpit.

Kevin - California USA
RAF Submarine Sweater (2015-09-24)
Sweater is nice, arms are way to short. Bought mine in a medium.

Davis - US
Erik from The Netherlands (2015-09-05)
Good service and quality. Thanks

Jellema - NL
Sub sweater (2015-08-31)
Very fast delivery...the sweater is really great and a perfect fit.

Nichols - US
Submariner sweater (2015-06-21)
Great fit. Good quality.Fast delivery..Good job!

Bowles US - US
Very nice sweater.

Deziel - CA
Mr (2015-06-09)
Thick, nice quality. The armlength a bit too short for size XL though.

Ponten - SE
UK RAF Submarine sweater (2015-04-28)
A perfect all-wool sweater: durable and comfortable. Of a medium height and build, I found the sweater to be a grand fit. A little roll-up of the sleeves for usual wear, unrolled for warmer coverage, it is just the thing for long stays out-of-doors in dodgy weather. The neck is not choking and, of course, can be unrolled to protect much of the head.

The RAF/RN Sweater is highly recommended for comfortable undress wear in cold climes.

Frank - US
Submariner's sweater (2015-04-23)
Shipping was quick, the quality of the sweater seems to be very good. The color is faithful to the picture on the website. I ordered an XXL and it is just the fit I was looking for. Surprisingly, it's not as itchy as I thought it would be, for a pure wool sweater. Good deal all around!

Gary in Colorado - US
RN Submarine Sweater (2015-03-15)
I rode submarines out of Holy Loch Scotland and always wanted a traditional RN Sub Sweater. My dreams came true with this purchase and I'm as happy as a polywog can be (with his cloths on).

Carr - US
Aertex shirts and submarine sweater (2015-02-22)
The shirts were exactly what I was looking for for summer , but this sweater is the bomb , it has the classic look and it is well constructed and it is warm , I intend on purchasing more , so I can how one cleaned as I am wearing the other plus I will put one in my bug out bag in the truck

Stephey - US
UK RAF Submarine Sweater (2015-01-26)
My boyfriend had been looking for one of these for years. I was so excited to find one just in time for Christmas...the look on his face was priceless, especially when he put it on for the first time. Just like the one in the Battle of Britain!

Lash - US
Just Like the Original (2015-01-15)
In 1965 as a nuclear submarine officer visiting Faslane, I was able to purchase an original from British stores. It came in handy when working in cold climates. That original finally wore out several years back, and I am happy to report that this one fills the gap perfectly.

Dommers - US
Submariner sweater (2015-01-14)
Arrived very quickly. Excellent construction and fit. Wearing it to ward off the chill of air-conditioning here (!) but look forward to using it back in UK winter next month.

Tim - Philippines
Better than expected (2014-12-23)
Fit all expectations per description and other reviews. I was a bit worried that it would be too short. I'm 6'0" and the large was long enough. Nice tight weave, and the color seemed to be very authentic. I ordered as a Christmas gift and, even though it shipped from the UAE, it arrived very promptly.

Thanks for a great product and the prompt service.

Dumke - US
UK RAF Submarine sweater (2014-12-10)
Fost delivery. Good quality.

Torbergsen - NO
Nice Sweater (2014-12-08)
Nice Sweater

Brouwer - NL
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