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Smashing! (2014-07-22)
Very pleased. They are a nice replacement for The Originals I've had
for years. Cheers

Jesberger - US
good stuff (2014-06-27)
My second pair of these shorts. They are the best made shorts that I own. The only improvement I would suggest to the manufacturer is replace the button fly with a zipper.

scavullo - US
Gurka Shorts (2014-06-14)
Buckles are weak and fall apart easy. All around good product however!!

McGrath - US
UK GURKHA SHORTS (2014-05-21)

Gurkha Shorts (2014-05-05)
I ordered one size up from my regular waist size and after washing and drying they fit perfectly. A bit long, they were meant to be rolled up. I like them a lot. I would say I wish the eyelets in the belts had grommets in them, that would be a big plus I think down the road.

McGregor - US
fast shipping (2014-05-02)
a little snug but very well made

Watkins - US
glory outfit (2014-04-30)
Price glory, style glory, services glory....wonderful world.

harumi - JP
9/10 (2014-03-26)
After reading the comments, I knew what to expect. Ordered a size larger and expected them to need tailoring. Great value for the money, will definitely be ordering more from the site.

Jones - US
Gurkha Shorts (2014-03-17)
Fast shipping. True to size. Good quality except for buckles. They should be upgraded.

Gary, US - US
great product (2014-03-10)
Shorts arrived and they are great. Very pleased with both the service and the goods as always.

Dolgoy - CA
Gurkha shorts (2014-02-04)
Very timely delivery. Don't get cheap on materials and workmanship. Happy to pay more for quality item. Especially for unique items like Gurka shorts. Thought buckles were cheaply made material. Had same shorts few years ago and felt they were better made. Please keep standards up. Most people will pay for what they really want. You are not a discount site.

Dodds - US
Great (2013-07-20)
As many have indicated, I received the gurkha shorts very quickly. The fabric is great, they were about 3 1/2" too long, but that is easily corrected and customized. I did order UP one size which is advisable -- esp after washing and drying. Nonetheless, I am very happy with them, and they are handsome and not easy to find either. As certain reviewers indicated, the side clips might require a little smoothing off to not wear on the waist ties, but so what? The shorts are great for the price and smart looking. This company is a find as far as I am concerned ... and I have their bush jacket as well. Thanks

Schiller in Chicago - US
Gurhka Shorts (2013-07-10)
We love them!!!

Hawk - US
Always a Pleasure (2013-06-25)
Doing business with you.

The Ghurka shorts are extremely well made.

My 4th pair from you and as always SUPER FAST shipping

Team Two - US
Great quality and value (2013-06-17)
These fit nicely and feature a sturdy fabric. Expect them to wear well.

Strauss - US
Gurkha shorts (2013-05-27)
I'm 6 foot 3 and a true 32 waist. Size 32 Gurkha sorts are a perfect fit. Only negative is the buckles which are a bit flimsy. As always with WPG, good quality overall and amazingly fast shipping.

Smith - AU
good (2013-05-22)
everything's fine so far except for one minor defect. but it's way too feeble to take into account.

quadro - RU
UK Gurkha Shorts (2013-05-10)
You were prompt and easy to use. Your service and quality of your merchandise is GREAT. Thank you

Holvoet - US
UK Gurkha Shorts (2013-04-25)
Well made, but length too long - way too long! Would be nice if you could get it with a zipper rather than buttons.

Great service - received package much quicker than I was lead to believe.

Billings - US
Great Shorts (2013-04-24)
This is the second pair I've ordered from WPG for my husband who enjoys them much. The craftmenship/material is absolutely great. I must add the service from WPG is as always, outstanding.

Brooklyn, NY - US
Quality (2013-01-12)
My husband has scoured the planet for many years trying to find his Gurkha (replica) shorts he wore in the 1970's - WPG to the rescue! Adjustable waist and long length (traditionally Gurhkas are rolled and cuffed at the hem to your preference) -- but if you're in between sizes you should order the next size up. As a last minute Christmas gift these shorts were here lickity-split and under the tree for Christmas -- thank you, WPG!

Tyree - US
Ghurka shorts (2012-10-11)
These are the second pair that I've ordered. The first one was a little too big, so I re-ordered a size smaller. As before, I love these (and will wear the larger shorts when I'm old and fatter).

Hada - US
Ghurka Shorts (2012-09-17)
Very well made, and the material is nice as well. Reminds me of the ones I had in the 70's. 80's. Great service and super fast shipping. A pleasure to do business with.

I will be ordering a few more pairs soon!

Cervantes - US
Mr. (2012-09-09)
Excellent quality. So much better than the ones sold by Banana Republic back in the 80s.

Hada - US
Love my shorts! (2012-09-04)
I owned a pair of these back in the 80s bought at Banana Republic. They wore out and I moved on but I have always wanted another pair. In an idle moment recently I googled "gurkha shorts" and found them on the WPG website. The rest is history: excellent product, attention to detail, and super-efficient delivery from UAE. I'm a 36 waist and that's what I ordered - the fit is fine but the style may not suit every anatomy

Desbarats - CA
Super quality (2012-07-03)
I use a 34 usually, bought a 36, and they fit perfectly. Solid fabric, and overall great!

Sandnes - NO
gurkha shorts (2012-07-02)
They fit to the size, great materials and design. Super fast service for an item coming from Dubai.

Very well done! (2012-06-21)
Positives first:
1 Fit as described! Finally something that does.
2 Great material, extremely well made.
3 Fast shipping! Really Fast!
Only one and it is minor. The buckles are low end, they will suffice for now, but the buckles are exactly what was issued (according to my uncle) and the POSITIVE aspect is that the buckle holders are buttoned so switch out will NOT be a bother.

Great product good price

rosenthal - US
Gurkha Short (2012-06-19)
After reading other reviews, I ordered my regular size - and interestingly, I found the shorts TOO SMALL (exchanged for 1 size larger and ordered an extra pair to boot !). For the last several years in fashion, men's casual pants have been worn lower and closer to the hip than the waist and so these shorts at size 32 were on my waist and I felt too small. I received the size 34 and using the smallest buckle hole they fit FINE (low waisted, as I wanted - AND remembered my original Banana Republic ones fit). So, very, Very, VERY HAPPY. And yes, the buckles need to be replaced with brass roller buckles (small price to pay for these great shorts).

Huie - US
Very good, needs better buckles (2012-06-18)
Very good pants, a little to long for my taste, but they look great turned up. However, the buckles are not satisfactory at all. They are not robust and not properly filed at the edges.

Simone - Switzerland
shorts (2012-06-18)
Wow these shorts are great. I wear them as normal in the heat of the day as normal clothing they complement nautical style t-shirts . For the price.. amazing!

Very well done. (2012-06-17)
Excellent product Jerry.

Concon - US
very fast service (2012-06-06)
service was very fast, could not believe it came from UA, did not realize when I ordered but will order again

Porterfield - US
Churkas Shorts are great. (2012-04-25)
I'm pleased with the shorts. The shipping was faster than I expected.

Rolston - US
Gurkha shorts (2012-04-23)
realy good service, shorts are a little longer than I imagined but look great turned up.
Nice one WPG.

Banks - GB
Mr (2012-04-14)
A fair price and good service. But I wish there were a back pocket.

Robinson - US
gurkha shorts and gurkha trousers (2012-04-03)
quick delivery, I ordered little bit too large size, but my tailor makes it good.
good quality and awsome design!

Schimatzek - AT
Ghurka's (2012-03-22)
Perfect. The shorts are super.

White - US
Great repro (2012-03-17)
Exact copy, no rear pockets as original, excellent fit. While some might complain about the length these are supposed to be over the knee, not kilt height. Looking forward to fittingbinto a smaller pair soon!

Sherwood - US
Ghurka shorts (2012-03-06)
Very good. Great color, cut and fabric. Much bigger than anticipated. I will have to order a new pair two sizes smaller

Caspar - US
size is not exagerated do not buy too big (2012-01-25)
quality and make are superb
the size is good as the cut is generous
do not buy them a size above as they are ok.
very nice

Krieps - LU
Great fabric, will takes some customization (2011-08-09)
I love the fabric, but the shorts will require metal eyelets on the straps and better buckles for long-term wear. They look and feel great otherwise.

Evans - US
Great product...made in Pakistan! (2011-08-09)
VERY well-made. I agree that the strap buckles are very flimsy and I will replace them, which is easily done because all you have to do is unbutton a strap. You can find better replacement buckles online for little or nothing. The button fly was a surprise, but the buttons are very sturdy and the button holes look to be very durable. My concern (and warning) is that, every other pair of pants that I own are 34" waist, and so that's the size I ordered, but they are too small. Since I am losing weight anyway, I am keeping them because I like them so much and will be able to wear them in the future. For now, I decided to order the next size larger so I don't have to wait until I can get in the 34's to wear them! Great looking product!

Shipped quickly and quality product (2011-07-26)
Must agree with other regarding sizing since wearing higher than other pants requires the extra inches. The photos don't do the pants justice, nice dark Khaki color and heavy duty material plus deep pockets.

Tatol - US
Amazing shorts (2011-07-08)
I Where them every day, even in winter.. WPG is the only place in the world on line that carries these

Dykes - US
Gurkha Shorts (2011-07-04)
Delivery excellent. The shorts are well-made but the buckles are poor quality and the tang has come out in both of them. Easily replaced though.

Langdale-Smith - GB
Gurhka shorts (2011-06-16)
As always great stuff, I did have some problem though, figuring out how to get the "straps" the right way around my almost, non existing waist but I fixed it! Heavy duty material with wide legs no crotch rot here!!

Thanks /Lars

Jonlid - SE
UK Gurkha Shorts (2011-06-03)
Very pleased with cut, quality, and stoutness of material. Well done; I look forward to repeat business.

King - USA - Illinois
Ghurka Shorts (2011-05-28)
Very quick delivery and a fine product. Shorts are long but I will hem them as they are not easy to fine. I used to buy war surplus years ago and best I remember, they were quite long, as well.

Cavazos - US
Mr (2011-05-06)
Great shorts with great detailing, a little bit too long for a short guy, but the tailor should take care of it.
THe service and delivery are fantastic.

Yee - US
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