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Indian Army Sweater (2013-12-16)
Perfect fit and feel! I will order a 2nd soon. Delivery and service ,at WPG standards, was perfect.

Sullivan - US
Perfect for multiple impressions (2013-07-01)
Fantastic sweater; perfect fit, great construction. The wool is not itchy at all! Works for multiple impressions: 1980-88 Iraqi Army; 1939 British Special Night Squads; both sides of the Indian/Pakistani Wars; 1967 Israeli; North Yorkshires at the Battle of Umbotoo Gorge. Pretty much any impression involving the Middle East.

Jedediah the GyroCaptain - Northern Illinois
Indian Sweater (2013-06-17)
Great item. I'm planning on spending some time in the mountains in the Winter, and this sweater will be a perfect layer. Thanks Jerry.

Bracken - US
TV & Film Producer (2012-12-31)
Jerry once again you have a VERY satisfied customer. The Commando sweater, aertex desert shirt and 'two types' sweater (a gift) are top notch in manufacturing. Delivery was quick and flawless.

Daly - US
Excellent sweater (2012-12-19)
Perfect fit (true to size) and excellent quality! Will not hesitate to order from here in the future.

Helfenstein - US
indian army sweater (2012-12-10)
nice sweater, but a little bit too small.

tom - DE
Curator (2012-08-29)
I rate this item, (two were ordered), a "5"
It more than met my expectations.

MacMullen, Wm. USA - US
Indian Army jumper (2012-07-15)
Arrived in less than a week. Excellent quality. I am 40" chest and ordered a size 'S' which is a good fit. Very satisfied.

Maskery - England
Indian Army Jumper (2012-07-12)
Arrived in under a week. Excellent quality. I ordered a size ''S''. I am a 40" chest and the jumper is big enough.

Dave - England
Super Sweater (2012-06-22)
High quality sweater. Great material, anc nicely made. For the first time in WPG history it is generously cut. Order your normal size or maybe slightly smaller. Very happy with this item.

Bellis - US
jumper (2012-06-04)
great jumper, hope it will not shrink too much when washed,spot on for ww2 western dersert impression

Barker - GB
Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets (2012-04-19)
ACES! A sweater for all seasons. To take the chill off the night air of the high Wyoming desert.

Thorington - US
Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets (2012-03-22)
First rate, old man! Nice heavy wool too. I'm going to order another one.

Anderson - US
indan sweater (2012-01-08)
just a little bit long but very acceptable

benigno - US
Cool (2012-01-07)
Fantastic quality! Very well made!

Paterson - GB
Exactly as described (2011-11-21)
This sweater was just as described. It is sized a bit large, so be aware. Warm heavy wool., nice appearance.

Withnell - US
Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets (2011-11-09)
Superb repro item and delivery from UAE to UK in under a week - doesn't get much better. If you're not sure about size I would recommend ordering smaller - they seem to err on the big side.

David - GB
Just in time (2011-10-30)
Love the fit! This historically accurate and very practical. I shall enjoy this!

Jones - US
Indian Army sweater (2011-10-29)
Everything tikkitypoo...!!

Valter - US
Brit Army India Sweater (2011-10-29)
In my opinion, this is the best sweater (from a practical and historical outlook) I ever had. I will enjoy this a lot. It is big, don''t go over board in sizing it.

Gregg - Midland Virginia
Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets (2011-09-21)
quality excellent i ordered a 44 i'm 6'4" and slim and its a great fit just the job for driving my desert spec morris CS8

polly - GB
Great jumper (2011-08-20)
great service, good jumper and looks good on, although arms a bit long but turn up and is ok otherwise

wallace - GB
Indian Army Sweater (2011-05-11)
A fine sweater (or jumper, as the limeys say...), warm and comfortable. My recommendation is to hand-wash it with lukewarm water and a little hair shampoo before wearing. It is well made, no problems with buttons or stitching as some reviewers had. I wear size 42, ordered M (40-42) and it fits generously, the sleeves are even a tick too long, but not much. Note that the colour is lighter than in the picture, not dark khaki to brown-ish but only slightly darker than the khaki drill uniforms. WPG''s customer service great as always.

Phillip - United Kingdom
Indian khaki jersey (2011-04-26)
High quality item. Fast delivery and service. It is heavyweight and is big for its size (L). But a very good deal for the price.

Robertson - MY
Indian Army sweater (2011-04-18)
I love the color but this sweater was the same
label size as commondo sweater but this product is so big on me I will be ordering the smaller size next time Could you explaine why this is.
Dont get me wrong cause I am getting a nother one but it is realy big I will give it to my big brother.

Taylor - CA
Col. (2011-04-13)
Very well made. My wife says that it makes me look dashing.

Conkey - US
indian sweater (2011-04-10)
excellent, hight quality

c. casariego - ES
Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets (2011-03-24)
Received yesterday. The first one never arrived, but one email to Jerry and they were on top of the situation. Very gratifying to see this attention to customer service. Anyway, item is PERFECT. Excellent fit, just what I would expect from Jerry and his folks - first rate. One more reason why I always check the What Price Glory web site first before ordering anything.

Kendall - US
sweater (2011-02-27)
very nice and fast shipping

Cummins - US
FINEST SWEATER I OWN! (2011-02-24)

L/Cpl (2011-02-17)
what a Great sweater...and will be great on those fall eve at the camp around the fire..looks great with the uniform..and the other members in my unit are looking at getting on..thanks WPG!

Benoit - CA
Indian Army Sweater (2011-02-06)
Flawless reproduction-well made piece of kit and very warm which was welcome during the US Deep Freeze of Feb 2011.

Hahn - US
Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets (2011-01-10)
Fantastic sweater! First time customer - speedy delivery, great customer service. Thanks.

Hawkins - AU
GURCKA (2011-01-05)
it's oversized it fits like an XL in size Medium "ordered"

jean - FR
Indian Army Sweater (2010-10-31)
Great fit, first rate as always. Super Quick shipping. Thanks again!

Umstead - US
Indian Army jumper (2010-08-05)
From Pakistan to UK in 5 days, excellent delivery, great sweater, just right for my new "two types" impression.

top hole old boy

Kendrick - GB
Indian Army Khaki Sweater (2010-03-11)
Mind-bogglingly fast shipping, and excellent prices for outstanding items. This is officially my favorite sweater as of now.

Friedlander - US
Indian Army Khaki Sweater with Pockets and Epaulets (2010-03-02)
Very good fit.
Unbelievable fast delivery.

Cheerio, Arno

Riedel - NL
Indian Sweater (2010-01-29)
Another perfect fit. WPG gets it right every time.

Kim Calvert

Calvert - US
Indian Comando Sweater (2010-01-21)
Fit and look are great and just what I was looking for. But I forgot how pure wool can be scratchy too! Ya might send instructions about hot to deal with that as well as general cleaning instructions. BTW - soaking in hair conditioner deals with the scratchy wool.

Allen - US
sweater (2010-01-19)
great fabric and color. huge mothball odor....

Kowalski - US
Very fast and effficient delivery. Sweater is a very vintage looking khaki color. Fairly well made, but you should resew the bottons before using. I lost one on shoulderstrap. Im a size 42r, and the 40/42 fits snug but stretches well. Another good buy from WPG.

Army Khaki Sweater with pockets and Epaulets (2010-01-09)
All items ordered arrived faster than any other items ordered from other companies. Excellent quality and I would recommend this to anyone.

Smith - US
Indian Army Khaki Sweater very good ! (2009-12-28)
Super quality as expected and size was accurate . Good reproduction.

Tourreilles - FR
Indian Army Sweater (2009-12-15)
Super quality wen concerning look feel and size-to wear and to display.

Andersson - SE
Indian Sweater (2009-12-14)
Fits great and is nice and warm and itchy. Am planning in wearing it when I travel over the holidays. Thanks again for another great job!

Ed S - US
Fine (2009-12-13)
Very nice Pullover in very good qualitiy.
Sizing is true

Schatull - DE
Excellent (2009-12-12)
Sizing is good, pockets are deep enough to carry any cell phone, and it's heavy. Comfortable and warm. Arrived quickly and works well.

Jacob - US
EXCELLENT Reproduction (2009-12-03)
What a beautiful sweater. First night I got it I wore it to the supermarket and got 3 comments from people I new. My wife even loves it !

Gibson - US
Indian Army Khaki Sweater (2009-11-02)
This too, as are all things I've received from WPG, is first rate!

Hampton - US
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