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UK Irvin Jacket (2009-08-18)
Well, after much consideration, I took the plunge and ordered your Irvin pattern sheepskin flight jacket. To say I am delighted is an absolute understatement. Even after all the glowing reviews I read on your website, I was still blown away by the real thing when it arrived (at the speed of light, I might add!) Thank you for such a superb example of this historic garment. The fabrication, the colour, the fit and the authenticity of rplication is bang on perfect in every way - and the value is truly beyond belief. As you state in your ad, it truly is a $900 (or more) value for a mere $350. My one comment to others considering this product is to perhaps buy one size larger than normal, as it is a military fit. I would normally be a size 44-46, but none were available, so I purchased a size 48. It fits perfectly. Thank you WPG. I feel very privileged to have been able to aquire this heirloom which I will wear with pride, and one day pass down to my grand children.

Neil - Canada
UK Irvin jacket (2009-07-30)
Having owned 1 original B-3 jacket and 1 replica, I was delighted w/ the quality of your Irvin. It's clearly destined to become a very good friend next winter, and thereafter. Thanks for offering such excellent goods at affordable prices!

Williams - US
Irvin Jacket (2009-07-06)
First jacket I got had a torn seam--sent it back and got a replacement that's great! Have no original to compare it to, but it looks like all the vintage pics!

McGregor - US
irvin jacket (2009-06-28)
super jacket just what i wanted fear price and fast delivery my compliments

Dekker - NL
UK Irvin Jackets (2009-06-09)
I was also hesitant to buy an Irvin reproduction at this price, but my VERY expensive Eastman had fallen to pieces (after one season in Wisconsin)!

I was very impressed with the quality and the authenticity to an original. I only had minor issues, the zipper tab and the lack of the elastic web under the collar. Still, I would highly recommend this jacket!

Cross - US
Wonderful Jacket (2009-06-02)
I was a bit skeptical considering the price but the jacket is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone.
Thank you

Dixon - US
Great Looking Jacket (2009-05-07)
Overall I am pleased with the quality of the jacket, fast shipping and correct RAF Irvin design. I do have an issue with the main zipper jambing and not zipping up as did one of your other customers. This will take some time to repair so it zips up, and I also might have to replace the zipper completely.

Marshall - US
Irvin Jacket (2009-03-20)
Pleased with the overall quality of the jacket, fast shipping and correct design. I do have an issue with the main zipper. This will take some time to repair so it zips up, and I might have to replace the zipper completely.

Orchel - US
Great Jacket! (2009-02-18)
I'm very pleased with the Irvin! Nice quality, and fit great. I'm glad I ordered a size too big - gives me room for a sweater.

Garcia - US
irvin jacket (2009-02-16)
Exellent jacket. Fast delivery.

Koziel - US
Irvin Jacket (2009-02-14)
Excellent jacket! I was very pleased and surprised by the quality. Wore it around the house and while to "break it in". Might take it for a test on my M20 this weekend! Once the new wears off you will be hard pressed to tell the difference from an original. Now if I only had a Spitfire....

Ken - US
Excellent jacket! (2009-01-18)
The fit of this jacket is nothing short of excellent, and the depth of the fur is quite comparable to an original Irvin/RAF jacket. The tanned side of the hide is supple and a good shade of brown (not all were the chocolate brown of some repros). If I had to fault this reproduction at all, it would be the lack of the elastic strap at the back of the collar, but that's a very small item, and easily added. Overall, this is an ideal flying jacket, and I'm glad I bought mine!

Shannon - US
WPG Irvin (2009-01-17)
Hej Jerry,
I have already written a review, (allmost as fast as your shipping!)And to say the least for the jacket,(again) I AM VERY PLEASED, great! And it was just as well that you were out of the size 46, the 48 that I got left some more room!! Pity though about the R.A.F D gloves.


Jonlid - SWEDEN
Happy. (2009-01-13)
This is my first Irvin, and I think it was a good choice.

Shell - US
Irvin (2009-01-12)
Hej Jerry,
This time you overdid yourself!! Not only was the jacket "top notch" But the delivery time, I could´nt belive!I sent order on friday and had the jacket in the mail on monday! So the Dubai Warehouse works perfectly! Thanks /Lars

Lars - Sweden
Irvin (2009-01-11)
AWESOME Jacket! Fits well, great make. Still need to break it in! Other than that, good product and excellent service.

kinney - US
Irvin Jacket (2009-01-05)
I was more than pleased with this purchase. I bought a Irvin about 40 years ago, to give a indication of my age, and was hesitant to purchase one at this price,it seemed way to low of a price. I can say that I got more than I paid for. I do not now how you can sell them that cheap.

daniels - US
Spectacular (2009-01-02)
Today the jacket that I entrusted exactly before Christmas has arrived. Very fast delivery, taking the Christmas dates into account, and the quality of the product is out of doubt. Now I only expect that this mediterranean winter is harder than usual...

Jaume - La Garriga (Barcelona)
* (2008-12-31)
I'm pleased, delivery was very quick

Moodie-Foster - CANADA
Great Irvin (2008-12-25)
What a great Irvin. Even get compliments from original WWII Irvin owners and collectors.

Great Irvin Jacket (2008-12-22)
To all in doubt: WOW!
This is one great repro Irvin jacket.
Down to every detail.
Besides that the shipping and communication was A+++.
I can only recommend this product. And WPG.

Soren - Denmark
Irvin Jacket (2008-12-14)
When this jacket arrived I already had 2 Eastman and 1 Aero irvins. This repro compares very favourably with those jackets. I have used it more or less every day for a few weeks now and I'm very pleased with it. It is not too warm which is a good thing as you get to wear it in the normal winter temperatures, not just in the short spells of extreme cold. My jacket also is slightly longer in the body than the other repros and this makes it more comfortable. The sheepskin has a nice colour and surface and the jacket is very comfortable to wear right out of the box. No breaking in needed.

Johannesen - NORWAY
Irvin Jacket (2008-12-01) first........ Thank You very much for my new Irvin !

Perhaps it´s unbelievable for You but.......

I have a Irvin in Original, I have a Irvin from Aero and Eastman
in Great B. / Eu. .......but this jacket is in dead like the original from the battle of Britain ! Very very nice.

Irvin Jacket (2008-11-24)
This jacket is incredible! I just came back from a weekend in Northern Ontario in sub zero weather, and everyone was cold, except me! Jacket has very good looks. Everyone is asking where I bought it.

Brooks - CANADA
UK Irvin Jacket (2008-11-22)
Fantastic jacket with great workmanship and of course an outstanding price. Excellent customer service and very fast shipping from WPG Dubai warehouse. Thanks again!

Butler - US
a perfect Irvin repro (2008-10-11)
I had some doubts looking at photo, it seemed too light brown and weird. Also, why is it so cheap compared to other Irvins? Well, I got my jacket yesterday and I was amazed. This is one of the best repro Irvins I''ve ever seen. Every little piece is historically correct, as well as the colour, and the texture of the leather. It is absolutely worth every penny. I just can''t see why would anyone buy a "not this good" repro for twice the price. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you, Jerry Lee!

Greg - Hungary
RAF Irvin Jacket (2008-10-09)
Great jacket with great detailing.Great quality for the price.This is a very nice jacket and I highly recommend it!

Cristian - Romania
4 MONTHS LATER (2008-04-27)

Irvin Jacket (2008-03-29)
Outstanding ! Arrived very quickly and every bit as nice as the Eastman I''d been planning on buying. It will replace the A-2 in my 52 Morgen for winter driving.

Art - California
Excellent Reproduction (2008-02-19)
Major, I received the Irvin today and I am very impressed with the quality and fit. This is a very nice jacket and I highly recommend it!

Mark - Virginia, USA
RAF Irvin repro. (2008-02-02)
Great jacket w/great detailing, even down to the RAF Labeling. Good cut & fit, comfortable matted wool & not bulky. Compared to other brands, the best buy. No contest. Wheels up & a tip of the wings.

Dave - PA/USA
"Dr Evil" (2008-01-31)
In an Idaho subzero winter like this at 12 below with wind chill, its the only jacket I reach for when leaving the house. That should say it all.

Zack - Idaho
Irvin Jacket (2008-01-18)
Great quality for the price. Already broken-in which saves years. If you don''t have $900+ or just don''t want to spend that much, this is an excellent value.

Dave - PA, USA
GREAT IRVIN (2008-01-03)

RAF Irvin. (2007-12-16)
How on earth does Jerry Lee do jackets this good at the prices he charges? This ''Irvin'' compares very well with jackets by Eastman and Aero Leather but at a fraction of the cost. Also shipping was lighting fast as well. All in all a great product and outstanding service.

Jim - Great Britain
Irvin Jacket (2007-11-23)
Great jacket, certainly keeps out the cold.Well constructed and excellent value for the price.
Now where did i leave my Spitfire?

Andrew - Hull UK
WPG RAF Irvin Jacket (2007-11-09)
I''m pretty much an expert on WWII repro flight jackets. I''ve owned Eastmans and I''ve owned US Authentics. This jacket is right up there in color,details and construction. The price is not even comparible, hands down WPG wins in that department!

Scott - USA
Irwin Jacket (2007-06-20)
90% of my jacket collect comes from Eastman. This jacket compares very well to them. I''m very happy with the fit, finish, color, and of course the price.

Mike - Nebraska, USA
WPG Irvin (2007-05-16)
This is one of the best repro Irvins I have ever seen. Excellent build and cut, and the price cannot be beat! The sheepskin is the perfect shade of brown, not too dark and not too light. The shearling is the rightwarm honey color and is nice and curly, not like the arrow-straight fashion fur you find on Aviation Leathercraft examples. Overall I''d say this jacket measures up quite nicely to the 1000 dollar Eastman Leather Company jackets, and all for less than 1/3 of the price. Definately one of the best purchases I have ever made!

Harrison - Canada
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