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- (2010-11-29)
Great item for the kilt; I only have to wait untill springtime to wear it.

Wassenaar - NL
Drill Tunic for a piper (2010-11-16)
It's interesting that so many other pipers are buying this, I got it to function as a drill tunic during the summer so that I can still look professional and not sweat it out in the full dress. Good item, washing it and shrinking does wonders for the fit, looks great once it calms down. I was worried it would be short on me, but it lays absolutly perfect. Absolutely cannot beat the price.

Duran - US
UK khaki drill OR tunic, Scottish pattern (2010-10-27)
Excellent value for the price. Hard to find this item "off the rack". I wish the cuffs were finished, but I suppose this allows for a more custom fit (sleeves are often hard to fit). I wish the tunic was more tailored, tapered at the waist. These tend to be on the large size and look blocky without a belt and bunched-up in the middle with a belt. (The same problem afflicts the khaki serge tunics of this type.) I could get it tailored locally but this would cost about a hundred bucks. This arrived extremely quickly from the Persian Gulf and my exchange for a slightly smaller size was handled equally quickly and efficiently.

Piper - US
Pipe Sgt (2010-10-27)
I am very pleased with my order. The jacket fits very well and I had only to do a minor adjustment to the sleeve length. I was expecting that.
It came quickly and the workmanship is excellent. I am very pleased with the lightweight tunic. WPG has come through for me again with an excellent product at a very reasonable price. Thank you.

Chattan - US
Great jacket (2010-10-26)
Much nivcer than I expected for the price. The sleeves are LONG and will require shortening for anyone who doesn't have arms like an orangutan's.

Wilson - US
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (Scottish Pattern) (2010-10-09)
Excellent jacket, a wonderful, sharp-looking light weight alternative to my doublet for piping gigs.

Steve - US
Excellent tunic, great value! (2010-09-30)
Quickly shipped, very high quality tunic at a great price.

Monk - GB
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (Scottish Pattern) (2010-09-28)
Fast delivery, very high quality. I'm very pleased with all aspects of this purchase. Jerry handled a post-order change quickly and kindly.
I'll be passing this recommendation on to my kilt-wearing friends :)

Chellis - US
Khaki Scottish jacket (2010-09-18)
I discovered WPG via Google and loved the website. I ordered the Scottish jacket which arrived faster than expected and the quality is superb. The price couldn't be beat. I will be returning multiple times.

Demarest - US
Great Stuff! (2010-08-10)
Exactly what I needed for the hot Virginia climate!

Lewis - US
Top rating! (2010-07-08)
Excellent quality for a very reasonable price! Especially nice to see British General Service buttons used on this tunic, rather than something else. Also very nice to see extra-long arms (which I need.) In fact, the stmd will need to be taken up a bit even for me, but that will be easily done, and this length is certainly preferable to "too short".

Rombough - CA
sizing (2010-06-01)
unfortunately a size 36 tunic would fit a 140 lbds. male that was 5ft 10 in tall not a 5ft.4 in scot with his kilt on would never have to worry about getting my kilt wet.

phin - CA
Great (2010-05-31)
I got this in four days from Dubai, excellent shipping. THe item is also as advertised and good. the sleeves are rather long though, but they can be taken up. all in all another good item from WPG!

Mike - USA
Culver Pipes & Drums (2010-05-12)
Very Satisfied . . . Will look great with our kilts for this Saturday's Armed Forces Day Parade

Foley - US
Culver Pipes & Drums (2010-05-04)
This Jacket will be perfect for our late spring, early summer and late fall parades and performances.

Foley - US
mr (2010-03-06)
wonderfully short delivery great product

wallace - NZ
Excellent Product (2010-02-16)
Fantastic jacket for piping in hot climates. Spot-on!

Lacey - US
Scottish Patt. O/R KD tunic. (2010-01-10)
Lovely stuff. Correct fittings to the buttons for a swap for regimental ones. Will require some tailoring in the sleeves and back but is really well put together and will be very easily alterable. No pukka sahib should be caught without one!

Clarke - GB
nice jacket (2009-12-13)
I like the removable buttons too - a very nice jacket

Schatull - DE
KD Scottish Tunic (2009-12-10)
This tunic is great, not only is it a perfect fit, but it is light enough to be worn indoors whilst giving talks and will be great for the Scottish Summer (What ever day that might be next year!)

Gordon - GB
KD ORs SD tunic (Scots Pattern) (2009-12-09)
Well made piece of kit. true to size as well- just order what your chest size is, remembering this is an SD tunic and should be worn fitted.

Ace gear.

Steve - melbourne Australia
aa (2009-11-06)
The goods arrived yesterday afternoon in good order and are exactly as specified. I have recommended your company to others in the living history

Geoff - AU
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (Scottish Pattern) (2009-11-05)
Verry fast shipping, good quality, fits exactly, low price.
Thanks WPG

Phil - DE
Tommy Atkins (2009-10-30)
A nice bit of work - perfect fit - will be ideal for summer duty!

Tegart - US
Paul Downey (2009-10-19)
Another great product and price. Very delighted with the tunic fits terrific with minimal alterations needed (cuffs). Have made several purchases and every one has been a great experience, thanks!

Downey - US
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (Scottish Pattern) (2009-09-14)
Fast shipping and the tunic is very well made.

Shelton - US
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (Scottish Pattern) (2009-09-03)
Received mine and very well made as usual with anything from Jerry. NOTE THOUGH, this is generally a post-WW1 pattern Tunic - not strictly the original British 1902 Pattern. It is a sort of hybrid between the British and Indian made KD Tunics. For it to be spot on for WW1 use the color would be more orangey brown, the cut would be the same as SD (Rear panels) and it would have two darts under the collar unless it was the British Simplified Pattern with one dart and stand collar, plain cuffs and pointed pockets OR Indian pattern with Straight Pocket Flaps and two darts under the collar. Not to say it is advertised as specifically for use for any one period but some clarification as to the actual pattern would be helpful - it seems to be based on a Post WW1 tunic and not particualry to the original 1902 Pattern or what was used in WW1. Again, well made but better suited for Post-WW1.

Rich - Virginia, USA
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (Scottish Pattern) (2009-08-29)
Great tunic. Well made and nice fit.

Hinson - US
Excellent! (2009-08-21)
My tunic arrived today and is great! It''s a perfect fit all over except the sleeves which I can shorten up in a few minutes. Another nice job, Jerry!

Matt - NC, USA
UK Khaki Drill Tunic (2009-08-02)
Another really nice product from What Price Glory for the bagpipe band...!!!

Mohr - US
Mr (2009-07-27)
Great jacket, very pleased with it and it fits just right. I like the rings on the buttons for a quick change.

Dixon - GB
Todd, tennessee piper (2009-08-07)
I look forward to wearing this "cool"tunic
for my piping engagements this summer.
Thanks WPG for your attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

boswell - US
OR SD Scottish cut (2009-07-06)
Very nice tunic. Removable buttons on split rings. Sleeves easily adjusted for personalised fit. Fashioned in the East as were many of the originals.

Jim - Vermont/US
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (2009-07-02)
Excellent purchase.My husband was very pleased with this item. But we have always been pleased with our purchases from you. I will need to take up the sleeve length but due to the good descriptives of this tunic, we knew that might be the case. I think this was a quality item and a great price.

Layton - US
Drill tunic scottish version (2009-07-02)
Very good, reasonable price would use the company again

Tunic (2009-06-22)
Well fitting, well made, good cloth & shipped fast. Sleeves come long to be fitted to the individual. Thus some minor alterations needed. I also had the waist taken in a bit to fit me. Very happy with the productfor summer and fall wear.

Hicks - US
mr (2009-06-22)
Great job. Fits like a glove. Sure beats wearing wools in the summer.
Thank you.

Newton - US
Scottish KD Tunic (2009-06-04)
Well fitting, well made, good cloth & shipped fast !!! Tailor the sleeves a bit and you are ready to look sharp and stand tall in warm weather with this item. Each man in the 15 Div will be getting one of these !!! Bravo Jerry !!!

Johnnie - 15 Scottish Div HQ, Gambrills MD, USA
Scottish khaki tunic (2009-05-31)
Looks absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately I recieved wrong size, but can't wait to get the new one in.

Newton - US
Fast and BEST buy (2009-04-14)
Had my Scottish Khaki tunic arrive today very fast service and i am very pleased with the item. Excellent quality and totally accurate and about five times cheaper than buying one in England, many many thanks i look forward to doing business with you again, Ian.

Fletcher - UK
nice tunic (2009-04-10)
great sturdy item

wright - US
KD Jacket O/R Service Dress Tunic (Scottish Pattern) (2009-04-10)
Super quick delivery to the UK, excellent tunic, very pleased. Highly recommend.

Borrow - GB
product review (2009-03-20)
Great! You weren't kidding about the sleeves.

Scobie - US
Dress Tunic (2009-03-16)
Just received my jacket and I am really pleased. Would highly recommend.

Joe - Florida
OR Khaki Drill SD (2009-03-13)
Well made, good looking item, this SD will be of use not only for reenacting but for piping gigs as well. Great price, great service with fast shipping. I shall continue as a confirmed fan and customer.

Steffen - US
UK Khaki Drill Other Ranks Service Dress Tunic (Scottish Pattern) (2009-03-07)
Jerry as you know I served in the Black Watch in Canada. You have hit an out of the park home run with this item. The sleeves are a little long, but when I get them tailored I'll have a picture of me taken, which you can use as an example either with kilt or trews. This item is better than the one I was issued. Keep up the good quality of work and I will be doing business with you only. Nobody can compare the way you treat your clients. You are definately a "Gentleman of the Old School" Quality and Service above all.

Cook - US
Awesome job! (2009-03-06)
This is BRILLIANT! When the Highland Games roll around again and the temperatures are soaring I'll be wearing this instead of the Wool Service Dress, thats for sure. Not to mention this is a stylin casual jacket I wear with my civvies as well.

McNasty - US
KD OR Service Dress-Scotish Pattern (2009-03-06)
Remarkably quick delivery, fine workmanship. SD looks great and does allow for custom fitting. Looking forward to wearing this in the field. Always enjoy doing business with Jerry.


McKee - US
Piper (2009-02-20)
The Tunic arrived sooner then I expected,nice quality, excellent bang for the buck.
The Tunic fit well through the chest and shoulders, the sleeves were long and the waist area a little loose which is exactly what I wanted so it can be fine tuned to my body.
I'm very happy with mine and have recommended it to others in the band.
Best Regards,

Husted - US
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