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British Army Sweater (2008-11-18)
Great cut and fit. Authenticity is spot on. You'll be sorry you didn't get one on that next winter tactical.

Arthur Golder - US
Issue sweater (2008-11-14)
Lovely sweater. Color and wool spot on. There should be one in every small pack.

Jim - Vermont, US
excellent (2008-11-03)
good material, like original

Stanek - CZ
Sweater (2008-09-05)
It,s my Second Pullover that i Buy from jerry and it,S worth every Euro i Spend.

Petros - Germany
Nice Sweater (2008-02-16)
My impression is they are short to fit under the BDU jacket, and though initialy tight they gradually streach out. Mine currently have hole in elbows because of consistent wear, but I put leather patches on continue to wear the product.

John Yazzie - Flagstaff, AZ
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