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perfect! (2014-09-01)
thank you all!

oslo - NO
If only it was cool enough to wear the sweater... (2014-08-30)
Great fit, classic styling, and sturdy construction. All I wish for at the moment is that the heat of August would give way to the weather of late October so that I can do more than just try on the sweater to confirm the fit.

Advice given regarding sizing by other reviews is exactly right; it arrived within days of placing my order. Thank you.

King - US
RAF Sweater (2014-06-20)
fantastic!! a great sweater at a fantastic price, and it arrived so quickly too

Adams - GB
RAF sweater (2014-05-06)
It's perfect! Just in time with good quality. Thanks a lot from Spain

noriega Fernández - ES
UK RAF Submarine sweater (2014-03-16)
These are the second set of pullovers I have bought, which fit nicely. The first set were too small using the recommended sizing on the original order form. Suggest that it be amended as this has caught out quite a few people reading back. Otherwise with the correct size a good fit and plenty warm.

* (2014-03-11)
Pretty rough wool fabric, well made and loose fit. Thanks!

Guryanov - US
UK sweater (2014-03-01)
Sub sweater got here in time to help defeat the artic cold we are presently in....

Torpey - US
Period repro (2014-02-24)
Hey Gene USA/AL - yep it is "rough". Exactly what I would expect to be thrown by the stores wallah as you drew your kit in 1940.

Loose knit - it is going to shrink and there is a warning label to "Dry Clean only". I'm quite sure a careful hand wash in pure soap and stretch back to shape will work.

Yes big roll neck - roll twice, sleeves do fold back once. Waist - well it works for a modern "Regular" or "short" torso but won't work if you are a long torso.

BUT it is also true to period. Trousers were worn high on the waist and this would have overlapped perfectly in 1940. If you are re-enacting. It is just fine.

Smith - US
UK RAF Submarine Sweater (2014-02-20)
Sub sweater Perfect fit/ wear a 46R and size XL46-48 was what I needed. Extremely Satisfied.

Sultenfuss - US
Fabulous sweater (2014-02-19)
This sweater is fabulous. I use it under a heavyweight Barbour coat for outside activites and winter campouts with the Boy Scouts and it''s been great down to minus 15C. Get''s a lot of positive comments, a real classic. As noted already the sleeves and body could be longer but I haven''t tried the wash and stretch thing yet. Five stars anyway - I love it.

Luke - Connecticut
Submarine sweater (2014-02-07)
I wear this with my RAF battledress (also from WPG). Looks great and is the correct cream colour.

Roberts - GB
Nice (2014-02-05)
Good quality, fits well.

Robert - US
RN Sweater (2014-01-28)
This is by far the warmest sweater I''ve ever owned. It is very durable and even though it says Dry Clean Only, it holds it''s shape through repeated (unknown) washings.

Stephen R Gagin - USA
Captain (2014-01-22)
Great quality sweater, will order more, thankyou for prompt service .

Grover - US
submarine sweater (2014-01-16)
Delivery took some time. After contact with WPC things went fairly quickly. Low Price - good quality. Would order again.

artner - DE
Love this sweater. (2014-01-14)
Sizing is spot on for me. 5'8" with a 46 chest. Got it just before the cold weather showed up in Ohio. Gate at under my Filson coat to keep the cold away. This meets all of my form and function benchmarks. Great for chopping wood of having a cocktail fireside on a cold winter night. Worth it to me.

Weber - US
Rather rapid delivery from the other side of the planet.
This sweater is exactly what I've been looking for.
The extra-long neck is excellent and the sleeve length is good.
I am 6'3", 42L in suits, and the Large fits well.
I'll be back for more.

Manning - US
Awesome sweater! (2013-12-21)
First of all let me say that I was surprised and impressed how quickly the sweater arrived all the way from Dubai. The sweater is well constructed. Although the neck is a little too long for my liking. I thought the sleeves were a good length unless you want to fold them into cuffs (which I don't), but can definitely be stretched for cuff length after a cold wash and left flat to air/towel dry. I'm 5'9", 170 lb, athletic build, and my normal size is M, as I wear my clothing slightly fitted. However, there were no M sizes in stock I took a chance with the L size. Unfortunately the L size is a little too big for me. If they make/get more size M in stock, I would definitely buy another. WPG, please restock the M sizes for this awesome sweater!!

Kearney - US
UK RAF Submarine sweater (2013-12-11)
I'm happy with it. Thank you very much!
It keep me warm enough!

Morgenthaler - CH
RAF sweater (2013-12-05)
I am very happy with the RAF sweater and the service quality. I have been wearing an original sweater 70 years old and it's nice to retire it with such a great new sweater

mowry - US
Submarine Sweater (2013-11-24)
Excellent product, Everything as advertised and very rapid service. May order another one and will check out other products.

Valentine - US
UK RAF Submarine sweater (2013-11-21)
Very classic jumper. Dispatched quickly.Double ribbed wool with cream colour.I am 6'1 37 waist 44chest and the XL fit well with allowance to fold back sleeves as in a Wooly Pulley. Made in Pakistan.

Shortman - US
Submarine sweater (2013-10-27)
Very nice material, well made and fits well. Fast delivery; ordered on October 17, 2013 and received on October 22, 2013.

Jim - US
UK RAF Submarine sweater (2013-10-24)
Great quality and service!!! Thank you.

Kasicki - US
Navy sweater (2013-06-24)
See the other comments; the sleeves are 2 short for me and the body could be a size taller. however I belive this to be the original way they were. But oh boy those sleeves....
My advice: I am a size 42 and I wish I had chosen a 44

van - NL
Captain (2013-05-29)
Couldn't be happier.....

Powell - AU
RAF/submarine Sweater (2013-05-19)
Great quality, fast shipping, fair price. What else is there?

Pence - US
Its Okay... (2013-05-07)
Certainly has the oversized neck... but the body and sleeves aren''t at all. Its also quite "rough."

gene - USA/AL
Well done (2013-03-24)
All went fine.
I had a little trouble with DHL Express in Germany, but the was not the fault of WPG. Since I got the tracking number I was able to resolve the delivery issue quickly. Apparently they had a stupid driver in our area...

The turtle neck is really nice, exactly as expected. Company and product are recommended.

Eulberg - DE
It is what it Is. (2013-03-11)
The sweater that I had received was almost what I was looking for. In the description it says it was white, however when I received the sweater it was a cream color? However I like the sweater and decided to keep it, and do not feel like going through the hassle of shipping it back. Also had trouble with some communication in regards to payment. Worked out in the end (despite the white turning out cream color) but was a little stressed.

Malinowski - CA
UK RAF Submarine sweater (2013-03-11)
Everything was excellent. The shirt was a little bite to large, but long enough. Very good sweater and good quality. It's gone be perfect for skiing.

Garneau - CA
5 (2013-03-07)
Not only was I very impressed with my submarine sweater, the speedy delivery was also amazing. 4 days from Dubai, UAE to my door in Vancouver, Canada! I ordered my normal M size and found it to be a perfect fit. Naturally I was also concerned over comments in regards to the length of the sleeves. I found the sleeves to be okay unless one is looking for turned-back cuffs. WWII pictures that I’ve seen, seem to indicate these sweaters being worn without turning back the cuffs. For me it works great since I don’t turn back my cuffs in order to get a better fit inside the sleeves of my leather motorcycle jacket. I also love the natural colour and the slightly rough feel of the wool, which I find not to be itchy on bare skin. The length of the turtleneck is very generous and covers the neck completely when turned back while providing a snug fit. Since spring came early in my parts I can only guess that the sweater is probably also going to be nice and warm on colder days.

Thanks Jerry, for a great product and great service.

Riebe - CA
Submarine sweater (2013-03-06)
Great sweater.Very warm.Excellent for the weather here.No problem with the sleeves as others have noted;fits great although a bit loose around the waist.

Dempster - CA
Submariner Seater (2013-03-06)
I bought the sweater for an two-month outdoor project in Michigan this winter. I'm very pleased with it--kept me warmeven on the nasty wind-chill days. No problem with the sleeve length. My teenage daughter has given it a stamp of approval and will be seen with me when I'm wearing it.

Jim - US
MARINER SWEATER (2013-03-06)
Dear WPG.
Wonderful sweater, fits well, no comparison, I shall want another one soon.

Submarine Sweater (2013-01-09)
I ordered the sweater on 1/1/13 and received it on 1/9/13. Received my XXL Submarine Sweater and tried it on. It fit pretty well; the arms were plenty long, but I was wishing the overall sweater length was about 2 inches longer. It was also very rough feeling, though not itchy-rough. I washed it in cold water on Knit Delicate cycle with no soap and a double dose of fabric softener. Took it out of the washer, laid it out on a dry towel, stretched it out the length I wanted and let it dry. PERFECT!!! This is EXACTLY what I wanted, it fits just how I wanted it to, and feels exactly like I’d hoped! Feels like me sweet ol’ grandma knitted it for me yesterday!

I also purchased a pair of knitted boot socks and am just as pleased with them.

Philip - SC, USA
Perfect Gift! (2013-01-01)
I bought one of these sweaters for my younger brother so that he can wear it under his pea coat and it looks fantastic. As always, fast shipping and outstanding service...Thanks WPG!

Skriletz - US
RAF it is NOT, and almost RN (2013-01-01)
Bloody great rollie. Every Jack will love it, if for no other reason then to both shed a sentimental tear about his days in the Andrew, and to keep his blunt end warm on blowy days. But it has NOTHING to do with RAF - theirs was a different sort. The sweater is, almost, RN. But from DURBAN?

Gibson - CA
love it (2012-12-31)
Great sweater. I agree the bottom is a Little floppy but still love it

turrell - CA
Get ready for some heat (2012-12-19)
This is no lightweight sweater! Military grade means overbuilt, from the density of the wool to the height of the collar. Serious business here. And seriously handsome. I followed directions and ordered according to my chest size (41") and lo and behold, the small fits! You've read the reviews, now see for yourself?!

Balazs - US
Terry, Australia (2012-12-18)
Bottom a tad floppy on the mannequin but looks great under the RAAF Blue Battledress.

Holbrook - AU
Mr. (2012-12-10)
Excellent service. Excellent product. Thank you.

Wild - US
Mr (2012-12-05)
Well made sweater - I agree that, for the size, the arms a little short but have taken notice of another comment that they could be stretched during washing. Good prompt service. Thank you

Taylor - GB
Good jumper (2012-12-04)
Well made, looks good, feels good, smells good, what else could you want?

Mickey G - AU
My New Favorite Sweater (2012-11-29)
This sweater is so great I''m thinking about getting another because I''m going to wear it out. Wear it all the time. Very warm on cold New Jersey winter days. Looks great with my G-1 jacket. Heading into the parking lot you can''t help but feel like Robert Shaw sauntering out to your Spitfire. A truly fantastic sweater. I''m 5 foot 6 with a lean frame and the Small is an excellent fit, even in the arms which is rare.

Now if they would just bring back the Irvin jacket in size 38.

James - New Jersey
raf / submarine sweater (2012-11-26)
Being a surfer in northern california we have some pretty cold dawn patrols
in the winter. Cold, really cold, and then we surf in 48 to 50 deg water for
2 to 4 hours at a time.
This sweater is THE BOMB!!!
it fits well, feels really soft and keeps you warm before and after.
I recomend this sweater for anyone who is out in the elements where you need warmth and comfort and no nonsence.
Its the clasic style you wont find anywhere else abd it works!
I love it!

will - US
RN SUB SWEATER (2012-11-21)
Nice long neck, but sleeves and body aren''t, so don''t buy smaller size!!!

gene - US/AL
This is the best sweater I've bought ever! (2012-11-04)
Very nice condition! Looks awesome and it is extremely warm!!!!Best sweater ever!!!!!

Yang - US
RAF/RN sweater (2012-10-23)
This sweater is fantastic; I''am 6''4 and ordered the XL and it fits perfectly with a little extra room, the sleeve length is good and the quality is very good as well. Although I do living history sessions I wear this generally as well -Perfect for the Northern Winters!

If you search the Imperial war museum website there is a photo Ref: A 7720 of the crew of HMS Utmost wearing these sweaters.

Scott - Lancs, UK
Perfect Vintage Look (2012-10-16)
I purchased this sweater after much deliberation and I could not by more pleased with my decision. Having researched all available sweaters on the market, I went with the WPG based solely on the price point, concerned though I was about the oft-cited shortness of the sleeves (which was my prime concern).
Having received the sweater I was immediately impressed by its authentic vintage look and feel. In person, the sweater looks nothing like something recently purchased from a modern shop. The wool has a slightly rough (though not scratchy) texture and a sturdy feel. The neck is quite tall, and the ribbing has enough elasticity to retain its shape whether folded or rolled. The sleeves are JUST long enough to be worn, but not cuffed. I simply soaked the sleeves in cold water and hung to dry with a bit of weight attached to the sleeves to retain the length. The result was a perfect fit allowing for a turned-back cuff. I am, as is probably obvious, thrilled with every aspect of the sweater and will, in all liklihood, be purchasing another soon.

Adam - New Jersey
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