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Mr (2013-10-14)
Extremly well made Tam o Shanter/Balmorel Bonnet.
Very fast delivery.

Ed Gould - GB
Tam O'Shanter (2013-09-29)
splendid ! very well made , fit was spot on . Perfect for my WW1 piping uniform !

Hudson - US
5 (2013-08-16)
Very pleased again with my item cant fault it many thanks for the fast service...

Curr - GB
Love It (2013-06-07)
Thanks, got it and now I have two, one to wear will the other is cleaned. I wear this tam every where I go. I have received many compliments on the tam. People recognize it as a Scottish tam and I am proud to wear it. I of course treat it to my own style and liking by removing the lining, giving it a good soaking, a good wringing out, kicking it around a wee bit to make it relax and then styling it to lay the way I like a tam to fit, thanks.

McRae - US
Tam o Shanter (2013-05-28)
Good looking, and well made. Now, If I can just learn to pipe.

Brock - US
Tam O'Shanter Cap (2013-05-21)
The Tams are beautiful! Adds tremendously to the Argyll & Sutherland Highlander impression!

Golder - US
CW3 (2013-05-08)
High Quality, looks great!

Anderson - US
UK Tam O Shanter Caps (2013-05-07)
Just as the previous reviewers said, Great Quality! I have a large head and it is always tough to find a hat that fits, but this one was perfect.

Hazen - US
Tam O Shanter (2013-05-04)
Great quality! I think one of the best features is it keeps your head warm like crazy, so its great for those cool nights.

Peake - US
Tam O'Shanter (2013-03-06)
An absolute brilliant tam. fits perfectly, sits nicely and was delivered extremely quickly

Atkinson - AU
Outstanding Tam O' Shanter (2012-12-04)
The Tam o' Shanter is made out of the correct material and is of solid construction. Mine features a cord at the rear which lets you adjust the size by about 1cms or even a bit more. Therefore, a comfortable fit is guaranteed. The toorie has been well stitched to the bonnet and the seams are tidy. If you look to buy a Tam o'Shanter, then this is the one to purchase!

Konrad Sladeczek - US
ted (2012-11-09)
Excellent and Good price

koks - NL
Tam O' Shanter (2012-11-06)

Rossi - IT
Best tam around! (2012-10-12)
Great quality and service, shipping was super quick! I have a very large head and this fit perfect... A very welcome addition to my scottish and cold weather kit! Thank you for all that you do... I appreciate the quality and value of your products!

Culp - US
tam o shanter (2012-09-23)
Great quality and super fast shipping
merci jerry

luce - FR
UK Tam O Shanter Caps (2012-09-02)
Wanderfull item

Mesiti - US
TOS (2012-08-11)
authentic replica. FAST FAST FAST service

Maxwell - CA
Tam (2012-07-05)
Great service, fast delivery and great hat.

Wear - US
Tam O Shanter (2012-06-21)
Great item, fits perfectly, quickest shipping I've never found!!

tam o shanter (2012-06-07)
very good item and very fast shipping

best regard

jumeau - FR
UK Tam O Shanter Caps (2012-05-25)
very good! spot on size, great with the scottish WW1 battledress.

van - NL
Military Tam (2012-05-16)
A great addition to the highland kit. Very pleased. Fasted shipping I have ever seen.

Grant - US
Mr. (2012-04-16)
I did send a return message to you. I am very pleased with the speed that I received my purchase. The quality is very good..........Yes 5 is my rating.
Thank you very much.
PMajor John Best

Best - GB
UK Tam O Shanter Cap (2012-04-06)
"Blitz delivery!"
Advice for german customers: DHL, Fedex or UPS and evade this bad GDSK-joke.
Looks very convincing in many details. Although tourie fell apart. Should be secured with some stiches. Size a little bit larger then given.

Brosch - DE
UK Tam O Shanter Caps (2012-03-25)
Very good looking cap. I like it and the quality is very good. It will go great with my WWII collection.

Norvelle - US
Shanter Cap (2012-01-25)
Great quality fit perfect

Hoffman - US
everything fine (2012-01-20)
incredibly fast and exactly what i wanted

Mueller - AT
Tam (2011-12-30)
Great quality and super fast shipping over the Christmas holiday. I am as always a happy repeat customer.

Brian - VA, USA
Tam (2011-12-19)
Excellent Tam, I really needed the balmoral to go with my uniform, however it was out of stock this will work as well for now. Also excellent response time. Couldn't ask for better service.

Gibbens - US
UK Tam O Shanter Caps (2011-11-13)
Amazingly quick delivery. Exactly what I wanted and better than I expected.

Wilfong - US
Great Tam, Excellent Service (2011-10-26)
The WPG tam is everything I expected - like wearing a piece of history. It fits perfectly, but, as recommended by many, I ordered it a size larger than my head (60 instead of 59). Mine is actually adjustable in the back by the "ribbon" to a half size, or so. I understand (though don't know) that some are not adjustable. WPG's service and communication was excellent, eg great tracking capability.

Blaylock - US
UK Tam O Shanter Caps (2011-10-05)
Very well made,great tam "acojonante"

casariego - ES
tam o shanter (2011-09-16)
great suplyer

jumeau - FR
Awesome! (2011-08-24)
Love the cap!

Hardage - US
tam o shanter (2011-08-24)
Great item and good quality

Pauwels - NL
guy (2011-08-08)
super service

labbe - BE
Tam O Shanter (2011-06-26)
Not fast but very very fast delivery (3 days or less!) - product is spot on and I can see the difference between a modern TOS and WW2 one - excellnet service, many thanks

Macdonald - GB
great item (2011-06-24)
nice item in human size

frederic - FR
blackwatch (2011-06-04)
Both the tam and the knife are what i needed. They were shipped fast and damage free. Thanks.

Tam O' Shanter (2011-05-07)
Very well made, just like the real thing, thanks :)

Norcup - GB
Another WPG hit! (2011-05-07)
5/5 the Tam looks great, I wish there was a run of them in the Canadian Khaki colour but that doesn't make this one any less awesome! Super fast shipping, great quality as usual.

Jonathan Harrison - CA
UK Tam O Shanter Cap (2011-05-06)
Perfect fit as always. Best Tam for the money anywhere! I'll be wearing mine at the Glasgow Highland Games in June.

Hickey - US
alta loma, ca (2011-04-28)
great tam ! extra fast shipping //less than a week from dubai to CA

hauser - US
tam o shanter (2011-04-21)
very nice caps,fast delivery,lovely replica,will use them for reenacting A.D.R.I.C. in ireland.

murphy - IE
Tam o santher (2011-03-17)
I love it, is my favourite cap

Cruz - ES
Tam o shanter (2011-03-12)
Worth the wait ! Great tam !Size 62 cm is perfect for my block head !! Could go bigger if I untie the back ribbon .Thanks to Ringo in Help..........

Dave - USA
UK Tam O Shanter Caps (2011-03-06)
A very fine replica! I'll be wearing it at the next Scottish Festival.

Very fast shipping all the way to Hawaii.

I shall recommend you to my fellow collectors.

Ragsdale - US
Tammy (2011-03-05)
Very nice replica

Mattioli - IT
Well done !!! (2011-02-25)
Always that size problem: my head is 7 5/8 and I ordered, knowing this problem, a 7 3/4. But when you receive it, my God !!!! Best value for the price on the market (even if I had to resew the ttori on the right place).

Scottish Bagpiper (2011-02-16)
very pleased with fast delivery and the tam looks fantastic!!! I have a picture of my grandfather wearing one during WW1 and it looks just like his.

Hutchison - CA
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