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As promised (2016-07-12)
So I love it.

I bought one 10 years ago, and when it finally died I bought a second.

That's not a back-handed compliment; 10 years is a long time to use a bag.

Awesome, and I'm sure I'll be back in 10 more.

Shepard - US
Fantastic (2016-06-07)
I have been very pleased with everything I have ordered from WPG and the Indiana Jones bag and leather strap is no exception.

White - US
Very Satisfied (2016-06-01)
I not only purchased the bag but I purchased the IJ Safari Shirt as well, and liked them so much bought 2 more. I am amazed that these items are even available for purchase and further amazed by the detail in manufacturing. Very well done!

Smith - US
All worked good (2016-05-05)
Tracked shipping, responsive client team, ticked all the boxes. Very happy!

FakeIndy - PT
Excellent (2016-01-21)
Great product, really good customer service. Cheers.

David - UK
Very happy (2015-12-29)
The bag was excellent -- a little problem with one of the brass snaps, but I was able to fix it myself. I'd shop here again.

Randolph - US
Crazy Quick Delivery (2015-12-22)
Considering that the bag shipped from the UAE, it arrived way quicker than expected. Question to the company were answered promptly and the bag, of corse, is great.

Villanueva - US
MK VII Bag (2015-11-02)
The bag is well made and looks just like the ones used in the movies. I look forward to many years of use with it.

Watson - US
Indiana Jones Bag (2015-09-21)
Very pleased with it. As near to actual prop as possible.Price very fair. Delivery fast. Want my cosplay costume to be near perfect.This definitely helps that.

Piper - UK
Indiana Jones bag (2015-09-19)
Very happy with this item. Looked at many sites,found yours the best by far. Extremely good quality and price to match. Fast delivery also. Amazing site.

Piper - UK
Indiana Jones bag (2015-09-19)
I'm very happy with this. Very glad that I found your site too. As you may have guessed, I'm going to a cosplay event as Indiana Jones. May as well get as near to perfect props as I can. Your site provided them,not near perfect but absolutely perfect.The speed with which the order went through and was delivered was impressive also.May as well go for the best if an acceptable costume replica is needed. With WPG I found the bast.

Piper - UK
Reproduction MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag (2015-09-11)
A great reproduction of Indiana Jones Mark VII bag, accurate down to the last seam and detail! I ordered one of the original bags, but it was in such perfect condition, I didn't want to distress it or even use it, so it stays on my wall and this will be my hiking, gathering, and Jonesing bag! The leather strap is quality bridle leather and works perfectly as well. It's a very functional bag and will be kept in my jeep for all those handy odds and ends.

Manchester - US
Great buy (2015-09-10)
Quality bag, and made to last. Although it is a replica of the original, the bag has the genuine look and made of the heavy duty canvas fabric that's tough in any situation. Highly recommended!

Leka - US
GOOD (2015-09-02)
Very good for daily use!

Suwa - JP
Reproduction MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag (2015-09-01)
I'm very happy with my mark 7 bag

Gazda - US
Satchel is great (2015-06-26)
Very fast shipping and the bag is very well constructed. It will definitely last a long time. The color is perfect for screen accurate. I would definitely buy this bag again.

Bucher - US
Really nice reproduction (2015-05-22)
The bag was shipped much quicker than I expected. I have an original of the gas mask bag and the repro compares very favorably to it. I would certainly buy from these folks again!

Jared F. - US
Reproduction MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag (2015-05-12)
Nice reproduction of MK VII Gas mask Bag. And I like the color. Maybe WPG can print "WPG 1942" on the internal cover flap, my suggestion. Thank you.

Peter - SG
Do it (2015-05-01)
Why aren't you buying this bag right now? It's perfect!

Elmore - US
Bagged it and tagged it (2015-04-08)
I was giddy as a schoolboy when my parcel arrived and the when bag came out I was incredibly relieved it looked exactly like the real thing. It's genuinely well made and quite sturdy; putting on the strap was a piece of cake. I've already worn it casually a couple of times just to try it out and it feels just right!

Sipos - NL
Mk VII bag (2015-02-18)
The bag is great it will be a wonerful addition to my Indy costume. It arrived much faster than I thought it would.

rush - US
Indiana would like it... (2015-01-31)
Great reproduction, very good quality. I have a real one and the look, feel and design are pretty equal. I definitely recommend. And shipping is extremely fast.

Jurado - ES
review (2015-01-13)
...exactly what I ordered.

kirkzhare - US
MK VII (2014-12-24)
love the bag,service was great, there were no problems,thank you to everyone involved

Beeman - US
Maek VII Bag (2014-12-15)
Mark VII bag is all I expected with a quick delivery. There was a problem with the Visa charges which was corrected.

Hess - US
Repro Mark VII (2014-12-09)
Ordered one of these in Indiana Jones format as a gift for an of the snap closures immediately pulled out with completely failed crimp leaving just ragged edges not capable of being re-crimped. Failure was on the second opening of the thing to install strap, failure was under minimal pressure with flap supported by my fingers as close as possible to the metal!
Aaargh. Usually your reproduced stuff is excellent,and I assume a single bad unit. Fortunately I also had a spare real one with real 1942 raggedy sturdiness, so no problem, and I'm too lazy to return the dead one...just wanted to suggest you have your stud crimper flogged. Lucky archaeologist gets real kit...

Lancaster - US
FAST (2014-12-02)
Shipped very fast, had both the bag and the leather strap in less than 3 days!! I needed the items quickly due to a late Halloween costume change and I wasn't sure they would make it on time. Very satisfied and recommend this website to anyone. I will be shopping with them again.

Schaefer - US
MKVII Replica Bag (2014-11-04)
Thanks Wajed for shipping out the bag quickly. Unfortunately, my first bag was missing the d-ring and I could not attach the leather strap. After a few emails, Wajed shipped out a replacement bag which I received right before Halloween for my costume. Great service.

J.S. - California
MK7 Replica bag (2014-11-03)
thanks WPG. My replica bag arrived quickly but was missing a D-ring and I couldn't attach the leather strap I ordered as well. A few emails later and Wajed shipped out a replacement bag that was in perfect condition. Highly recommended.

James - US
Mk. VII Gas mask bag as used by Indiana Jones (2014-11-02)
Perfect quality and a very quick delivery.

Fenech - MT
Mark VII bag and leather strap (2014-10-29)
Very satisfied with the bag and WPG. Shipping was fast and quality very good. Will recommend, and order again.

Indy's MK V gas mask bag (2014-10-27)
Really great reproduction. Had to grab stills and compare. I'd use it everyday if it didn't make me look like "one of those kind of guys." Oh wait, I am...

Leatha - US
very professional (2014-10-21)
I was not only impressed by the bag and strap themselves, but the way the order was handled was exceptional! My strap arrived first. It was picked and sent out in 40 minutes. My bag, was sent out on Sunday. It arrived today. I was able to track the progress the entire way. I was happily impressed with the amount of customer service this company has towards their customers. I will be ordering from them again.

Thomas - Brooklyn, NY
Nice bag, speedy delivery (2014-09-09)
Ordered on the 29th of August and had it by Sept 3rd. Very surprised by the efficiency and speed of the delivery.

Ken - Florida USA
Worth the wait (2014-08-27)
Repro bag was on back order, but well worth the wait. Bag and strap very nicely made, great detail. Very pleased!

Philip - Georgia USA
MARK SEVEN (2014-02-19)
Excellent and prompt service and a great product.

Joe - US
Nice bag (2013-10-06)
I'm content with the quality. Shipping was unbelievably fast.

Sheng - HK
MK VII Repro Bag (2013-06-27)
Excellent reproduction. Leather strap good quality but was expecting clip attachments on each end to hook to the bag.

Watts - US
Good bag, good service (2013-06-09)
Useful reproduction, true to the original, prompt delivery!

Schildbach - GB
Great reproduction bag and indy style strap (2013-05-08)
High marks all around. The bag looks flawless and is a spot on reproduction of the originals. The Indy leather strap looks very close to the ones used in the movies. You cannot beat the price and the quality exceeded my expectations. Not to mention the speedy shipping.

Higbie - US
Thank You (2013-05-03)
Serious, Proffesional and Friedly Seller. Fast Shipping!!! A pleasure.

''Giddy as a schoolboy'' (2013-03-26)
I got my Reproduction MK VII yesterday (Monday) after ordering it the previous Wednesday, so shipping was extremely quick which is nice.

Very pleased with the product and already toting it around with stuff.

My *only* complaint is if you order this and the leather strap for it, it would be nice to have instructions how to attach them. A very minor complaint as a quick search on the Internet and I found a video of just that. Within 5 minutes I had my satchel and ready to go!

Curtis - Texas
Excellent (2013-03-09)
Excellent, all perfect, great item, fast shipping

Carmona - Spain
Mark VII bag (2013-03-07)
Received the bag. Looks perfect. Completely satisfied!! Service highly recommended!

Albrecht - BE
Awesome Product (2012-12-18)
I have been looking for this bag for some time now. I didn't hesitate once I found it on WPG. I was totally amazed that it arrived so quickly and was even more impressed with the quality of the product. Thank you. Next up. The Indiana Jones Shirt.

Ramsey - US
Mark 7 Bag Repro (2012-11-21)
Very well made and excellent shipping.

McIlroy - CA
Clark, US (2012-09-23)
Very well made. I am very pleased with it.

Ramsey - US
MK VII repro bag and leather strap (2012-09-10)
first order and very happy! I ordered a bag a strap and it was here in no time. I filled the bag with several items and still have plenty room for more. Construction seems sturdy enough.

Campbell - US
In use now! (2012-08-09)
I''m a Cub Scout leader and this is my go-bag with note book, scout book, first aid kit and other items I need. The snap tension on the flap is just right for easy access and the replica strap is well-made.

Keith - Maryland, USA
Great Bag (2012-07-30)
The bag is spot on to what I needed and expected. Cut and stitching looks solid an durable. Leather strap looks great, too!

Don - US
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