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helmet liner (2011-01-11)
well done, liner is very good Thank You Job well done. r-5

Cunningham - US
What can I say? I've been buying from Jerry Lee now for about 15 years (I guess) and this has to be one of his BEST products yet. The helmet liner fit perfectly and the "fit" for my head is bang on. Great job Jerry - as always. Regards, Mick (

Stewart - US
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2010-12-21)
Great Reproduction and fits well, Deleivery was fast, Good work WPG.

Fitz-Gerald - NZ
UK MK 2 Helmet liners (2010-12-13)
I had 2 helmet liners for the Mk2 helmet which are perfect for the job. I have 2 complete helmets and am very pleased with the service provided by WPG. Thank you very much. I will probably need another one soon.

David - GB
Helmet liner (2010-12-12)
Very good product, resurrected an old helmet I found at the dump, and the fastest service I have ever obtained, a pleasure to deal with.

Son of ANZAC - AU
Mk 2 Helmet Liners (2010-12-08)
I had 2 helmet liners for the Mk2 helmet which are perfect for the job. I have 2 complete helmets and am very pleased with the service provided by WPG. Thank you very much

Eivers - GB
Great Repro Liner (2010-12-04)
Really good repro liner & great value

Harrison - CA
brodie helmet liner (2010-10-29)
great product, excellent fit

Young - US
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2010-10-19)
Very impresed with the fit and quality of the liner

Hatmaker - US
uk mk2 helmet liner (2010-10-19)
nice repro and cheap

Birgaentzl - FR
UK WWII helmet liner (2010-09-03)
Very good reproduction. Made in human sizes. No more headaches.

Jim - Vermont
Mk 2 helmet liner (2010-09-03)
Another good product delivered in very quick time.Many thanks.

Norton - GB
Mk2 helmet liner (2010-08-18)
Another fine reproduction of the Mk2 british helmet liner at a very reasonable price.Many thanks again.

Norton - GB
Can''t beat WPG (2010-08-07)
A bit pricey but you won''t find anything cheaper (if you find it at all). They''re fairly well made, true to size, and easy to adapt to peanut-head helmets with removable pins on the side rubbers. One of mine was broken (apparently at factory or warehouse) and a replacement was shipped immediately. Good service like that is refreshing nowdays.

Bob - Alabama/USA
MK II Helmet Liners (2010-06-22)
Great item, Great price!! Fits like a glove couldnt be anymore happier with it!!!

Campbell - US
Brodie Helmet Liner (2010-06-20)
Nice new replica Brodie Helmet Liner. I am waiting for the helmet shell to arrive to determine how well it fits.

Senzig - US
41RMC (2010-06-17)
Great item, great construction!

Sorich - US
helmet liner (2010-05-27)
An excellent item. It is so hard to find a real liner that will fit large sizes. As usual Jerry has produced a great product.

Torre - US
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2010-04-22)
Superb, like original.

Mat - BE
Useful repro (2010-04-13)
Even if not perfect (the disposition of bumpers is wrong, materials are so and so), this repro is useful to replace those old, rotten, precious or missing British liners.

Molinari - IT
HEMET LINER (2010-04-12)
Fantasic product and service.

Radford - AU
helmet liner (2010-04-03)
fast delivery,good product

Olivieri - CA
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2010-03-26)
Great repro liners, that why i bought extra. Fast shipping. Thank you.

Peter - SG
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2010-03-21)
awesome product, delivered right away fits nice and snug

wilson - US
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2010-03-21)
Excellent, like original.

Mathieu - BE
Reenactor (2010-03-12)
vary nice, fast shipping!

Henson - US
Mr (2010-03-11)
The response was very fast for an overseas purchase. The quality of the helmet liner is very close to original. Thanks for helping to set up account.

Hore - AU
Mr (2010-02-21)
Supper fast Shipping, liner Great, Attaching Nut not the same as original ones.

Toohey - AU
Mr (2010-02-16)
Supper Fast delivery, Liner it self Great, Screw head a bit small. My original one has a dome nut not a hexaginal nut on outside.

Toohey - AU
Very comfortable! (2010-02-01)
Great product at a good price!

McDonnell - US
Nice repro (2010-01-25)
I ordered a 7 3/4 size..... I needed to modify the liner to fit in the shell but that is to be expected. These liners seem to be true to size. They are a great looking repro.

Hoida - US
Helmet liner (2010-01-17)
Quick delivery, ok quality

C Smith - GB
liners (2009-12-14)
nice quality replica

Mattioli - IT
Helmet (2009-12-01)
Excellent reproduction in both quality and accuracy.

Ogburn - US
RMA (2009-11-26)
Exact copy of original liner but better.

Fenech - MT
RMA (2009-11-26)
A great reproduction to fit in steel shells missing the original liner. An excellent product. What I would like to see is the liner retaining screw to be manufactured with a bigger diameter head like the early screws and to simulate completely the originals.

Fenech - MT
Excellent Reproduction! (2009-11-08)
Very nice work on this item! I couldnt be happier with the results!

Wilson - US
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2009-11-07)
Recieved in short time, really surprised when it turned up, my son (who it is for) has the helmet in Ballarat (3hrs away!) will fit it the next time we get together (soon) looks good can't see that there will be any problems with the fit or sizing.

Hunting - AU
MK2 helmet liner (2009-11-03)
Fit is good , screw and nut are larger than original . Installation easy. Item was as expected , very pleased overall.

Issel - US
UK MK II Helmet Liners (2009-11-01)
Well done!
Would be nice if it had the large screw though.

Cosgrove - CA
Helmet liner (2009-09-23)
Very happy with the liner, luckily it fits perfect!

Butstraen - BE
mk11 helmet liners (2009-09-08)
perfect copy, quick send

hajek - CZ
? (2009-09-05)
A great product. Authentic reproduction and comfortable to wear.

Sergent - AU
Liner (2009-09-04)
As always, nice quality replica delivered in extremely short time. Up to what I expected. Thanks, WPG.

AlĂ  - ES
Brodie Helmet Liner (2009-08-10)
Amazing delivery speed. The liner fits perfectly in the shell. I am very pleased with the item.

Alvarez - CA
MkII Helmet Liner (2009-07-30)
Thankyou WPG, I was convinced I was going to be stuck looking at a steel pudding basin until I found your helmet liner. The service was brilliant and delivery the same. Now I have a complete Helmet. To all you perfectionists out there, be grateful someone has gotten off their arse and made a very good replica, because I don't see too many of you making a better one. WPG, I am very grateful.

Adams - AU
UK helmet liner (2009-06-01)
looks good seems to fit only thing is screw is a bit smaller than origional. other than that seems to be great.

Hiney - US
helmet liner (2009-05-23)
Well made, easily installed. At first I thought it'd be too big, but once in the helmet it fit nicely. I used the origional top screw and nut as the one that came with the liner was smaller.

Wagner - US
Helmet Liner (2009-05-05)
Appreciate quick delivery. Liner was a bit difficult to work into helmet shell--seems shallower than helmet, and had to really stretch top to make screwing it in possible.

McGregor - US
height is wrong (2009-04-29)
The height is wrong as the liner should stick down below the rim of the helmet a good inch or so. Also the fiber material it is made from is very fragile and can crack easily. If you have no other choice, then these CAN be made to work. They could be better with more effort. Just need to start with an original and hold the manufacturer to the high standard.

Bobka - US
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