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All Ok (2011-04-21)
Incredible repro of dress tunic

Aguilera - ES
Not bad at all! (2011-04-20)
I ordered the four-pocket service coat and am VERY pleased with it. As I did when active air Force, I bought the coat a size larger than I wear to allow for tailoring. The sleeves didn't need much take-up, but the body did require some taking in. No problem, that just makes it look better. The only downside was that the belt ran from left to right, rather than the proper right to left. Also not a major issue, as a good tailor can reverse that. Delivery was WPG's usual faster-than-light (I ordered on a Saturday and had it on Tuesday), and was very impressed with the coat right out of the package. This four-pocket will have the proper VIII Bomber Command insignia placed on it, as well as Hershey Bars to represent eighteen months overseas service. The military tailor I took it to was very pleased to be working on it, as her husband is a WWII historian. An active duty lieutenant who was getting his modern blues tailored commented on how nice this coat looks and said "I wish we wore those still instead of the McPeak blues." When the active military likes how good a reproduction is, you KNOW it's good.

S.G. Lucky - US
Excellent (2011-04-13)
The tunic is impressive. Well constructed and very authentic. I still can't get over the fast shipping! Sizing does run a bit big - but the originals were tailored...and so will this one! An authentic experience!

Bess - US
Authentic Reproduction (2011-04-06)
I'm a bit fussy when it comes to authenticity - but I truly feel that you will not find a better ready made tunic. It may well need fine tuning but it is a garment which has been well made - though a bit large (I'm a 38" and the 42" tunic drowns me). This should not in any way put you off of buying this excellent reproduction which arrived here in the UK just a few days after ordering.
Please WPG make some smaller sizes!

Land - GB
4 (2010-11-15)
Arrived quickly. Needed more professional tailoring work than expected. Satisfied with quality and fit.

Bracali - US
Officer Tunic (2010-11-10)
Very prompt delivery. I have several WWII originals to compare. Color is excellent and cavalry twill weave is spot on. I will replace buttons with Sta-Brites or regulation metal. Epulates a bit thick.

Ridosh - US
mr (2010-10-14)
Fantastic,greatjacket and delivered faster than a lot of stuff I get in England. I was surprised to find that the buttons were already attached but thats all the better. I also have the WPG Officers Ike jacket which is as though I had had it tailor made for me.Great Stuff WPG keep it up!

barr - GB
Army Officers Class A Tunic (2010-09-30)
Very pleased with quality of materials and accuracy. Tunic came complete with buttons and ribbons. Delivery very quick with DHL. Thanks!

Dawson - US
US A Class Dress tunic (2010-09-08)
Many thanks...Excellent item. Great feel and cut.Brilliant, just brilliant.

Hunt - GB
Great quality (2010-09-01)
Excellent quality tunic though sizes seem to run pretty big!

Mulgrew - US
Lt. 82ndAB/508PIR/@2ndBn/ECo. (2010-08-19)
Good fit. Materials is excellent. But maybe WPG could install the 9 button holes.

Stewart - US
comment (2010-06-17)
As always WPG delivers great gear fest. This is the fourth tunic I have bought from WPG and is the best on the market. I'll be ordering more equipment as needed from WPG ,,, they are the best!

Kretschmar - US
Dr (2010-06-14)
Couldn't believe how fast it got hear! Excellent reproduction! I will order again and recommend to others!

Hake - US
US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic (2010-04-12)
had to have the breast pockets lowered. everything else ok

Anderson - US
US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic (2010-04-04)
Outstanding replica! Attention to detail and construction quality is top notch. Material used is identical to og. Fit and sizing is accurate. I can't say enough good things about this tunic. My father, a WW2 Veteran, thought it was genuine unissued stock. Beat that! One minor issue, buttons were missing from my order.
Thanks to the WPG team for a great product.

Shaw - US
A Class Officer Tunic (2010-03-22)
Great quality, accurate sizing and speedy delivery
Just what I have come to expect from WPG

Many Thanks Dave

Dave Williams - GB
Officer''s Tunic (2010-02-18)
Excellent quality. I''m from across the pond and it came within days! Once the sleeves were done it is absoloutely brilliant. Well done!

James - England
US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic (2010-01-31)
Great quality my tailor said. I think it like the same. Fast delivering. But I missed the officer stripes on the sleeves.


Deisenroth - DE
US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic (2009-11-12)
Excellent service as ever, item exactly as expected and dispatched swiftly.
Many thanks

Gillingham - GB
US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic (2009-11-12)
Order came super fast. Great service. The Tunic fits perfect. Thank you, Helmut

Wenger - AT
US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic (2009-01-30)
After a little confusion, order came quickly. Shirt is perfect in every way. Thanks

Lussier - US
US Army Officer Class A tunic (2008-11-20)
First of all, great service from WPG. You guys went overboard insuring that the order was right. Jacket fits perfectly, will not even have to alter the sleeves. It looks great and I'm looking forward to using for a number of events in the future. Many thanks!

Lussier - US
Very Pleased (2008-04-12)
Received my order Saturday and I am very pleased. I'll happily recommend you to my friends for their re-enacting uniform needs. Thanks, Ken

Kenneth Rose - TX, USA
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