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1938 Gloves (2010-03-22)
Excellent,smooth soft material made to last.

Bergquist - US
Airborne Gloves (2010-01-06)
Oooh they're just lovely... very comfortable... I've just been snowballing with my kids on the way to school and thanks to these marvelous gloves I now don't have chilblains!!

Excellent fit and very comfortable... highly recommended!!

RubyRed65 - England
Best gloves ever! (2009-12-26)
With no doubt the most comfortable gloves I''ve ever had. Will wear them throughout the whole winter

Nick - Germany
PARA GLOVES (2009-10-20)

Jones - US
Excellent! (2009-10-06)
I bought a pair from another vendor and my wife said they look like woman's dressup gloves. These look like the real deal from what I've seen in original pictures of Airborne. Excellent gloves and fit perfect!!

Savoie - US
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2009-09-16)
Greay Item!

Carney - US
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2009-08-29)
The gloves LOOKED GREAT. Were well made. However I was sent the wrong size and only offered a refund rather than make the order right.

Gonzales - US
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2009-07-09)
Liked the ones I bought for my use I ordered this pair for the display manniquin.

Hutton - US
A+ (2009-07-07)
Very nice, soft gloves, really adds a great touch to the uniform.

Serfass - US
Gloves! (2009-05-25)
Good replica!

Pntek - HU
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2009-05-03)
These are just what I needed, they are great.

Mundheim - US
riding gloves (2009-04-10)
gloves seem a little small for xl or my hands are biggger. product good, will see about wear.

Tysenn - US
Gloves (2009-02-17)
Arrived quickly and were as described. Good value.

Foley - US
Very Nice! (2009-02-10)
Well made, soft comfortable leather, well worth the price

Don - United States
Nice gloves (2009-02-06)
Well made, soft comfortable leather, well worth the price.

Don - United States
M-1938 horsehide riding gloves (2008-12-06)
Nice gloves; thin and comfortable. Very lightweight, NOT suited for any kind of heavy-duty work.

thornton - US
M 1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2008-11-25)
Great fit, wonderful quality!

Houston - US
Tom New Jersey (2008-11-18)
Perfect for riding. They are comfortable and good looking. Very well made.

Russo - US
Working Gloves (2008-10-09)
I have two pairs of these. One I use on and around horses nearly every day. The other is kept for cavalry "dress" use. These are well-made, working gloves and will serve as well now as the originals did for the old-time cavalry.

Fred - California
paratrooper gloves (2008-07-30)
really thin with a strong chemical oder!
at least $8 over priced!

Dan - IN. USA
Horsehide riding gloves (2008-06-07)
Thanks Jerry for a nice pair of gloves!The stuff you sell is always on the mark.

Lars - sweden
Great find (2008-04-07)
This is a item that every paratrooper should have. They wear and fit great.

Matt - Kansas U.S.
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