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BC611 (2012-03-07)
A great reproduction, Fast Shipping and very excellent communications.
It is a very pleasure to deal with WPG at any time. Thank you WPG. You are the best!

Ferrarese - IT
Walkie talkie (2012-03-06)
perfekt, and very look a lioke the orignal walkie talkie, fast deleveriy, just perfekt

Winter - SE
BC-611 radios (2012-02-26)
Very fast shipping and easy tracking of them. Pleased so far with the radios, they look great and function well so far.

Bonak - US
mr (2012-02-25)
The two BC 611 radios turned up within a week. They are great and as discribed ideal to put my own radio gear in ,will use again and tell all my friends.
Thanx Alan.Hastings England

McNaughton - GB
BC611 (2012-02-25)
Received my BC611 in a timely fashion. Item was in great condition and works great. Range and clarity is impeccable and better than expected. Item is easy to work with no foreseen problems. Highly recommend.

Migliore - US
Improved SCR-536 (2012-02-25)
Received my SCR-546 and have to say I''m impressed with the attention to detail. I did some radio testing and was able to Rx/Tx up to a mile, but it has to be line of Site.
I would buy this again.

Steve - Virginia USA
Bad BC-611 unit (2012-02-23)
Hi..Received two BC-611...One was perfect but the other had three holes in the earpiece...Am returning the bad unit today for an exchange...Thanks...Richard

Mollberg - US
Mr (2012-02-21)
Great communication
Fast delivery
Great product
Happy with the whole thing.

Solomon - US
Good reproduction ! (2011-09-28)
Very happy with purchase, Paint appears lighter in color, but no problem. Will cold-blue the antenna.

Walker, US - US
US BC-611 Handie talkie radio (2011-06-30)
Functional but unreliable is fair comment for product, although happy with product, as looks good, felt a bit overpriced for quality of finish and what you get, fantastic quick delivery though.

thornycroft - UK
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2011-06-01)
A good reproduction. plate is very well reproduced. maybe the cable from the antenna screw is too fragile and can leave, but the whole offers a very good price / quality

Gmez - ES
BC-611 WW2 hand held radio (2011-05-28)
very quick postage to UK & very happy with radio which was an excellent reproduction, (actually much better than expected) prob buy another in future

Smith - GB
N (2011-05-07)
The Handy talkie looks like the original one I bought about 6 years ago for lots of $$$$. The price is great and it will look good in my display.The radio inside does not work at all:( and the unit needs to have some weight added to it. All in all a good deal

Rader - US
Bc 611 (2011-04-26)
Wow ,- great optic,goog quality,best deal
Thank you

Schlomacher - DE
MR (2011-03-14)
RADIO received very fast. very quick fix.outstanding repro.I now have a working pair very good serviceand tracking

Salitrik - US
A good value (2011-02-23)
I bought five of these that were the "unreliable model" and they were decent. We are currently having them gone through for repairs, but these are a good purcahse.

Tim - MO
Excellent (2011-02-16)
Excellent Radio and a lot of fun to use ! We put some Alan PMR´s in and it works perfect !

Hambammer - AT
Nice radio (2011-02-12)
Very fast and kind shipping and the product is also nice enough.

Yang - KR
bc 611's (2011-02-09)
ordered 6 radios, shipping was fast to australia, but the radios were pretty shoddy in workmanship..screws were broken off on the i.d tags, antenna covers on 2 were stripped and 1 aerial was broken off from the top of the radio, there were some other issues with quality, but in fairness, for the price you pay they are great value, with a little bit of tweaking and some tlc they will do just fine for what l need them for, all in all a great product at a fantastic price!!

Di - AU
good (2011-01-12)
En general, es una buena reproduccion, asi como economica, de una pieza cada vez mas rara y cara de encontrar.

Normandie - ES
Mr (2011-01-05)
I must say that every time I deal with WPG I have had nothing but praise for the swiftness and delivery of all items. I order any item and before I know it, it has arrived on my doorstep.

It is an absolute pleasure to deal with WPG at any time. Thank you WPG. Keep up the great work and public relations.

Krause - AU
BC611 Repro (2010-12-28)
Fast delivery though severe Weather conditions at the moment. Thanks.
Excellent Faithful repro except antenna length way too short.
European customers should know that the FRS American band (467 MHZ and subsidiary 462 MHZ ) is illegal in Europe. Western Europe uses the 446 MHZ band for licenseless private radio. Use of 467 MHZ may jam official services and license paying authorized users, such as the Ground to Train radio service.
A good base for using the repros is the Midland G7 Walkie talkie with the Ma 30 boom also used for PTT.

BC611 (2010-12-22)
Great service! Good communication!
Radio looks great. Tnx!

Cools - BE
BC 611 Radios (2010-12-20)
I ordered two BC 611s. Excellent reproductions as I have an original WWII BC 611. These are much lighter of course and I like that - why carry extra weight! Two screws were overtightened and broke off on the date plate but have replacements sent with the units. Both radios are excellent and work well. The shipping time was just fine. I was informed that there was going to be a delay and kept me up to speed. I emailed and always got a positive response - didn't appear to be one of those automated response. May order more. Thanks WPG...great job.

Philip Hostettler - Nashville - US
bc611 (2010-12-19)
very nice , fast delivery and great contact +++

bion - FRANCE
BC-611 (2010-12-16)
Good reproduction.Excellent service with fast delivery time. Both units kept cutting out after 1-2 transmission attempts.Easily remedied.Required insulating to rear and underneath of mini transmitter set inside as it was shorting out.Both now working well and superb quality comms.Thanks

Griffiths - GB
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-12-15)
Excellent quality reproduction. The antenna is shorter than an original, but that is due to the operating frequency being much higher. Overall a very nice piece of militaria that will look great with my CP setup. Even with it being backordered I still didn't have to wait long and the commo was great. I will probably buy another. Ev

BC 611 (2010-12-08)
It is a good base for a PMR/FRS conversion but :
-the antenna is way too small
-the top cover is held in place by a bent piece of metal which holds the screw.
-the radio tag holder was screwed upside down thus making impossible to close properly the bottom cover
-the axis of the bottom cover hinge is completely free.
Overall, the radio looks good, but the parts are put together quite bad sometimes.

Henri - FR
Handie-Talkie radio (2010-11-27)
My buddy and I tested ours in his garage, and they seemed to work ok. We plan to use ours in the field at tacticals. Even if we don't use the radio function, the cases look absolutely perfect as display pieces. They match up perfectly to the real deal; but not as scratched and beat up as some of the original BCs we have.

Whigham - US
BC611 Handie Talk Radio (2010-11-24)
I had already seen with an good friend the spetacular reproduction of BC611 and quickliy I made the decision of purchase one for me! Greatest reproduction for display, or reenacting events (when with radio included).
As usual, super fast delivery! Thanks Jerry and WPG Staff.

Buso - BR
mr (2010-11-23)
all perfect
very good

roberto - SM
Jeep Owner (2010-11-22)
I recieved my Handie Talkie in the time frame that was estimated. It sure looks like the original and is very impressive. I also have a issue with the top cover. It was elevated about 1/4 inch above body lip. I bent down the little support bar inside so it would fit properly. I think this will come up again as if I use the sling. Also, there was a small scratch on the side.

Wierman - US
BC-611 (2010-10-15)
Super fantastic item! The radio from WPG looks just like an original right down to the data plates! I bought 2 and I am very pleased! Super fast shipping as well! WPG is the best!!

DiMaio - US
BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-09-14)
Outstanding product, I´m very glad with it!!!

german - ES
More then expected (2010-09-11)
The radio is great. Me and my friens got three of them so we can actualy use it on the field when reenacting. Looks and feels great and it's a lot of fun using them... Congrats and TX. And the shippment couldn't be faster.

Filipic - SI
BC-611 (2010-08-30)
Fantastic reproduction of the famous BC-611 used in WW2. Is an important part of my collection, as I have one original HT used by brazilian army during WW2 and the reproduction made by WPG is very, very real.
An important item for reenactors and an important part of the military radio history.
Thank you WPG.


Kasseb - BRAZIL
Turns Off (2010-08-25)
After testing my radios, I was excited to bring them out to an reenactment. I loaded the batteries back in and turned them on... I pushed the side button and they turned off... hmmmm. This kept happening so I didn''t use them. I need to look into this issue - I am guessing a bad wire or something. The fit and finish is good but the inside work is very sloppy.

Rob - PA
BC-611 Walkie Talkies (2010-08-19)
Super fast shipping and really great quality products.I am totally impressed by WPG and all of the items they offer. The best on the market today for service and quality. You need to order from WPG because you deserve the best!!!!!!

DiMaio - US
Chief Grunt (2010-08-18)
Good but not excellent. Antenna cover threads are barely workable. Bottom cover retainer will not move so that bottom can be removed. Visually very good.

Horn - US
611 radio (2010-08-12)
got the replacement today, if it works as well as the other one we all ready have it will be great....a really nice addition to our unit display and for use at Tactical events. GMz

Mazzarella - US
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-08-02)
Flipping cool.

Scobie - US
handie talkie radio (2010-07-30)
The item is excellent but I would like to praise the great service you get from WPG!!!! xxx+++!

Jones - GB
BC 611 FRS (2010-07-22)
I received my BC 611 in about a week. I found it to be exactly what I had expected, well built and visually correct to the descerning eye. Yes the screw on the top isn't slotted and it's missing two other screws and the antenna isn't exactly the same, but for an active reenactment, or display it is just what I needed.

Schinleber - US
Mike K (2010-07-22)
I was impressed with the very prompt delivery from UAE. They look great and feel great. Would have to be careful when removing the lid to turn on and off and replacing the batteries, do you have replacement parts if required?

I think a minor detail for having a product no one else has. Any other radio types in the pipeline for the future? If so you can count on me to get one.

Great product, will go great at the re-enacting events. Thanks to the makers and WPG.

Krause - AU
BC-611 (2010-07-21)
Great reproduction BC-611....thanks for making well made repros that no one else makes!

Wills - US
USMC (2010-07-11)
What a fantastic reproduction, just what the hobby needs, arrived very very fast 2 1/2 days. keep it up Jerry.

Gurman - GB
US BC-611 Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-07-09)
I continue to have great success with products from WPG. The US BC-611 is a faithful reproduction and works great.

Kegel - US
BC-611 (2010-07-05)
After going through the exercise of converting a well-worn original, I truly appreciate having a turn-key reproduction for use in tactical events. It is a cleverly done copy and, since it is functional, the other criticisms are nit-picking.

Hudgins - US
Bc-611 (2010-07-05)
I receved my Bc-611 and i really like it. i know that you can't have every thing the same as the originals. i am really happy, but my bottom cover, and the pin was broke to. jerry sain that he would send a replacement part. we will have to seeif they do or not. i am doing my own conversion to the unit.

Taylor - US
BC-611 (2010-07-02)
Great product and very fast delivery from Dubai (3 days after ordering).

Mike - Michigan
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