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U.S. Officer lightweight poplin officer shirt (2012-05-23)
A nice shirt but the neck on the size XL was too small for me.

thornton - US
Great value for money (2012-05-15)
I ordered the socks together with a pair of shoes, a shirt and a US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic. Unfortunately the tunic was too large. I've send it back for an exchange. I expect there will be no problem. The other 3 items really are what I was looking for.
I'll participate next july as a reennactor at the Duxford Flying Legends show and I'm sure I will look great in these items.
Thanks WPG

Piras - BE
Poplin Shirt (2012-05-08)
Very good shirt

Stewart - US
Sun Tan Shirts (2012-04-29)
Well made, excellent quality. Colour is a little dark for Suntans but otherwise first class.

Smith - GB
Great quality... (2012-04-24)
...and a perfect fit. As usual, unbelieveably fast delivery. Thanks!

Ordonez - MX
great shirt (2012-03-08)
Nice and light compared to the 8 oz. shirt. I use this one all the time for comfort. I am so slender that I had mine tailored up, which does cost a bit unless you want to do it yourself. If you have an original period build you may want to get one with longer sleeves and have the side seams and sleeve narrowed and move the epaulette up toward the neck a bit; I did. Can''t be helped as all the cotton shirts are sized for heavy set modern Americans. This would be a good shirt to offer in exact neck sizes since it is worn with a tie very often. I do recommend that all the wpg cotton shirt be cut on the same pattern as the OD wool shirt because it is tailored so much better for use with a tie and sits better on the chest and waist.

Randel - Texas
officer shirt (2012-02-25)
good fit and very satisfied

Horek - US
Colonel, USAF (Retired) (2012-02-25)
High quality shirt, but the color was a bit too dark for authenticity. Will probably fade a bit with use.

Hendrickson - US
Excellent Shirt (2011-10-30)
The first thing I did after trying on this shirt was to stitch a unit patch to the sleeve and add my collar insignia. Thanks again for another great product and speedy international delivery!

Schneider - US
MR (2011-07-01)
The shirt looks great and fits comfortably. Many thanks for your prompt service.

Sergeant-major (2011-07-01)
Looks Great! Rapid shipping and well protected!!

anoia - US
US Army Officer Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirts (Improved Run) (2011-06-30)
I'm going to shamelessly plagiarize an earlier commenter: "Great shirt - I have one to be worn under my Summer Class A, and this one will used with collar insignia and arm patch to be worn on those hotter days. Very Pleased." And lightning-fast delivery, considering.

Stuart - US
Khaki Poplin Shirt (2011-06-28)
Large/Long received yesterday. The first run shirt I bought was miss-marked as "medium/long". It is actually a large/long. Fit and quality are very good with generous length in the shirttail and sleeves. The color is also more correct.

The return/exchange process was easy and efficient as usual.

Kilgore - US
Khaki Shirt (2011-06-15)
Excellent Item , very good to do business with

Clark - US
US Light Weight Khaki Poplin Shirts (2011-06-15)
Quality is good, the same as the first run, and the color is more correct. However, sizing is smaller. My shirt size is 16/35 and the first run M/L fits well with plenty of sleeve length. I will need to exchange the second run M/L shirt for a larger size.

Kilgore - US
US Army Officer Khaki Poplin Shirt (Improved) (2011-06-09)
Excellent product! I had ordered two. I am size 17 collar, and Large is perfect fit. Very quick shipment to my APO. I am more than pleased with the shirts and service. Thank you.

Ridosh - US
FSK, USA (2011-05-17)
Great shirt - I have one to be worn under my Summer Class A, and this one will used with collar insignia and arm patch to be worn on those hotter days. Very Pleased.

Kalinowski - US
Improved Officer's Shirt (2011-05-10)
Fits nicely, color matches museum specimen, better fabric than previous shirt. Highly recommended!

S.G. Lucky - US
Army Officer Light Weight Khaki poplar shirt (2011-05-07)
The improved khaki poplin shirt was much better than I expected. Excellent quality, shade is very good and the fit is perfect.
I am still amazed at the very fast shipping all the way from UAE.
What Price Glory is a pleasure to do business with!

Placek - US
reply (2011-05-03)
I'm very pleased

Cole - US
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