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great shirt (2011-08-08)
this shirt is the start of my wild bunch rig
and it will be a big hit come this fall in nova scotia.i have finally found a proper out door store. thank you jerry

sleith - CA
US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2011-08-02)
Beautiful shirt

Baffa - US
M 1916 Wool Shirt (2011-07-08)
An excellent repro. Looks like it just arrived from the QM depot.

Jordan - US
1916 Pullover wool shirt (2011-06-26)
Shipped fast, great quality shirt!!!!! I wear a 40 regular coat and ordered the 40 shirt to make sure it would pull over my head easily and it does.

Strickland - US
Top Notch WWI Wool EM Shirt (2011-02-25)
1) I ordered exactly my size & it fits Just Perfectly
2) this is serious business, not the synthetic candy trash You have nowadays: Don''t Ruin It Washing it other than Hand Wash in Cool Water!

As for the rest, I totally, wholly, completely positively agree with any other previous statement reported here. An historical, scratchy, excellent, travelworthy shirt; a best friend.
I knew at the first glance it would have been a Complete, Huge, Satisfaction
(left breast pocket has what could be a mistake in stitching, resulting in the pocket divided in two compartments: I don''t know if it''s just like it was intended to be, but I like it that way)

Ricciardi - Italy
1916 Pullover Shirt (2011-02-16)
Great shirt - just what a pre-war National Guardsman would have brought with him on mobilization for WWII. Fits just as you would expect.

John D. - US
Order a size up (2010-12-15)
I'm very happy with my shirt. I couldn't find anything comparable through any other source. It's truly a classic and was exactly as advertised. Bear in mind that it's not made with nor meant to be made with cashmere so it's a bit scratchy and rough which, for my purposes, is the look and feel that it's supposed to have.

I'd probably have ordered a size larger than my norm. Not that the shirt wasn't the right size - it's just that the cut and style tends to downsize the shirt.

Nuke - US
1912 pull over shirt (2010-10-14)
It's the best!

Scroggins - US
US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2010-10-07)
Great shirt...sizing is spot-on as far as I can tell.

Scobie - US
Good shirt (2010-09-02)
This is a good looking shirt - very smart and well made. No washing instructions included, but I would hand wash cool just to be sure.

David - GB
Wool Pullover Shirt (2010-05-24)
These are perfect for that period between WWI and WWII. field use. goes great with your khaki breeches.

US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2010-05-20)
Very nice, well made, good detail. Fast shipping.

Whitley - US
Jim Stevens (2010-05-13)
Shirt arrived yesterday. Fit was great. I ordered my size nothing larger. The sleeves were nice and long for my apelike arms. Bought it for re-enactment but will probably wear it for camping outings. Very pleased

Stevens, James - CA
1916 wool shirt (2010-04-18)
Received item 4-15-10. Very happy with shirt. Fits well and very comfortable. The odd thing is that right breast pocket is 1/4 inch lower than left pocket. My wife says it makes the shirt look unique. Thank you for the prompt service. Jeff, Wyoming

Loseke - US
M1916 wool Pull over (2010-03-24)
Great will look great. like the quality and fit

US Wool PullOver Shirt (2010-03-08)
Fine workmanship.
I would buy another one but one size up....since it is a pullover and you need to have a little more room coming over the shoulders than the form fitting waist of the shirt allows....once on it fits nicely...

1916 shirt (2010-02-17)
Nice shirt!
Fast shipping.

Dwyer - US
Pullover Olive Drab Wool Shirt (2009-12-31)
Arrived quickly and in good condition. Size was perfect. Materials and worksmanship appear to be excellent.

Evens - US
Mr. (2009-12-19)
Good item. Incredibly fast shipping.

Brennan - US
Shirt (2009-11-11)
Great shirt. Shipping was super fast. I love ordering from WPG.

Jim L - US
M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2009-11-08)
Excellent quality. Fits true to size

Nakao - US
m1916 Pullover wool shirt (2009-09-29)
Beautiful shirt. As far as I can determine this is just about a perfect reproduction of the WWI shirt. High quality materials and construction - worth every penny!

Covais - US
Great outdoors shirt (2009-07-15)
This is an excellent item.

Perfect for any kind of outdoor activity, hiking, camping etc.

Very warm, yet light-weight and durable. Combine with the British wool shirt and GI WWII sweater it makes a fantastic multi-layer 100% wool combination.

As I've said before, regardless of whether you are re-enacting the period, all of WPG's gear is fantastic for being outdoors.

You can't find this kind of gear in your average camping/hiking store and believe me it is so much better than the modern synthetic stuff!

Griffiths - AU
WW1 Shirt (2009-06-26)
It looks great and it arrived in record time. Thanks again for another perfect item.

Greene - US
1916 pullover shirt (2009-06-11)
great shirt. Just like the original I own, except.......this one fits me

Braiwick - US
M1916 Pullover Shirt (2009-03-24)
Can't speak to the authenticity of this shirt from a military point of view because of my own ignorance: I bought it to do 1920s upland game hunting in, and for my purposes it could be a private purchase from a contractor equally as well as a war-surplus item. What I can say is that I'm extremely pleased with it as far as materials and workmanship go, and find it a very believable period item. The sizing is correct, but if (as will be the case with me) you either think it will get soaked at some point and/or you may wear it as an overshirt....order the next size up.

McDermott - US
ww1 pullover (2009-03-16)
very nice shirt. well made

olson - US
WWI pullover (2009-03-02)
Nicely worked;good detail; is perfect for Wild Bunch cowboy shooting

US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2009-02-28)
Great shirt. Well made.

Tuttle - US
Wool flannel 1st WW shirt (2009-02-04)
Beautifully crafted and well fitting. An excellent garment.

Luscombe - CANADA
wool 1916 shirt (2009-02-04)
Excellent piece of kit as always.

tim - UK
US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt (2009-01-30)
Concur with all of the rave reviews above. I couldn't be happier with this item. Perfect fit; excellent quality.

Prendergast - US
M1916 Pullover (2009-01-27)
The quality and workmanship on this shirt is impeccable. It''s also cut quite generously in the length so it won''t ride up out of your pants. I actually bought two of this to use for camping/fly fishing because it is hard to find wool shirts at all these days much less constructed with the quality and detail of this one.

Grant - California, US
M1916 wool shirt (2008-12-17)
The comments are correct: your picture does not do the shirt justice. It is a well made reproduction that is equally usefull as a winter camping shirt. I already had one of my own for the last year and bought this as a Christmas present for my brother.

Golden - US
us m1916 pullover wool shirt (2008-12-01)
I have an original us m1916 shirt but is a bit small to wear,After finding these shirts they are a perfect repro in every way and shipping to the U.K was mega fast.Really great service.Thanks.

Raymond - U.K
VERY NICE (2008-04-29)
Received shirt, great shipping speed, shirt is VERY NICE am most happy,

Steve McG - USa
Satisfied Customer (2008-02-14)
The picture on your site of the shirt doesn''t due it service. The quality stitching and material were tops!

Carl - USA
Satisfied Customer (2008-02-14)
The picture on your site of the shirt doesn''t due it service. The quality stitching and material were tops!

Carl - USA
Quality item. (2008-01-28)
I own 2 of these shirts and wear them alot. They are sturdy and well made.

Doug - Maine, U.S.A.
Superb repro (2008-01-07)
Just wanted to say I was very pleased with my recent order. Quick and efficient service despite your website warning that you were backlogged.

My WWII US EM Wool Shirt is a superb repro. Very well done indeed. It matches my original in every way. It is precisely what a shirt would have looked like fresh from a QM. Keep up the good work.

Tom Prunty - CT, USA
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