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cup (2009-12-03)
Very nice looking cup - whould work out well.

Harmon - US
Enamel Mug (2009-09-17)
Another great repo. Looks exactly like the real thing/

Calvert - US
great (2009-09-01)
Again Great item and ,VERY fast delivery I do enjoy being a return customer

wall - US
British White Enameled Mugs (2009-08-23)
As always WPG is doing its job. A fine addition to my kit.

Irwin - US
Mug (2009-07-04)
Great little item, and excellent price!

Kruger - US
White Enameled Mug (2009-06-09)
Nice looking mugs, one of them already lives attached to my small pack.

Flores - US
can't see how it can differ (2009-04-29)
I can't see how this can differ from the wartime mugs. I just need to tie it to the back bumper of the jeep and drive it around the block to give it some charisma. The tea staining process has already begun.

Bobka - US
A+ (2009-04-21)
Excellent items, fair price !

Bowker - US
British White Enameled Mugs (2009-03-31)
Just got this mug today. I it sure looks good. I am happy with what I see so far.. It only will tell how it looks after a few trips in my field kit..

Nunn - US
Nice cup (2009-03-21)
I like the cup that came. it has a nice white enamel on it with a blue rim. washed it up and it now is clean as a whistle.

Indiana - U.S.
Looks convincing enough... (2008-08-14)
Looks good untill after a few uses and the "paint" flakes off and rust quickly follows. Looks more like a cheap acrylic finish rather than real enameling.

Brian - Florida
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