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Gloves (2009-07-04)
Great quality! They will definately keep my fingers warm during those cold nights.

Kruger - US
Great stuff! (2009-06-21)
These are really good. Probably the best knitted wool gloves I've seen for along time.

Perfect fit and the long cuffs enable you to tuck them in under your jumper, jacket etc to get a nice snug seal around your wrists.

Excellent for any outdoor activity and make great inner liners for modern gloves or the WPG US GI gloves.

Griffiths - AU
UK gloves (2009-04-16)
Very nice and useful item for those winter reenactment events!

Al - ES
UK knit wool gloves (2009-04-09)
excelent condition, and an exact copy. They are a great addition to my impression.

McNish - CA
UK Knit Wool Gloves (2009-02-23)
Excellent reproduction and excellent service. Thank you very much.

Houliston - UK
UK knit wool gloves (2009-02-02)
I used them at the Battle of the Bulge event at FIG and they were great!Keep up the excellent work!

Berte - US
UK Knit Wool Gloves (2009-01-07)
Great piece of kit. Realy add to the impression

Villeneuve - CANADA
gloves (2009-01-06)
Excellent quality and right color! Again outstanding job!

Plachta - BELGIUM
Excellent (2008-12-14)
Great product as usual.
Thanks Jerry

Redmon - US
ww2 wool gloves (2008-12-14)
No complaints at all, good reproduction!

British Army WW2 gloves (2008-12-09)
Good quality product

Reid - UK
UK Knit Wool gloves (2008-11-23)
Great WW11 gloves. A Bit of the Allright!

Carney - US
excellent item (2008-11-07)
perfect copy

Stanek - Czech Republic
perfect item (2008-11-03)
good in cold weather

Stanek - CZ
UK Knit Wool Gloves (2008-10-09)
good products

Ho - Hong Kong
Warm handies! (2008-09-29)
Well made wool gloves in a pleasent wartime khaki colour, more good kit. :o)

Newell - UK
Recommend (2008-01-16)
I recently placed two rush orders with WPG containg Knit Wool Gloves. Not only are Jerry''s products first rate so is his service.

Donald Brookes - NH, USA
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