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UK Khaki Full Hose Feedback (2013-11-14)
Hose got here yesterday, it look a bit big.

Lee - HK
UK Khaki Full Hose (2013-11-12)
Very nice although the large size might be too tight in the rolled area for a 17" calf or larger. Lower leg is plenty big.

Neuenburg - US
ALBERTO (2013-08-30)
Good quality sox.I plan to include a second pair in my next order.

5 (2013-08-16)
Great item always cant fault any items i have purchased.

Curr - GB
Socks (2013-08-14)
Fine description and appears to be good quality.

Dawson - GB
None of the above comments seem to have a title - what does one write here? (2013-08-13)
Socks are socks! As Phillip commented above, I found them a bit tight, and I only take a UK size 8 shoe. After a cool wash they do seem to stretch better. Seemingly well made - lets see after they've been worn a few times.

Leese - GB
UK Khaki Full Hose (2013-08-06)
First class items, first class service

Steve D (2013-08-02)
Hi this was my first time with WPG and I am happy with all items and delivery times Regards Steve Dawson
North east U.K

Dawson - GB
UK Khaki Full Hose (2013-07-30)
Great quality, I am satisfied

Gomez - ES
Uk Khaki socks (2013-07-09)
Good product, very practical.

Moreau - CA
UK Khaki Full Hose (2013-06-20)
Good quality as always

del Horno - ES
Useful hose, prompt delivery (2013-06-09)
Yes, useful hose, prompt delivery

Schildbach - GB
UK Khaki Hose (2013-06-03)
Very nice set of hose! Well made and comfortable! Look perfect with a pair of KD shorts!

Donovan - US
Hose (2013-06-01)
Great quality, this is the 2nd pair for me, shipping is fast and as always a job well done.

Gibbens - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2013-05-27)
Great product, service and delivery time.

Gillich - US
fit (2013-05-26)
I take a 46 r sport coat and the 46 r fit perfect!
Shipping was very prompt!

Black - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2013-05-24)
Good quality, good price, very pleased!

Westlake - CA
UK Khaki Full House (2013-05-11)
Great items !! Thks WPG.....!

nurtjahjo - ID
Comment (2013-04-10)
Nice hose, fits well and durable. I plan to include a second pair in my next order.

Crouch - US
UK Khaki Cotton Full Hose (2013-03-31)
Found them very useful & comfortable both in summer and winter, usually as over-socks for boots -great satisfaction; the delivery is always faultlessly fast, economical & accurate. Many thanks!

Lazzaro - IT
first time buyer (2013-03-25)
Good quality sox. Look forward to wearing them with the tunic for the WW2 memorials this summer.

Ecklund - US
Khaki Hose (2013-03-15)
Great item as always. Use you guys lots of times and always very impressed.
Thank you.

Allan - GB
Great product ... (2013-03-12)
As usual - highest quality and service!

C. M. Novess III KGCTJ - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2013-03-07)
This is my second pair of these, and the socks seem to be an improved run. The first pair had some lose stitching, this one is absolutely solid. Great quality and feel. Out of the bag they are sligthly too tight for me (I wear US shoe size 10 and ordered large), but they stretch nicely after a cold wash. very good, thanks a lot WPG!

Phillip - GB
Trousers (2012-12-09)
To WPG Team: I've been purchasing from you for 10 years. Reproduction products are so authentic that a WW2 Commonwealth veteran I know thought several items were real thing. Your service has been great, and again, Thanks for all your help through pass deliveries, and recent exchange of Trousers, shorts. Mike

huber - US
Socks (2012-11-08)
Hi, Very pleased thank you so much everything is Great. Regards Thomas Grainger.

grainger - AU
Khaki Kilt Hose (2012-08-12)
Fast delivery, great fit. Would have preferred a little browner Khaki versus olive drab, but I'll make do.

Wallace - US
Antek 12 Pulk Ulanow w Chicago (2012-07-31)
Excellent quality and extra quick arrival time--Thanks WPG!

Haapasaari - US
very comfortable (2012-07-30)
wore these hose as soon as they hit my door. Very comfortable even in 100 degree weather.

cloward - US
uk full hose (2012-07-18)
good stuff summer and winter

Pope - US
Hose and Rank (2012-06-28)
Great quality, and you got it here rather quick! I appreciate it!- Sgt. Melancon 42nd Black Watch Highland Society

Melancon - US
kaki full hose (2012-06-21)
They fit perfectly, very very fast shipment!! I'm very very happy to purchase from you!!

mr (2012-06-21)
this is the 4th pair of hose purchased wwhich are very nice but my wife has had to darn the first ones a little.

Littlewood - GB
UK hose (2012-06-18)
Lovely socks perfect fit.. Feel really good too in boots. Superb service!

Hose (2012-06-16)
Excellent hose These are a gift for my stepson.

Gibbens - US
Hose (2012-05-31)
Small impefection in the foot of one of the hose, but overall quality very good. Extremely good service, also. Will most certainly use WPG again.

Norris - US
uk khaki full hose (2012-05-25)
very good, bought some before and will again!

van - NL
Nice n snug (2012-05-16)
Very nice product - Surprised to receive them so quickly - Will order 2nd pair when placing next order if available.

Piedimonte - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2012-05-16)
Very good quality, exact replica of WW2 item indeed, will surely order another pair soon!

van - NL
Khaki hose (2012-05-09)
Well made, fit nicely, but more olive than khaki. The shipping cost was a bit breathtaking, making the total price the same as everyone else, so no great bargain. Overall, though, fair price for the product.

Kinnear - US
Outstanding! (2012-05-09)
I wear the heck out of these hoses!

Concon - US
Long khaki socks (2012-04-27)
Really nicely made, comfortable and just the ticket. Oh, and yes, your delivery arrived by rocket :)) many thanks

Jelley - GB
85riv (2012-04-20)
Item as advertised, small hole in side of heel. Fit is fine

Stumpf - US
UK khaki Full Hose (2012-04-06)
"Blitz deliverly!"
Advice for german customers: DHL, Fedex or UPS and evade this bad GDSK-joke.
Nice item.

Brosch - DE
Kahki Hose (2012-03-23)
A good pair of hose that just aren't soldier proof. The darting/stitching at the fold-over gave way in mine when trying them on. Be gentle with these when pulling them up!

Atkinson - AU
Mr. (2012-03-20)
Arrived quite quickly and seem to be of good quality but are a little wide in the foot and are more green than expected

Banks - GB
brit stockings (2012-03-14)
nicely made, very good for the money

smith - US
UK Khaki Full Hose (2012-02-13)
A nice hose.

Larson - CA
Great (2012-02-01)
great service and a superior sock...

Whitlam - US
Hose (2012-01-25)
They are great. Love the quality

Hoffman - US
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