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British Officer Ammo Boots (2012-10-20)
Even straight out of the box the boots shout quality, the delicious smell of good leather wafts ahead of them... Really well made, great leather, good stitching. Spare laces and even lose hobnails are provided. The leather is rather hard, but with a bit of grease and wear they start to break in soon. A word on sizing: The boots seem to run a tick small, I ordered a US size 10 (normally wear US 9) to have room for inlay soles, it turns out that the 10 fits almost like a 9. The boots are cut rather narrow, not a problem for me, just mentioning it. - Once more kudos to the WPG staff in the UAE for their first-class service!

Phillip - GB
Outstanding! (2012-10-16)
I have a small foot and am hard to fit. Couldn''t find brown ankle boots in my size for less tan $150. I''m no re-enactor - these are for daily wear.

These boots are less expensive, yet as well-made as any pair I could find at 3 times the price. Rugged enough to work in, yet good-looking enough not to want to. I always get compliments when I wear them in public. Many thanks!

Phil - Indiana/US
Great boot, perfect fit, Authentic looking british boots !

Lacombe - CA
NEW! British Officer Ammo Boots (2012-09-13)
beautifull a little hard but they will stretch

Mesiti - US
Antek 12 Pulk Ulanow w Chicago (2012-07-31)
Excellent quality and fit--especially for mail order boots + quick arrival time--I will recommend WPG to all the 12th Lancers in Chicago!

Haapasaari - US
British Boots (2012-07-24)
Good Quality, Good Fit

McMullen - US
Brit officer boots (2012-05-16)
Fast service! This is the second pair which fit fine. First pair was smaller than my normal size. Going up a size worked well.The boots are well made. Guys in shipping did their best in helping me out with the exchange. Great email contact. THANKS!

Belyea - US
Perfect boots (2012-05-16)
perfect boots

Werner - BR
British officer's boots (2012-05-02)
Had the wrong boots sent to me at first (black enlisted boots)Return was fast with a refund of my postage. But the brown boots sent are small and now I am returning them for a larger size.

Belyea - US
Officer''s Ammo Boots (2012-03-29)
Wonderful item,quick shipping (5 days to BC) What more could you ask for? Thanks Jerry

Autie - BC Canada
Wonderful Ammo Boots (2012-03-18)
Once again you guys prove you're the best on the market. What shocks me is how quickly you get the items to me and the quality of the items. Your products, I've noted, are being shipped from the UAE and yet it gets to me within days. I've ordered a pre-WWI canteen replica from one of the states in my country and it is three weeks now and has NOT arrived.

I trust and love your company!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

Wadkins - US
really nice (2012-01-19)
great quality, arrived in shockingly quick time. Wore them to an event a bit too soon, so blistered, but once worn in will be a great asset

Hazlehurst - GB
British Officer Ammo Boots (2012-01-15)
Good quality boots and quick shipping

Great Boots (2011-12-11)
Fast delivery - great boots. I fettled the screws in the toe irons a bit, whacked some dark brown polish on (I thought I'd have to cook the dimples off the toe-caps, but not really necessary), and went out for a few miles walk. No problems, softened with every step. No soaking.
I bought size nine US. I wear 8 UK boots with two pairs of socks, one thin, one thick, and these were the same - a little tighter, but softer.

Simon Crewe - GB
These boots are made for walking... (2011-10-09)
Thank you. Great boots. Only thing I can criticize are the toe irons. Booth were not on the same position. My cobbler did the job. But never mind. Best quality for this small money. First class.

Stahl - DE
British Officer Ammo Boots (2011-08-24)
Very good boots. Solid heel and toe reinforcement. I am pleased.

Steve S Taos NM - USA
officers ammo boots (2011-08-05)
Good Boots,Wide size fits perfectly

david cunningham - cunn
British officer ammo boots (2011-07-28)
These are a quality item that are well finished and needed no work. I used leather conditioner to soften the leather of the tongue and the laces. Very happy with these.

Bell - AU
ammo boots (2011-06-15)
nice quality,fast dispatch and the boots are so heavy!even without added nails!really authentic item.

attew - GB
? (2011-05-25)
shipping, fast. looks like top quality. a bit snug but should break in nice.

Barnes - US
wayne (2011-05-10)
lightning fast shipping ! very well made boots, exceeding my expectations, as good as any boots i have bought for work, but don't use them indoors on yer wifes hardwood floors lol

hauser - US
Expensive but impressive (2011-05-09)
The perfect ammo boot for officials. Not cheap, but the quality of the material, and the constructions seems superior. Great reproduction.

Perez - ES
British Officer Ammo Boots (2011-04-01)
Very quick shipping. Boots look good and fit well!

Stevens - CA
Great boots (2011-03-18)
Pretty comfortable out of the box and sturdy. Good set of boot laces recommended; not a fan of leather laces but they kindly sent a spare set of leather ones too so if you do like them, that's good. Great product !

Phillips - US
British Officer Ammo Boots (2011-03-17)
Received my pair today!
Perfect fit, high standard quality boots!
Great service, will for shure recommend you to my friends!


Deroo - BE
Nine Toe Jim (2011-03-06)
Fast Fast service. Love the boots. Five days from UAE to Northern Manitoba.

Stevens - CA
Boots (2011-02-06)
A lot faster and cheaper than ordering in UK

Skinner - GB
SUPER BOOTS (2011-01-19)
2 day delivery to the UK from WPG Dubai Warehouse - EXCELLENT BOOTS dose of dark tan polish & they look the part - US10 is a perfect UK9 Highly recommended

colyn - U.K.
Fantastic Ammo Boots (2011-01-14)
WPG was all to happy to take exchange the boots I got for a pair that fit. Thank you very much.

Skriletz - US
Great Boots (2010-12-10)
Great Quality. Right size. Speedy Delivery.

Skriletz - US
Dr (2010-10-27)
Feels very solidly constructed. I found the 11 to be fairly spacious, but it's a decent fit with thick socks. These are heavy and clumpy, what with all the metal in the toe and heel, but that's to be expected. They are a little darker than I thought they'd be. Looking forward to abusing the crap out of them -- they seem like they can take it

Alcatraz - US
Great boots (2010-10-26)
You won't find a better pair of boots for twicw the price here in Australia. The shoe size converter works, mine were a perfect fit.
It's the qulaity service you expect from WPG.

Heiser - AU
Mr (2010-10-26)
Great boots,polished with dark tan boot polish
they look and feel perfect thank you,and a great service

Pym - GB
Fantastic (2010-10-22)
Amazing looking, perfect item

Heft - US
Great value (2010-10-20)
A fine pair of boots that are extremely comfortable.

Paul - Australia
Bristish Ammo Books (2010-10-04)
As Per Previous Comments...quick service...great product...

Stanley - US
Officer's Ammo Boots (2010-09-25)
I take a UK size 10.5 so ordered a US 11 - perfect fit. Very impressed with the quality. Orderng a pair in black now as the fit was so good.

Bennett - GB
British Officer Ammo Boots (2010-09-22)
Excellent item. Couldn't be better!!!

Triffoni - BR
Boots (2010-09-13)
Excellent service, rapid shipment. Boots are well made at a reasonable price.

Murfin - DE
Officers Boots (2010-08-10)
Great fitting boot. Supple leather not stiff. The only comment I would make is that the welts and sole edges are very light but they soon darkened up with some dye. Great service. Great item.

Ketchin - GB
British boots (2010-07-16)
excellent value for money, thx WPG !

Meysmans - BE
Great product but didn't fit (2010-06-15)
These were awesome boots, but they came in a wide size. Even with insoles and thick socks, I couldn't get them to fit. Too bad, because the quality seemed good.

Kotte - US
Mr (2010-06-09)
Again, quick delivery. Good quality items (much more robust than my previous pair I ordered from another supplier), although hobnails supplied loose seem to be too long.

Kester - GB
british officer ammo boots (2010-05-15)
good price paid. from placing the order to receiving the boots on my door step took just 4 days. they look the dogs danglys.

Willetts - GB
Ammo Boots (2010-05-02)
Nice boots.

Godi - US
Ammo Boots (2010-05-02)
Very good boots.

Godi - US
WPG brown boots (2010-04-25)
Nice boots which are comfy from the first wearing with a pair of added insoles. Arrived quickly too. Thanks!

Richard - GB
Officers Ammo Boots (2010-04-18)
Boots took a week to arrive in Scotland, which is not bad at all. 24 hours to London from warehouse - six days from London to Aberdeen! So not WPG's fault, just rubbish British Post Office. Boots are very good. I'm a UK size 9 and the US size 10Ws sent are just marginally too big, but thick socks or insoles are a simple remedy. The leather is very good quality and the shape is ideal. Sole and heels need colouring to your own taste, but that's no hardship. Some of the stitching on the uppers is a bit wonky and I would suggest in future a heavier thread, but otherwise an excellent way of getting affordable boots that are very hard to find or very expensive. I've had them for a week now and once my blisters have healed and the leather is broken in a bit, I'm sure these will become favourite boots.

Coates - GB
British Officer Ammo Boots (2010-04-13)
Just received my boots, which took one week to arrive - 24 hours to the UK and six days from London to Aberdeen! British Post Office being the fly in the ointment, not WPG. Great boots. US size 10W is just slightly large for UK 9, but wear a thick pair of socks or insoles and you''re fine. Soles and heels need colouring to your own taste, but that''s no hardship and the uppers will soon develope a patina with dubbin or polish. Came with a set of studs so you can choose whether to use them or not. Only criticism is that the thread used on the uppers is a bit fine and very slightly wonky here and there - a heavier guage would look better and probably last longer. Great value for boots that are really hard to find elsewhere. Highly recommended

Callum - UK
AMMO BOOTS (2010-01-20)

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