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nice item/ smells bad (2011-02-08)
the cape is a great peace of kit but smells like s++t

Daniel - DE
Good product (2010-09-28)
Good product at a good price!

McDonnell - US
uk gas cape (2010-06-08)
lovely piece of kit does smell terrible i kicked the dog all over the house till i realised that the post man had been

Miley - GB
UK Gas Cape (2010-05-20)
Was it really necessary to reproduce the smell too? I told my mate it was fastened right behind your head to make to make you march faster to get away from the smell. He replied "that's why the French wore theirs in the front". Great item, perfectly reproduced and super fast service.

Jenkinson - US
Gas Cape (2010-05-02)
My second one. Great product.

Godi - US
Gas Cape (2010-04-27)
A great product. It doesn't smell that horrible. LOL

Kinney - US
gas cape (2010-03-18)
Super fast delivery, Great reproduction, 100% correct.Highly recomended.

Smith - GB
early war gas cape (2010-03-12)
Great gas cape, but the smell is unbelievable, hanging it outside for a while does reduce the strength of the smell.
Very good reproduction, great quality and the usual fast delivery

Keyte - GB
Ron (2010-03-03)
Great product. Hang it outside for a week or two, and the smell all but goes away.

Turfitt - US
UK Gas Capes (2010-02-22)
This is an excellent reproduction for a small price. I am happy.

Mathieu - FR
. (2009-12-16)
I have never seen any original gas capes, but those who have recomended this replica to me. I am quite happy with it, but the stench is profound!

Palladin - Poland
answer (2009-11-18)
no problem, just one button is broken on the gaz cap, but the other parts are perfect.

thanks for all.

mickal - FR
Gas Cape (2009-11-01)
Recommended to me by a reliable source. Not disappointed at all. Very decent price also.
Sadly they are being kept in the garage due to the smell!

S Penny - GB
Would Sir like parmesan with his cape???? (2009-10-16)
Oh man- such a great item and such a other half kicked it out of the house! She though the cat had dropped a parcel!!!!

Seriously great item though, very accurate. Would love to see a camouflaged version too!

Steve - Melbourne, Australia
Gas Cape (2009-08-22)
Great item. Has already proven it will keep you dry in a downpour.

Godi - US
SMELLY STUFF (2009-05-11)
This thing smells like nothing else. No need for a gas attack when you wear this thing!
But very well made and even better priced. Keep it up.

van - NL
British Gas Cape WW2 (2009-04-30)
The Item is Great and just as described. A must for any ww2 British reenactor. The price was excellent compaired to some retailers..what i like about WPG is that the service is first rate..very happy with my item..many thanks to the team at WPG

murtagh - GB
UK Gas Cape (2009-03-21)
I bought this to use as a rain coat. It should fit the bill nicely. As has been mentioned it smells but so did the originals. It airs out and is less annoting after a few days.

Levanway - US
Gas Cape (2008-11-06)
Great item and smell.
Looks the best repro I have seen.

Thompson - UK
Oh yes smelly indeed! (2008-09-20)
Another very nice piece of WW2 British Army kit from WPG. It''s horribly styled (how did we manage to make such awful looking kit?!) and it smells even worse but all I care about is that it will keep me dry when I need it and there''s no doubt that it will do that without a problem.

Marc - United Kingdom
excellent and smelly like real ones (2008-05-08)
This is an excellent reproduction. Almost like the real ones, except younger...
Even has the same smell!

kristof - belgium
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