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very nice (2010-05-09)
these are in great shape and you can't beat the price

Smith - CA
Perfect (2010-04-27)
Original, excellent condition.

Bengtsson - SE
Field Dressing (2010-04-07)
Fantastic that you can still supply these original war time dressings. Very happy with my transaction and the speed of delivery.

Warren R - AU
UK First Field Dressing (Original) (2010-03-26)
Original Field Dressing, its complete my MKII helmet. Thank you.

Peter - SG
British White Enameled Mugs (2010-03-22)
A nice addition to my collection.

Godin - CA
UK First Field Dressing (Original) (2010-03-22)
Original Field Dressing at reasonable price. Thanks.

Peter - SG
my thoughts (2010-03-22)
very good condition

Owen - US
Sergeant Major (2010-03-04)
Scarce item, super cheap, very pleased especially with the rocket fast posting and email updates.

Gutoski - US
UK First Field Dressing (Original) (2010-02-02)
A very interesting piece of story for a few bucks... I love that!

First Field Dressing (2009-07-01)
What more can I say than that it is exactly what it says it is?

Holford - IE
UK First Field Dressing (Org) (2009-06-11)
ExCond dressings order some now you will be more than happy!

Arnott - NZ
Field Dressing (2009-04-01)
An original item for a very Reasonable Prize.

Petros - Germany
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