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british chevrons (2011-01-07)
these are great and as was the price

macneill - US
Chevrons (2010-12-20)
Awesome service and excellent products, WPG always strive to give the best! Thanks again from a return customer.

Henley - AU
Great service (2010-11-15)
There was a bit of a mix-up, as WPG sent me a set of single stripes instead of the double stripes I ordered, but a quick e-mail later they sent me a correct set- and I was told to keep the wrong ones, no charge. I like that kind of customer service...

Pedersen - NO
mr (2010-11-08)
Very authentic,looks good on tunic

cotiguala - US
+++++ (2010-11-02)
Excellent quality and as always outstanding service. Will buy from WPG again in a near future. Many thanks from Sweden..

Bengtsson - SE
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2010-11-02)

Tuohy - NZ
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2010-10-16)
It is truely wonderful to be able to purchase original items to completee your uniform sets. These Rank Chevrons are purely mint and dead on. I would recommend these to everyone who needs to complete and NCO uniform or just to collect!! I need to buy some more too!!!!

DiMaio - US
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2010-10-13)
Items as described

wormley - GB
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2010-09-22)
Excellent item. Couldn't be better!!!

Thumbs up!!! Nice original item!!!

Triffoni - BR
Bravo !!! (2010-09-01)
Outstanding. These are perfect !!!

Chevrons (2010-08-31)
Top rate. No issues.

burrill - US
5 (2010-08-26)
Chevrons and the service were better then I expected. Thank you.

Richard - CA
WW1 UK rank chevrons (2010-08-21)
Exactly what I wanted.

Wood - GB
Very good !!! (2010-08-19)
Great great great !!!!

UK Chevrons (2010-08-19)
Very good original chevrons.

Bengtsson - SE
Corpral Chevrons (2010-06-22)
I absolutely love these!!!!!I recently was out at a reenactment and got see some of the repos and I must say they were a poor substitute for these originals. I couldnt be anymore pleased with these!! You have a customer for life from me!! Anytime I need antyhing else I will be coming back to you guys again!!

Campbell - US
41RMC (2010-06-17)
Nice rank!!

Sorich - US
Chevrons (2010-06-16)
Excellent customer service, and great price. Thanks

Bruce - US
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2010-06-15)
Very good item...! Thanks

Hufenus - CH
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2010-06-11)
Very, very nice item. I can't find a single flaw on these ones!

De Clercq - BE
Rank chevrons (2010-06-06)
Item just as described, new and in mint condition.

Bell - US
rank chevrons (2010-06-03)
also good usable original items

Wassenaar - NL
British rank (2010-05-15)
Thank you for my original british rank.
Very quick delivery!

Mr Blier.

Blier - FR
UK Rank Chevrons (Original (2010-04-24)
Brilliant, super fast delivery, fantastic item!

Lord - GB
UK Corp Chevrons (2010-04-15)
Although I collect primarily GI material - these are fairly scarce (on the loose) in my experience & will make a fine addition to my original Battle Dress Jacket
(I recommend putting away at least 1 pair each - if not in a few years you'll wish you had) Fairly priced, as well

Reus - US
L/Cpl. tapes (2010-03-06)
I've been a WPG customer for some years. Great service and quality items as usual.

Brown - US
uk chevrons (2010-03-05)
as always the chevrons are great just what i have been looking for some time, thanks agian jerry keep up the great work

proud - US
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2010-02-23)
Great condition and got here fast

Spurgeon - US
Rak insignia (2010-02-18)
I looking for this a long time, great that you have this

Great! (2010-01-27)
My Sergeant´s chevrons were in perfect condition, I couldnt have found better :) Very fast shipping and excellent items.

Jaxvall - SE
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2010-01-17)
gread as usual

visser - NL
UK Rank Chevrons (2010-01-05)
Just can't find any fault with either the chevrons or WPG..............the customer service is just excellent.

Denman - GB
Delirious (2009-12-21)
Deliriously happy that is! I like a vendor who gives one the best of reasons to be a return customer: Swift service, flexibility and a degree of understanding and great products at very competitive prices. Good value is found here!

LaMarre - US
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2009-12-16)
Outstanding item! Have not seen better elswhere and for that price ! :) :)

Vrolijk - NL
Chevrons (2009-12-16)
Great item, at a very good price!!

Kinney - US
stripes (2009-12-14)
Ordered CPL stripes, got CPL stripes, in the usual 4 days. Dated 1942 on the back and VERY nice pieces. Top item at a top price.

Steve - Melbourne Australia
Chevrons (2009-12-12)
Very fast shipping, great price and great item

MR (2009-12-01)

magreehan - GB
R (2009-11-25)
Super deal!
Kudos to Jerry on these truly authentic chevrons.

Turfitt - US
UK Chevrons (2009-11-20)
I hope I have a Brit friend to give them to. I thought I ordered US but oh well. Not worth the cost to send them back. My Bad

Gillich - US
Chevrons (2009-11-19)
Promoted A++

Perry - IE
aaa (2009-11-06)
The goods arrived yesterday afternoon in good order and are exactly as specified. I have recommended your company to others in the living history movement.

Geoff - AU
MR (2009-11-05)

magreehan - GB
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2009-10-30)
Really nice! Compared to others I have I would have to say these are by far my favorites! this is definitely one of those things I will be tacking on to every order I make now.

Cleaver - US
Greatcoat Chevrons? (2009-10-17)
(1.) These seem to me completely authentic, of the type worn during the Second World War and the remainder of the Battledress era.

(2.) Note that the chevrons are the straight "V" shape, AS ILLUSTRATED, rather than the kind with scalloped, or curved, stripes. The straight variant can readily be documented in use during the War.

(3.) THE WOOL BACKING IS HEAVIER THAN BATTLEDRESS SERGE. I believe this is the type originally made for wear on the GREATCOAT, a version that I know was sewn to a correspondingly thicker backing. Since I''ve never handled examples of this particular type before, PLEASE CORRECT ME IF NEEDED! Rank distinctions were, of course, the only insignia regularly worn on the overcoat, so Jerry may have turned up another rarity for us. I have no idea whether this heavier type was also applied to Battledress when expedient, but for now my pair is going on a greatcoat.

David - NY
Genuine WWII Chevrons (2009-09-30)
As always from WPG..., very fast shipping, great price, super quality

van - NL
UK rank chevrons (2009-09-10)
excellent service First class items

Gunther - DE
rank (2009-08-29)
first shipping.

pascal - BE
UK Rank Chevrons (Original) (2009-08-29)
Very speed delivery for the best quality. THANKS , FC

frederic - FR
UK rank chevrons (2009-08-29)
I have waited patiently for several years for these beauties! I even purchased some repo's but, these are tops! Thank you for your diligence in digging up the many gems you do.
Sincerely, Dennis

Wheeler - US
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