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TOS (2011-02-15)
Great fit on my huge head, very well made.

Pearson - US
Mr (2011-02-15)
Very smart, well made.

martin-smith - US
Tam (2011-02-14)
Just as I ordered. Perfect quality and conditon.

James - FL/USA
5 (2011-02-10)
Exactly as I ordered. Perfect fit.

Roberts - US
feedback (2011-02-09)
great quality of tam o shanter i hoppe to do another deal with you

best regard

jumeau - FR
Tam O' Shanter (2011-02-04)
Great quality, fast delivery all what I have come to expect to expect from, What Price Glory.
This fits well, sturdy, an excellent replica of a bunnet.

Shields - GB
Product critique (2011-01-03)
Very nice and better fit than my Great War Militaria version. Only flaw is pom on top a bit lose but can try my curved needle to tighten it.

Holland - US
Tam-O-Shanter (2010-12-31)
Nice cap! Order 1 size up for a loose fit due to proper size being a bit snug. Mine is without the pom-pom on top but that''s ok, it''s still an awesome cap!!!

Adam - MD U.S.A.
UK Tam O Shanter Caps (2010-12-17)
Fast delivery.Good quality but little damp down ear on the right side when you put on it on head.

Dyokin - CY
TOS (2010-12-15)
Very nice repro and a very prompt shipping. Absolutely fab and I love it.

Ishii - JP
- (2010-12-11)
Very,very good quality and a beautiful addition to my WPG battle dress uniform

Wassenaar - NL
Marvellous (2010-12-02)
I bloody love it! It really is very good indeed. The right size and the material is just right.

Jones - GB
Tam O Shanter (2010-11-20)
Very good work, Tam fits great and this is a great item for my collection.

Hufenus - CH
Size a little bit too short (2010-10-30)
Same problem with my Cap. A size of 59cm is more corresponding at a size of 58 cm.
I ordered two. One is perfect because we can adjust the Cap but the other(why not adjustable ?) is too just.
Otherwise, a good product.
Perfect shipping .

tam o'shanter (2010-10-27)
une fois de plus je suis très satisfait par la qualité de l'article et le délai de livraison.

weiss - FR
Great Tam (2010-10-26)
Excellent repro - if it didn't say 'What Price Glory" above the broad arrow, you'd never know it was new made.

Wilson - US
cpl (2010-10-25)
meet my expectations.

Nixon - CA
5 (2010-10-23)
Good work ,excellent delivery , Tam fits great I'm scottish and this is great item for my collection.

Mark U. Brett - US
UK Tam O Shanter Caps (2010-10-13)
Matches well to battledress. Ordered sz 7 1/2 US (largest available) equates to 7 3/8 British hat size

wormley - GB
Bang on the mark (2010-10-12)
Superbly rendered, as original in a wearable shape and size. Thank goodness someone is producing these to a flawless standard

Parker - GB
Excellent! (2010-09-03)
I ordered my tam o''shanter on Wednesday afternoon and it arrived today (Friday). Now that''s service! Tam looks great and fits my head perfectly. I love the smell of WPG wool serge!

Matt - NC/USA
Wonderful Tam! (2010-08-23)
I could not be happier with this Tam. It is good heavy wool fabric. Hint: order a half inch large and it has a lace that can sinch it up snug for a perfect fit.

Peter - Massachusetts
Tam (2010-08-19)
Very good quality. I wish it came in larger sizes as the Glengarry does. I opened up the 7 1/2 hat band seam and removed some excess material so it's not too bad a fit

Harding - US
Good cover (2010-08-11)
Just perfect.

Santos - US
Quality was more than expected! (2010-08-04)
Great quality TOS! Looks great....been wearing it for the history tours I do! Thank-you and will be ordering more for my kit!

Lewis - US
don't know what this means (2010-08-04)
Great quality but the size problem seems to have been around for a year and uncorrected, which is why the 4 rating

Bertram - US
Can''t go wrong! (2010-08-02)
Just recieved this TOS. AA+ quality and fast service. JUst what I was looking for and the price + shipping is more than reasonable. Will order from this company again!

Brian - U.S. Virginia
TOS (2010-07-21)
Wonderful Tam. I've ordered another one !

Hampton - US
Very pleased (2010-07-11)
I received the tam in first-class condition. I ordered it too small, but I remedied the situation by cutting the seam in the back, under the tightening string. If it doesn't work out, I'll definitely order another a couple of sizes larger. Fine merchandise and excellent workmanship!

Page - US
Tam O Shanter (2010-06-22)
It is very rare in this day and age to find a superb accurate quailty item like this Tam O Shanter. The quality is fabulous. Not only is the hat authentic and accurate in detail, materials and construction but the price is excellent and I seriously doubt you will find anything better at this price. Very happy!

Mackay - GB
Tam O' Shanter Cap (2010-06-22)
I got my size 62 in the mail monday and I got my insignia on there and I must say it looks absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks again for such a wonderful item!!!

Campbell - US
appreciation tam o shanter (2010-06-11)
Bien reçu ;tout à fait conforme à la commande; envoi rapide;merci!

hery - FR
Tam O' Shanter (2010-06-02)
This cap is fantastic. Historically accurate and extremely well made. It will be an important piece for my WWI highland soldier impression!

Potter - US
Tam (2010-05-11)
This product is outstanding quality and an excellent replica. It arrived very quickly.

I've tried the shops here and not a quality tam to be seen. Who'd have thought that you'd have to import a scottish hat! At this quality and service I might buy a few more...

Ten - GB
A bonnie thing indeed! (2010-04-28)
I recieved the Tam in great shape. It is just what I wanted. It fit well and it will look very good with my highland day attire. I wish I had a black tam just like it. All in all, I'm well pleased, indeed.

Hawkins - US
Khaki Tam (2010-04-14)
Very nice good quality item

my second tam (2010-04-01)
Otro tam con otro tamaño y muy bonitas y rápidas. Gran calidad, altamente profesional! ¡Gracias!

Elizaran - ES
very nice Tam (2010-03-28)
Very nice Tam and very fast delivery! All ok and I´m very happy

Elizaran - ES
Tam O Shanter (2010-03-27)
Delivery was excellent and the product itself is of great quality.

Roney - US
Realy sharp (2010-03-23)
Hard pressed to tell this from an original, amazing reproduction!

Hudon - US
UK Tam O Shanter Cap (2010-03-22)
Excellent quality, amazingly quick delivery.

Shaw - US
Tam o' shanter (2010-02-22)
Wonderful item. Sized a little small but works fine and I expect it will stretch. I have been wearing it since I got it and am really happy with it.

Sargent - US
A GREAT TAM O'SHANTER (2010-01-31)
Jerry, this tam of yours is terrific. And it looks splendid with your Black Watch Red Hackle attached to it. Thanks, Bill

Wisher - US
Tam O Shanter (2010-01-18)

First Class.

Walsh - IE
Cap (2010-01-15)

Just what I was looking for.
Excellent Product at a Great Price.

Lindley - Ireland
great cap (2010-01-08)
a very nice cap.
I read the comments and ordered two sizes up -
for my oppinion one size up is enough.

Schatull - DE
awesome cap! (2009-12-24)
only complaint was that I had to go to another supplier to purchase cap badges for this cap...great quality cap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dobson - US
Tam O''Shanter (2009-12-09)
Top piece of kit- order 1 or 2 sizes up to get the right fit- great cloth and design, per originals.

Steve - melbourne Victoria
Tam (2009-10-28)
The tam was too small so I ordered two sizes up. I'll return the 7 3/8 for the 7 5/8 since there is an adjuster draw string at the back. Looks goo and will be great for colder weather out here in Colorado.

McNulty - US
Tam O'Shanter (2009-10-09)
Excellent quality and arrived quickly. Took advice of other purchasers and ordered size 1/8 larger than normal hat size with the result the fit is perfect. The poorie is a bit loose, but a needle and thread will easily fix that. Glad to have stumbled on your site. Will order again in the future.

Dave Whall
West Hartford, Connecticut

Whall - US
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