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Puttees (2013-09-16)
Brilliant product.

Super service once again.

Many thanks WPG

ALBERTO,IT (2013-08-27)
All excellent , the item and the service!!!!!!

UK Long Puttees (2013-08-23)
Exactly as described. Top notch!

Connor - Canada
long putees (2013-08-07)
I was very satisfied with my purchase from WPG they do a heck of a job. I would definitely do business with them in the future.

Kennick - US
Puttees (2013-06-01)
Swift order out...

Benge - US
UK Long Puttees (2013-05-18)
I have to admit i m very happy and satisfied with these puttees ,constructed quite well and very sturdy. so i give a big thumbs up to ALL at WPG.They were shipped in from the UAE very fast, albeit the delivery service (DHL) had issues finding me..Took a week after the item arrived just to get here....but eh..delays do happen. Regardless i am super happy Ty again!!

Laino - US
Wollen Puttees (2013-04-30)
Fantastic quality. Shipping was in a timely manner and communications were exceptional. I give these folks a 5 star rating

Alvstad - US
Puttees (2013-04-16)
9 ft long, but wrapped around the calf perfectly. Excellent service

Carlson - US
Great company (2013-03-07)
Great product, fast shipping.

Johnson - US
UK Long Putees (2012-12-16)
Very Nice Quality excellent service

Guidobono - US
english long WW1 Puttees (2012-11-21)
delievery: great! A+ (4 days)
colour: A+ (nice brownish khaki)
Length: A+ (seem a bit longer than norma which is good for me!)
length of tie: A+ (wraps at least three times around my leg.)
Only thing I would like different is a slightly thicker wool. Saying that however, these are still about the best ones out there for WW1 re enactors

Mc - US
all good! (2012-11-15)
Great item,order came in so fast,very pleased.

Su - AU
Puttees (2012-10-11)
Nice repros, good price. Exceptionally fast delivery!

Brunt - US
UK Long Puttees (2012-07-28)
Wonderful! High quality, well made. Great service. Fast Service. highly recommended.

Wright - US
UK Long Puttees (2012-07-17)
Very nice item, easily cleaned, and rolled.

Horse Soldier - US
UK Puttees (2012-07-17)
Awesome!!! High quality all AROUND!

J.Hughes - US
UK Long puttees (2012-07-09)
Great item. Quick response to inquiry about time delay due to item being out of stock. Quite pleased with the item.

Little - US
World War I Items (2012-04-12)
I received my puttees and braces promptly and the items are absolutely what I was after, thank you!

Borders - US
Puttees!!! (2012-03-18)
Very... very... good product! :)

Wadkins - US
items (2012-03-16)
puttees abd helve

very nice and will see extended use for reennactement. thank you

howerver, you should look into you shiper dhl who have a strange delivery process where you must go to their warehouse to pick up an item if they attempted delivery two consecutive days. this is not very appreciated as we were on a weeks hoplidays when the packages arrived in montreal. after contacting them and making them understand that family life has a certain priority and that if they did not deliver a second day without my having phoned tham, that i would probably not be there the next day. not very reliable and user friendly this coy.
outside of shipper, i am totally satisfied with my purchase

pellerin - CA
Fast delivery, Good price, product (2012-01-20)
Very reasonable pricing, shipping & service, and it got here very quickly, coming from half way around the world (UAE?!). Item - UK Long Puttees - is high quality, and as described.

Minton - US
Perfect (2012-01-19)
Excellent quality. Fast shipping. Fair price. Perfect.

Hathcock - US
UK Long Puttees (2012-01-16)
AS good as new originals

Borg - AU
Top quality (2012-01-10)
Looks great, quality feel!

Richter - NL
Long Puttees (2012-01-09)
Very best repros so far. Color, fabric, length is superb. Tried many others but these are the best and most authentic.

Armbruster - US
Putties (2011-12-30)
What a big improvement over the ones I had purchased over ten years ago. As always super fast shipping.

Brian - VA, USA
qwe (2011-10-05)
Very high quality - I love them

Cusick - US
seargent (2011-06-21)
Always great doing business with WPG . Excellent quality and prices ! It never ceases to amaze me that I receive my order from the Mid East faster than some items I order from my own country or state. WELL DONE !
Vince Pensak

pensak - US
puttees (2011-05-30)
good quality

Petros - Germany
long puttees (2011-04-14)
Very nice, quick service

Gavel - CA
Mr (2011-03-22)
Great service will use them again.

Hicks - GB
puttees (2011-03-06)
as always fast delivery and great item Cheers

wall - US
Long Puttees (2011-02-18)
Excellent products, fantastic service and useful for my Australian, British and Italian impressions. (If I did Gebirgs, it would be good for them too!) Thanks WPG!!

Henley - AU
SSgt. Gray (2011-02-06)
Very fine quality of wool and strong stitching.

Gray - US
puttees (2011-01-09)
I wish I could rate them at a 6 out of 5. Great repo and very cheep! Exacellent quality and shipping. Thank you WPG, I enjoy doing business with you blokes.

Shaw - US
UK Long Puttees (2010-12-17)
Fast delivery good quality but I don't know how correct to soil it.

Dyokin - CY
UK Long Puttees (2010-11-02)
Great item. Looking forward to wearing them.

Tuohy - NZ
UK WW1 Puttees (2010-10-31)
Very nicely made from olive colored wool fabric. Thanks for the easy and fast transaction too.

Scott - HK
Superb. (2010-10-29)
This is the first time I have actually had to re-order an item due to it wearing out. The last pair of puttees I ordered from WPG lasted about nine years. I'm looking forward to another nine with these babies.

McNamara - US
Sensational (2010-10-05)
Puttees are great, and really efficient and speedy delivery. Greatly recommended

Caswell - CA
Long Puttee (2010-10-01)
Very well made, good looking, good price

Harding - US
UK Long Puttees (2010-09-22)
Great puttees, many thanks. Fast service as well.

Tuohy - NZ
UK Long Puttees (2010-09-19)
Good price, fast delivering, and really long and very good replica

Vilanova - ES
Long Puttes (2010-09-01)
absolutely perfect a great item, very much recomended

frank - DE
WW1 UK long puttees (2010-08-21)
The real deal. I wore short puttees for the first 7 years of my 23 years British Army service and they had to be worn in an exact manner - or you were in trouble. Having some dificulty in getting the 'exact manner' of a WW1 soldier though.

Wood - GB
holy cow! (2010-08-06)
I cannot yet put into words my excitment about the speed of shipping and quality of the item! A-1, First Rate! Even found a nice note in the package wishing me to have a great time!

Aksentowitz - US
long puttees for 1902 SD (2010-07-15)
I was pleased to receive these UNTIL I noticed on unrolling them that the join of the two sections (they dont come as one piece of material like the original) is on the outside in comparison to the top bit which makes them look odd when rolled around the leg. Maybe a minor point but this detracts from how they go on and look. I know the join is not visible when the puttees are on but I didnt expect to buy two puttees joined. This is not mentioned in the WPG description and I feel it should be. Could this be remedied on subsequent batches please as it turns a quality product into something else. Cheers, Kim

kim - Australia
Putees (2010-06-10)
These are great quality repros, and are very fun trying to put them on. A nice purchase indeed

Aguilera - US
None (2010-06-05)
Excellent item and very fast shipping.

Cole - US
Puttees (2010-05-06)
All service impeccable!

Ariansen - NO
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