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Leather Jerkin (2009-04-06)
Fantastic delivery, super fast, Very high quality products, highly recommended. Will buy from again

Mack - UK
A+ quality (2009-03-03)
Excellent quality and far exceeded my expectations. Buy with confidence. Only negative thing is a misspelling on the label/tag.

Tommy Border - Washington DC
Pretty Durn Nice (2008-12-05)
Very nice quality and fit; the goofy spelling on the label is a bit strange.

Mike - US
Lovely piece of kit (2008-09-20)
I bought this item as part of my British winter kit requirements given that I''ll be battling over two days at the end of November. The jerkin is very well constructed with good reinforced stitching holding the buttons in place. There is a look a like wartime manufacturers label inside which is a nice touch but slightly spoiled by the mis-spelt title "JERKINGS LEAHTER" instead of "JERKIN LEATHER". Still that is but a minor point. The colour of the jerkin as new is shown spot on in the photo, I have to say mine looks much better (to my eye at least) now that I have used some dark brown leather dye all over and given it a coat of dark tan shoe polish. Once it has had a few good sessions out in the cold and wet it will start to look spot on.

Marc - United Kingdom
Better than issue (2008-09-19)
I recieced my jerkin and in comparing to a original british issue jerkin this repro is better in every way. I''ve seen simaliar peices for twice the price. If you are in the market this is the only one to have!

Joe - Kansas City Mo.
Excellent (2008-04-26)
The leather jerkin and the 'private purchase' shirt in the same delivery are both excellent - I've had two different repro jerkins in the past from UK sources and they were nowhere near as good as yours.

Pete - USA
Leather Jerkin (2007-12-12)
Nice reproduction. Much more flexible and comfortable than my post-war Belgian jerkin. Leather is lighter weight, but probably very close to war-time Indian manufacture. Nice piece of kit.

Scott - DeKalb, IL, USA
Leather Jerkin (2007-10-16)
These are a very good copy that is accurate and very comfortable.

Davin - Brisbane Australia
Beautiful stuff!!! (2007-05-26)
I like to thank you for the lightning speed service and the quality of the items (WWI wrap around kilt apron and leather jerkin).

Robin - Holland
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