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Great quality (2010-09-01)
The material and construction is absolutely first class.

Mulgrew - US
LT. 82/508/PIR/2ndBn/ECo. (2010-08-19)
Good quality materials. The fit is perfect. Shipping time was excellent from Dubai UAE.

Stewart - US
Pinks Trousers (2010-07-16)
Nice fabric, good fit. If I had one suggestion to make it would be to eliminate the button fly and go with a zipper.

S. G. Lucky - US
WW2 Pink Shirt (2010-06-30)
Top of the line shirt.

Brand - US
Officer Pink (2010-06-10)
Fits well and looks good.

Lovings - US
WWII US Officer Pink Trousers At Their Best (2010-05-26)
IMHO, as the son of a dry cleaner who worked in his fathers' cleaning store for many years in Manhattan I've never encountered such well made clothes even with finer material. These pants were ostensibly put together by some very skilled and dedicated tailors. Its also quite obvious that careful research and planning went into obtaining the right fabrics and material with just the right patina on these woolen pants. The fact that they arrive unhemmed is to the customers advantage. Everyone has the opportunity to get them custom finished to just the right length for them. Jerry, you are awesome. Now if everything I said wasn't enough, how about the delivery time. I ordered them on a Sunday and received them on Wednesday from the Middle East! Very impressive service any way you look at it. Thanks! and Thanks Again!

Dr. Howard Brand - US
Good pants (2010-03-07)
On the plus side. The wool is very nice and the fit is also good whit a very high waist.

On the down side. The stitching is rather sloppy. Some seams even look like i made them myself (that's a bad thing). Also the satin cloth used to line the pants feels flimsy.

Johansson - SE
Great Repro (2010-02-07)
Overall: 5/5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5 stars. For color and cut these trousers are the closest repro Pinks I've seen. Full cut throughout. Fly buttons are a little too close to the edge and the flap button needs to be moved a bit, but that's a minor criticism. Bottom line, great trousers.

Delivery: 5/5 stars. 3 days from UAE to USA. Wow!

Steve - East Coast, USA
Officers "pinks" wool trousers (2010-01-19)
Very fast delivery, The pants where two sizes bigger than dress pants I normally wear (I wear a 40 waist these fit like 44, I'll return them, but the quality is very good and details are right on...although where originals that heavy? felt like 20 ounce material.

maclean - CA
Buy three pair. Bardzo Dobrze.... (2010-01-15)
Jolly good pair of trousers. Buy two or three. They are worth every schilling. Buy the Officer's Breeches too. Same Cavalry twill. El Excellenté. Good high rise, acceptably sewn. Critique: Brace buttons far too close together, and top button fly button forces a man do a rather unnatural contortion button it when he in a bind. Top button aught be button through as the Breeches or same as the other fly buttons. No problem for any tailor worth his salt. A little extra flare in the hips wouldn't hurt either.

Lord Harrington - Vereinigte Staaten
Quality (2010-01-04)
Heavy weight, high quality pants, quick delivery

Giunta - US
feedback on Officer pants (2009-12-12)
They are super! I will have to have them tailored a little due to length and width of leg as they are a little long and baggy due to my short (5'8")leg length and large waist (48".
Thanks for making them--they are really a nice pair of trousers. may even wear them at times other then reenactments..

Mazzarella - US
Great pants (2009-03-12)
Great pants, are undersized. Had to return them.You need to order one size up and no, I don't have a gut. UPS put a small hole in the pkg but it didn't damage the pants. Agree they should come unhemmed. Made for cooler climates like England.

Cole - US
US Army Officer (Pink) Trousers (Light shade) (2009-12-01)
Great service & exactly what I wanted to complete my WWII officer uniform.

Kalinowski - US
US Army Officer Trousers (2009-11-12)
Excellent service item exactly as expected and dispatched swiftly.
Many thanks

Gillingham - GB
US Army Officer (Pink) Trousers (Light shade) (2009-10-27)
awsome pants..well made,the only thing that i find
not to good is that the pants are hemmed,but no a big deal..they should be delivery unhemmed...
Fast shipping A++++++++++++++

Viloria - CH
US Army officer pink trousers (2009-10-26)
Perfect tailored. Just what I expected

del - ES
Pinks trouser (2009-09-17)
Cool, very close to original service trouser.

Kuhlmann - DE
Pinks (2009-08-20)
These pants are amazing! They are too hot for summer but I will get a lot of use out of them in the winter. These are the perfect Indiana Jones pants. It took me a while to decide on who''s product to buy, but I''m glad I chose WPG.

MIke - Louisiana, USA
US Army Pink Trousers (2009-08-17)
Great trousers, but the waist 34 I ordered were factory hemmed at 34 length,when the web site reviews imply they were unhemmed. I am a 32 length and can have them re-hemmed.

Eaton - US
Officers Pinks (2009-07-07)
Very good quality but unfortunately they didn't fit me very well and I had to return them.

Golembiewski - US
Officer Pinks (2009-07-06)
These pants are awesome!! Very heavy duty and and very high quality. Great for everyday use and will be comfy in the fall and winter months.

Todd - New Mexico
Great quality product and service! (2009-05-19)
Excellent quality pants. Woolen fabric is quite heavy. Not exactly for summer time in California, but I'll be looking forward to wearing them on my next trip to Ireland. I was lucky in that the length of the 34 happened to be perfect for me. Very prompt delivery.
Very satisfied.

F. L. - US
Army Officer Pink Trousers (2009-04-21)
Excellent quality and very quick and correct delivery!

Schellemans - BE
Great (2009-04-10)
The pants arrived and look great--we're dressing up for some veterans affair at McChord in another week so I have them in getting altered and will be ready to go with plenty of time to spare. Thanks.

Deakins - US
Great tousers! (2009-01-21)
Very professionally made trousers from a very professional company! Thanks so much WPG!

Davis - US
Pink trousers (2008-12-14)
Beautiful!! Super fast shipping!! Thanks!

PANTS "PINKS" (2008-11-25)

Doddy - US
so impressed (2008-11-06)
Okay, I bought a pair of the "Pinks" to complete an Indy costume for halloween, but was so impressed with the trousers I plan to buy another pair! Like the Indy shirts, these pants are constructed the way pants used to be made. (I was blown away by the satin patch covering the inside crotch seem. I haven't seen pants made that way in forty years!) I was surprised at how comfortable these pants were. Normally, I don't like to wear wool or wool blends because they itch. But, I found I had no problems with the "Pinks". The material seemed heavy, but breathed well and were cooler than I expected. The fabric also seems tough enough to survive the high desert, where I live. I wish WPG offered a hemming service (for a fee), but don't feel that lack of hemming is a deal killer. (I was able to find a Marine Corp Vet and his wife who run an alterations shop, and they did a wonderful job with the hemming.) Keep it up WPG, you have another winner!

Grabowski - US
Pinks trousers (2008-11-06)
Best Value for Money "pinks", accompanied with excellent customer service. Well done WPG!!

Koustas - GRERMANY
Very pleased (2008-10-28)
I agree: just wished they offered size in length as well as in waist size, but that is a very small issue. Quick delivery, excellent quality, and brace buttons included! This product went way beyond my expectations.

ardanowski - US
John K. (2008-10-14)
Nice pair of pants, just wished they offer size in length as well in waist size.

Kunze - US
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