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Ron (2014-05-23)
I am very happy with the high quality and fit.

Stehn - AU
Leather Jerkin (2014-05-15)
Impressive quality for the price. Recommended. Very generously sized to fit over tunics - it was a mistake to order a size up from my normal medium, but very quickly and courteously exchanged for me.

Watkins - CA
UK Leather Jerkin (2014-05-07)
Nice reproduction size is perfect

Guidobono - US
UK Leather Jerkin (2014-04-06)
A really top item. It fits beautifully and feels great. It looks just like my grandfathers original from WW1. The leather is nice and supple and is even better with a bit of leather dressing. Very warm. Even my wife likes it and is prepared to let me wear outside the house! I might just leave it on for a week or two to mold to my body.Its that good.

Aspland - AU
UK leather jerkin (2014-04-02)
Great product. Beautifully made and very comfortable. I put it straight on and may not take it off for a week or two. Even the wife loves it!

Dave - Australia
I love the leather jerkin (2014-03-16)
It fits perfect I want to wear it every place I go, when you think of the history, the British made a fine juice in the jerkin juice to keep the troops dry and warm when I wear it I think of the history behind it!

Dehnert - US
leather jerkin (2013-06-22)
Good fit, nice looking bit of kit buttons are a bit weak but still very pleased.

Allen  - GB
vest (2013-06-15)
well be even better next winter hold in heat cut the wind.

Hunnewell - US
British Leather Jerkin (2013-06-01)
Very pleasantly surprised at the excellent quality and attention to detail. Almost exactly the same as the original example I already have. Fast delivery and hassle free international shopping. Very pleased indeed.

Pullen - GB
Leather Jerkin (2013-04-16)
Supple, thick leather securely stitched and put together. A 'spot on' replica of the three original ones I own ... but in my XL size. Only downside was the buttons which were totally inadequate, the thin centre of the first one shattering going through the button hole it wasn't designed for - you need good thick buttons for this 'meaty' garment :) Replace the buttons and an excellent jerkin would be a totally amazing jerkin. Either way STUNNING value for money.

Watson - GB
. (2013-04-05)
Great reproductions! Very nice detailing!

Dobbin - CA
leather jerkin (2013-03-07)
I am very impressed with it. I ordered an extra large to layer. It fits great and is very utilitarian.

Isenhart - US
Jerkin (2013-03-06)
Just the thing I needed. I am not fighting battles but I wear it while working in the woods and Yard to save wear and tear on my clothing, just like it was designed for. My only criticism is the quality of the buttons. When I unbuttoned it for the first time on unpacking, a button broke. Possibly because the buttonhole was tight. But that aside, I am very pleased with my purchase

kempe - US
WW1 Leather Jerkin (2012-10-29)
Excellent service. Very well packaged. Arrived within the week. Very pleased with quality and finish. Would highly recommend.

Leather Jerkin (2012-10-02)
Fits great. Very fast shipping.

Uebi - DE
great (2012-06-21)
As normal,great product,great service.

talbot - AU
Leather jerkin (2012-05-08)
Great piece of kit, got two sizes up which for me were just right.
arrived in 5 days

Kendrick - GB
British leather jerkin (2012-02-13)
Outstanding repro of the jerkin, buttons didn't self destruct as others have experienced, so maybe they are now of better quality.
Sizing is OK, buy one size up from your normal size if you intend to wear the jerkin over BD.
I would recommend this piece of kit as an outstanding item. Shipping was quick

Keyte - GB
Leather Jerkin (2011-11-23)
The leather Jerkin looks fine. The leather is perfect. All the buttons broke the first time i fastened them.All of them !A $22 dollars repair on a $80 dollars product ...Still a nice Jerkin just like the one my grandfather wore in WW1. Major Bob

Robert - Canada
Excellent product (2011-11-08)
Fast shipping and really great item as always - Many thanks

Webb - GB
leather jerkin (2011-09-20)
I bought this jacket awhile ago and wore it in very wet and muddy conditions. Can I suggest a spray-on waterproofing solution to stop water leaking in through the seams? Otherwise a very good jacket, cheers Kim

kim - Australia
Jerkin review (2011-08-30)
The only problem is the buttons. When I tried in on the first button I put through the button hole split in half.

Fay - US
WORTH THE MONEY (2011-06-18)
Positively impressed with the jerkin, manufacturing and details are excellent quality. definitively worth the money.

Borchetta - AE
a repro jerkin at last! (2011-05-28)
outstanding fit and quality. i am 6'2" and the XL seems to fit identically to what i see in period photographs. roomy and meant to be so.
couldn't be happier. and until some sort of teleportation device is invented, shipping couldn't be faster.

erik s - US
Jim (2011-04-08)
Nice item! Good color and nicely lined. Looking forward to using it.

Custeau - US
Leather Jerkin (2011-02-18)
Awesome! The best part of my kit now! I love my Jerkin! Great label inside too! Well done WPG!! thanks for the super fast shipping as well...

Henley - AU
Great product (2011-02-06)
Yes, they are undersized (measure your chest OVER your battledress).Yes the buttons are so crappy they break instantly. But the value for the price is unbeatable !!!!

Major Lafrime - FR
UK Leather Jerkins (2011-01-19)
Great product! Highly recommended for any "Tommy".

Carroll - US
Thanks, Very impressive (2011-01-13)
Got he Jerkin, ordered them 2 sizes biggen and its fit great !

Vrolijk - NL
LEATHER JERKIN (2010-12-26)
Simply *excellent*. The jerkins fits perfectly, is expertly tailored and the price is simply unbeatable. Great job (again) Jerry!!!!! Mick (

Mick Stewart - US
Excellent. Just As Promised. (2010-12-21)
Jerkin just like one my grandfather had in WWl. Beautiful leather and workmanship. I get the need to be historically accurate but I would have appreciated an inside pocket.

Mildon - CA
Leather Jerkin (2010-12-20)
As others have stated, really astonished at the quality of this item! You can't beat the price and the service! A+++

harding - US
Leather jerkin (2010-12-16)
Very fast shipping & great service. Nice quality leather and the colour is a perfect match for the originals I have seen. For those unsure of which size to order, go one size larger than your chest size. These jerkins are NOT a vest and are designed to go over jackets etc.
Thanks WPG.

Marcus - AU
Jerkin, Leather (2010-11-17)
Top quality. 7 day delivery. Waterproof. Love this vest. I am not a reenactor but like to collect miltaria. I have worn this vest cutting and splitting firewood and camping. Wore it to work and got many comliments. Go ahead and order your normal size today.

Martin - Tennessee
jerkin (2010-11-16)
Good product as always, thanks for the birthday wishes.

josh - US
Very Nice! (2010-10-24)
Outstanding reproduction jerkin. It is really going to improve my re-enactment impression and keep me warm.


Harrison - CA
leather jerkin (2010-10-20)
Leather jerkin. Excellent item. Complete in every detail as per original. I have a 43 inch chest so chose an XL and it fitted over my tunic perfectly. Well recommended and prompt delivery. Cheers Kim Fawkes

fawkes - AU
UK Leather Jerkins (2010-08-02)
Love it.

Scobie - US
Jerkin (2010-07-11)
Totally cool great workmanship great fit cant wait til it gets cold so I can wear it

wall - US
U.K. Jerkins Leather (2010-07-09)
very nice,Very high quality products, highly recommended.

quattrina - IT
Leather Jerkin (2010-06-18)
Outstanding item. Fits great. Very fast shipping.


leather jerkin (2010-06-17)
Excellent leather jerkin fits perfectly i am a 44inch chest ordered the XL so I could have jacket underneath very impressed with delivery and product.

cherrington - GB
41RMC (2010-06-17)
I had high expectations for this item and I was very happy to finally hold it and wear it. Perfect sizing, I bought the 40-42 and I'm a 39inch chest. It will keep me warm in the winter. I particularly like the buttons that look original.

Sorich - US
Awesome! (2010-01-10)
I really had high expectations for this item and was completely satisfied when I received it. I would order a size larger than you think you wear though. I''m a 44-46" chest and I''m glad I went with the XL (48"). It also needs weathered to give it that "battled" look. Just wrinkle it up for several days and you should be good to go.

Andrew - USA
Jerkin (2009-10-08)
Great Item, very coke repro excellent quality

Pace - MT
Jerkin (2009-09-28)
A great item, fits well, good workmanship.

Kinney - US
Great Work (2009-09-10)
Just received my jerkin, eight days from order to receipt. Beautiful workmanship, the picture on the site doesn''t do justice to it. I would like to see civilian versions with pockets etc, there is a market for them. Could have used this at Ft Irwin.

Roger - Maryland
jerkin (2009-08-03)
very nice, exactly what I've been trying to buy as a vintage item for years.

Rob - CA
Leather jerkin. (2009-06-05)
Lovely soft leather, well lined. One of the late WW1 patterns with the irregular patches and plain buttons, rather than the earlier (1915) ones with the 'football' buttons. You can easily take the label out dated 1942. A bit short for me at nearly 6ft 5ins, but, most things are!

A cracking item, a pleasure to have.

Clarke - GB
Fantastic! (2009-05-21)
Received my Leather Jerkin today. Quality and attention to detail is amazing.
Complex seams, button-holes etc. have all been executed with a fine eye to detail.
Order arrived very fast and the level of customer service from WPG was excellent.
As per the write-up, this is a large garment for size, but as it is designed to be the outer layer over multiple inner layers, this is to be expected.
Mine is a great fit and very warm and comfortable.
Excellent work, WPG!

Hugh - Austalia
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