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US GI 5-button Sweaters (2011-02-08)
I'm very pleased! The sweater fits very well, and looks great! The quality is great! I've been trying to find the five button sweater in wool for a while. Most vendors only offer it in synthetic materials for XL or XXL sizes.

Super quick delivery as well!

WPG comes through again! Keep up the good work.

Schmidt - US
5 button sweater (2011-01-19)
Great looking, just what I wanted to complete my late 1944-1945 appearence.

holback - SE
5 Button Sweater (2011-01-05)
This is a high quality repo sweater that looks great. As far as sizing is concerned, I would recommend that you order your normal size and not order up- unless you like a loose fit in your sweaters. I am a size 40/42 and I ordered the XL on previous recommendations. I think I could have gotten a Large and had it fit like it should--more form fitting. I can easily get a tee shirt and a wool shirt underneath this with no problem. But the XL fits like a modern sweater should, loose with plenty of room to move. Plenty long on a 5'9" guy. Fast shipping too!

Constantino - US
Lt. Bill, ND, USA (2010-12-19)
Once again WPG I can not believe the quality of your products and the colour is exactly as I hoped in order to be compatible with my Winter Combat Jacket (Tanker) and scarf. It is almost identical to the vest. As usual I am still trying to figure out how you can ship items faster and cheaper to me from UAE than other carriers can from a neighboring state. Please keep up the great work.

William Heck - US
Fantasic!! (2010-12-11)
Very good reproduction, almost indistinguishable from the originals, great quality wool, and correct pattern and color, it's very warm, and great for use under a jacket on extra cold days, it's my favorite sweater! Great job WPG.

Collver - US
5 Button Sweater (2010-12-02)

Allen - US
5 Button Sweater (2010-11-08)
Just what I needed for my December tactical!

Cantwell - US
Excelent product (2010-11-06)
Good seller and product. All acord description and fast shipping.
5 stars.

Poblete - CL
US GI 5-button Sweaters (2010-09-10)

Anisimov - RU
wales (2010-06-07)
really good quality item and fits well. super fast delivery to match.

high neck sweater-orig. (2010-03-31)
Wow,never thought I would see an orig.5-button high neck sweater..awesome,too bad they(ww2 manuf)never made an x-large for us over 6ft,little tight,only wear on spec.occasions,(Jan-1945 date)hope to get another with a post war date.. Unissued too!!

Bill - medford,mass
high neck sweater-orig. (2010-03-31)
Wow,never thought I would see an orig.5-button high neck sweater..awesome,too bad they(ww2 manuf)never made an x-large for us over 6ft,little tight,only wear on spec.occasions,(Jan-1945 date)hope to get another with a post war date..

Bill - medford,mass
US GI 5-button Sweaters (2010-02-10)
Ottima riproduzione! Sono velocissimi e tengono aggiornati con continue e-mail sulla spedizione. Consiglio l'acquisto del loro materiale. Seri e professionali.

righi - IT
5 button GI sweater (2010-02-06)
Great sweater! Looks good, feels good.adds a nice layer of warmth. keeps the neck from getting wind blown.

Pichulo - US
perfect (2010-01-28)
another great repro from wpg.
thanks a lot - a very nice sweater fits perfect.
i ordered a xxl (regular size for me is 46-48) and it is a perfect loose fit.
i think xl were also o.k. for a tght fit.

Schatull - DE
perfect (2010-01-10)
tremendous. I've wear it today and fits perfect. good repro

tresserras - ES
GI 5 Button Sweater (2010-01-08)
This was a good purchase. It's light in weight but a pretty close representative piece as compared to an original. Very good for reenactments or general use.

Doyle - US
sweater (2010-01-06)
This is a very nice quality wool sweater. Perhaps size might run a little small for a bigger guy like me, but it looks just like what my Dad wore in pictures.

Schober - US
Fantastic! (2009-12-29)
Second one I've bought because I'm worried I'd wear out the first one as it's the only jumper I've been wearing these days! Easily the best jumper I've ever owned...

Griffiths - AU
WWII Vet appreciates good quality (2009-12-24)
This is the same quality as the one I wore in 1945. I have pictures of myself in Marseille wearing this type of sweater. It fits great and keeps me warm nicely. As a WWII vet, I did not think I would ever find a quality sweater like this again. You have done a great job.

Pizzano - US
Sweater (2009-12-19)
Great sweater, great price, excellent color of wool, and excellent weave. Would like to see a more carmel/maple color for buttons. Altogether a great product!

Denver, Co - US
Sweater (2009-12-12)
This is the second sweater I''ve ordered. The fit is a little snug, but just the way it should be. I have worn it to multiple cold weather events and am glad I had it. At my last event, a GI from another unit lifted it from me. Guess he liked it too! Had to get another, cause I won''t go out in the cold without it.

Brian - USA
60.00 (2009-12-03)
Excellent quality. Haven't been able to find one like this in my size till now. Arrived in 4 days. Made my day.

Smith - US
U.s G.I 5 button sweaters (2009-12-01)
O.k. for everything.
The fastest shipping never seen!
Thank you very much.

US GI 5-button Sweaters (2009-12-01)
Good fit, nice and warm in cold weather and a very good replica of the original.

Schulmer - BE
E506 (2009-10-17)
Top quality; looks great!!

Dionne - US
US GI 5 Button Sweater (2009-10-04)
This is definitely the closest to an original that you can get. As usual, WPG puts out a quality product for both authenticity-minded reenactors and collectors.

Brimecombe - US
US GI 5-button Sweaters (2009-08-08)
I have been building my ww2 uniform kit and have found your web page a helpful source for adding to it. The sweater is at the quality level to limit question of authentency. But more importantly I enjoy the warmth and fit. Being able to find the correct size and a garment that is free of quality control issues helps with limiting returns that are time consuming. Thanks

Wiegand - US
U.S G.I 5 BUTTON SWEATER (2009-07-10)

Same quality as ever (2009-06-25)
Same quality as the Sweater Vest. My wife is happy with it. Thank you for the fast delivery.

Moeller - DE
5 boutons sweater (2009-06-23)
The colour is good, the matérials is good,a good product, thanks WPG !

Thibaut - FR
Top stuff!! (2009-06-21)
I ordered the XXL but got the XL...however, I'm happy I did! Is a very good fit.

As per description it is a close fit, but is obviously designed to be the kind of jumper you wear underneath a jacket or coat, so the close fit ensures that your outfit doesn't become to bulky.

Excellent quality, light weight but really warm, and also a terrific design; the double-layered button-up collar is the equivalent of wearing a scarf without the excess bulk.

I reckon this is an ideal jumper, not just for historical re-enactment but also for any kind of outdoor activity (i.e. hiking, camping etc.)

Much better than anything you can find in a modern outdoors shop!

Griffiths - AU
Sweaters 5 buttons (2009-06-11)
I love this item!

button sweaters (2009-04-26)
all the best very very good advised++++++++++++

Luciano - IT
5 Button Sweater (2009-02-27)
Impressed with delivery and the sweater is dead on to my original. Only problem was the size. I'm a 42 and ordered the 44 to 46 to fit easily over my shirt and it was short and small. It was still a bit tight just wearing a t shirt. Next time I'll order the XXL.

Brodbeck - US
US GI 5-button Sweaters (2009-02-25)
Super product, fast shipping, thank you.

Dousa - CZ
US GI 5-button Sweaters (2009-02-23)
Very well made sweater. It functions well as a layer to manage body heat in winter. As advertised the sizing runs small, perhaps labels could be changed to reflect this. Typical size for me is 44 chest, Large. The XL I ordered is a great fit, but I suspect a XXL would fit even better by being a bit longer in the torso and provide a looser fit at the sleeve area of the arms.

Jones - CANADA
great (2009-02-20)
I was very pleased with the sweater; the color is great, and compared to photos of originals, an outstanding copy. The only thing that I think would make it better would be a reproduction copy of the label.

strausner - US
Great sweater (2009-02-17)
Compared to my original, this sweater is dead on. The color is a 100% match and the material is pretty close. I replaced the buttons with WWII buttons that more closely resemble the color of the sweater.

Eric - Omaha, Neb.
5 button Sweater (2009-02-08)
These sweaters are very well made. I wore it yesterday. They do run small, so I was glad I ordered a larger size.

Fraley - US
US GI 5-button Sweaters (2009-02-04)
Magnifique Très bon travail on dirait un vetement d'époque. Merci encore et à très bientôt. :)

WWII reprp gi 5 button sweater (2008-12-28)
Yeah, i rec'vd it, its great, already wore it twice, gonna wear it today too, thanks

Mitchell - US
US GI 5-button sweater (2008-12-23)
I love it. Great reproduction.

Haithcock - US
US GI 5-button Sweaters (2008-11-21)
Excellent reproduction. Quality weave and stitching, and nice and warm

Joe, N.Y. - US
Jim, NY, USA (2008-10-30)
Seems like a quality repro. I had an issue one that was somewhat heavier, but mine wasn't WW2 issue, it was 1980's Korea duty issue. This one certainly looks like the photos of WW2 issue, and the quality seems right.

Gloor - US
US GI 5-Button Sweater (2008-10-09)
I wore the sweater for its first re-enactment last weekend. It seems well made and was well received by those in our group. I did not have an original to compare with, but those who were familiar with the sweater were impressed.

Flegel - US
5 Button sweater (2008-01-01)
This sweater repro is a masterpiece, indistinguishable from an original I own. The colour, buttons and knit details are perfect.

Jim - Vermont, USA
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